The Answer Lies In The Soil: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Both of us now naked and extremely prepared to lead to the next obvious move. Steph made it, this full figured voluptuous vision, in all aspects a woman with her swaying cherry tipped breasts, her softly rounded belly and plump globed arse with its mysterious crevice separating the twin orbs, and only that big thick towering male cock betraying her earlier orientation.

I admit to feeling inadequate with my 7 inches of manhood which stood as the junior partner in our tryst. Steph didn't tease me about it, instead she moved against me her body moldings into me her feminine softness welding us together.

For a few minutes we stood in an embrace kissing and soaking each other up my firm male form against her softness, only our cocks trapped between our bodies giving way to our so far unspoken desire for each other.

"Ohhh Steph!! I want you, I want your body, your lips your tongue, your tits, your gorgeous arse and that big fucking implement hanging out of you groin, I want to play with it, suck it and drink its juice............." I was in a high state of arousal and was grinding against her, a sort of fluttery thrill kept flaring through me.

"Let’s not hurry darling, we are both badly in need, both our cock are straining but e need to do things right and get the full benefit, don’t we" Steph pronounced, and getting of the bed she took my hand and guided me to the bathroom.

"First we both need a little internal housework to do." and so saying she produced a Higginson Syringe, ran some warm soapy water into the wash basin and ordered be to bend over whereupon she slipped the slim steel 4 inch pipe in the end of the rubber tube gently up my clenching anus, and with the other end in the water, she squeezed the bulb between the rubber pipes and I felt the water being shot up into my rectum and into my colon until I seemed to be full and unable to stop myself expelling the effluent from my body.

Steph repeated the syringing several times until she declared I was 'Yukky Free' as she called it, and safe to fuck. She got me to do the same to her and I set to with enthusiasm making sure I got the full measure of her big fabulous arse and her now wrinkly hole. We had fun doing this and standing in the bath at one point we filled each other with water, bent over arse to arse and released our combined streams of warm H2O, laughing as we did so.

By now cleansed and busy kissing and fondling our now softened cocks we staggered back to Steph's bedroom and while romping on the bed she got into a position which had me very vulnerable and prone to attack, I was on my back, my legs bent and folded back leaving my arsehole fully available. My Amazonian shemale friend took full advantage and very quickly for her size, she was in the position, hands holding me down, her turgid weapon just nudging my hole softly until.........

The feel of my anus being opened sent a white hot stinging pain right through me and I tried to get away, but Steph was surprisingly strong and holding me down pushed harder but slowly until I felt myself being stretched and opened to her penile assault, her terrible big long thick cock pushing remorselessly deeper into my body until she fell on me with along withering sigh and I felt her soft hot flesh on mine d her cock seemingly fully ensconced in my quaking arsehole.

Once buried inside me, Steph lay very still on me as if savoring being inside me, while I endured the stinging pain in my anus slowly recovering being so stretched. By and by I found myself clenching hard and bearing down as if trying to push the invader out but this only encouraged Steph to push harder into me and so it became a battle until we were fucking and humping and relishing the amazing sensations until Steph gasped that she was going to cum. Our actions became faster and harder until I was crying out into my pillow and Steph was grunting like an animal.

Suddenly her temp increased and Steph was shagging me as if it was the end of the world, I was really being pounded and loving it, I was dribbling spunk as her cock stimulated my prostate and I was crushed into the matress......."Ohhhh GOD! I’m cumming darling cumming cumming, oh, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!" I felt her brutal harpoon pulsating hard as her orgasm ravaged her and I fully expected to be flooded with spunk, but it was not to be. Steph lay the full length of my body, her cock still embedded in my arse, now slack after my pounding, I was wet but that was my own anal slime that Slid down onto my balls.

It took time for us to return to sanity and we breathed easier and slowly Steph's huge anal battering ram became flaccid enough to slither out of my gaping hole at which she rolled off me with a gasping sigh and said "That’s the best shag I've had in nearly year, thank you darling, thank you, thank you, thank you, I absolutely LOVE your bum, so soft and welcoming, and you took every inch my sweet man....I think I'll have to keep you s my lover."

If I had designs on fucking Steph I was sadly deluded, instead she satisfied my lust by sucking me off while reaming my arsehole with her fingers, nearly fist me but making me explode in her hot mouth and send gouts of sperm into her which vanished down her throat.

I had to be satisfied with a promise of things to come, because this statuesque shemale knew perfectly well how to keep a man interested and gagging to get to bed for a night of uninhibited shagging and hopefully some inventive filth.

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