The Answer Lies In The Soil

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I live in large open area kind of courtyard garden surrounded by flats and houses where 20 or so residents live and where most of take a passing interest in the communal garden. A lot of the heavy work falls to me, me being the youngest male in our green fingered group. I,m joined at times by Sally, a busy working mum with a small child and no good itinerant guy purporting to be her husband but is nothing more than a lazy idle rat who I wouldn't piss on if he was on fire.

My other person of interest is Steph, a tall statuesque lady in her mid 50s who is never knowledgeable about plants, shrubs, flowers etc which makes her a very agreeable companion in the garden. Now and again me take morning or afternoon tea together and chat amiably and which gives me a chance to satisfy yourself regarding the size of her magnificent decolletage which I judge to be about a size 38FF or thereabouts and which quiver a lot when she moves energetically, her arse matches in its majestic rotundity and tops off perfectly her well fleshed beautiful legs and small feet.

To say i never fantasized about having sex with Steph would be untrue because I enjoyed many a gasping gut wrenching want thinking bout fucking her and dosing her liberally with my man cream. Of course I had no idea of whatever thoughts Steph had about me not least because being female she gave nothing away regarding the fancy ability of the opposite sex, for all I knew she may have been Lesbian and she may have thought of me as being gay, both of which in fact fell between the two orientations.

It was one of those rare banging hot summer days A group of us were beavering away weeding clipping hedges thinning new growth etc. Steph and I were managing a large tree with a lofty overburden that was screening several Sky satellite dishes, a very dust job and hot to boot. WE were both lightly clad but were soon sweating freely in the green verdant of the tree. Came the top of he day and the banging heat we got down on the ground and both agreed "Tea BreaK Yeah!!!", My treat, says Steph. Off we went to her flat which was directly opposite mine across the Garden Square a distance of maybe 30 yards or so.

It was baking hot indoors and even with the windows open there was no respite from it. Then it started.....Steph said that she loved watching me working in the garden.

I said what was the attraction to watching.

She said she loved seeing me bending over because I had a nice Bum.

I said that as a matter of fact I quite liked hers too.

Steph said we were a right pair of Bum Cousins, and we laughed.

I took the bull by the horns and said I loved her boobs.

Steph said that I'd never seen them, not properly.

Then I noticed a bead of sweat running slowly down her chest and was going to go between her tits. her shirt collar was open enough for he to lean in daringly and flicker my tongue out and catch the sweat drop hen lean back to savor the slightly salty taste. Then.............

"You know what, we are a couple of arse bandits so lets stop fucking about and start fucking"

This came from Steph who then pulled her sweaty shirt off revealing her hefty tits contained barely in a thin white bra. I matched her and pulled my damp tee shirt over my head and felt my hidden cock beginning to stir rom its slumber.

I quickly stood and dropped my trousers, my boxers were demonstrating the way my hardening cock was distending the colored fabric. Steph nodded approvingly then stood before me and started undoing her pants. I noted the way when she moved how her tits joggled in the confines of her bra and my cock leaped in my shorts. Steph stared at my crotch and dropped her pants leaving her in just her bra and panties. I dropped my shorts, letting my now swollen cock out into the light, its seven inches jutting proudly from ts hairy home, foreskin drawn back enough to let my pee hole let some precum ooze out.

In answer, Steph unclipped her bra and her glorious tits bobbled free, he big brown nipples erect in their darker circlets. She turned her back to me and slowly rolled her panties down over her magnificent arse cheeks, so fabulously plump, round and inviting. It was when Steph turned back that I was stunned and shocked.

Instead of the expected split peach pudenda usually associated with he female sex, here flopped into view a very large very limp very male cock accompanied by two heavy testicles which descended from her upper groin to swing loosely behind this male appendage which now began to awaken under my bug eyed gaze.....

"Surprise!!" murmured Steph, " makes a change from the usual 'grumble and grunt' don't you think, sweetie" she said and it was true and I was in the delightful company of fully fledged shemale who doubles in another orientation had been Steve and was now Steph.

My cock seemed to like this twist because it jerked stiffly while in answer to it Steph's retained rod now flooded with blood and energy, lengthened and swelled until it grew into a menacing brute of a thing, thick uncut, the foreskin beginning to roll beck revealing a shining wet purple/blue glans, seeping a thread of precum.

The stage was set, the die was cast, the actors were in place, the action must ensue......

In the next installment.

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