The Alleyway

by Anonymous

In an abandoned alleyway, was a rusty old pickup truck in the washed out color of red. It was nearly the same red as London’s public transport buses. The truck was stationary, the ignition turned off, yet it was moving erratically in the same motion as a bouncy castle at a child’s party.

The steel compartments of it rattled as condensation wafted up against the windows, nearly concealing the inhabitants inside. A hand shot out suddenly, a small one belonging to a female. It left a print on the window at the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

On the inside lay Joe Stevens. A fifty year old pensioner, with his seat reclined in a comfortable position. His eyes were closed and his mouth fell opened to release outbursts of groans in pleasure.

His plaid shirt was unbuttoned down to his chest and his trouser was left at his knees. But none of this mattered, as he heavily thrusted his cock upwards into the velvet confines of the Greek Goddess straddling his waist.

Amy was what anyone would’ve called an ideal beauty. Her tanned skin, round ass and perky breasts were known for driving men crazy with lust. Her green eyes were red rimmed and her blonde beach waves cascaded down, across her back and chest.

She was wearing a nude, skin tight dress that had ridden up her thighs while her soaked thong lay at their feet. Her head fell back whenever she released a moan in ecstasy, as her hips rolled back and forth to meet Joe’s thrusts with enthusiasm.

Joe knew what he was doing was wrong. There was nothing more immoral than an old man having an affair with his daughter’s best friend, who was more than half his age. In fact, he was the first to make a move on her at last year’s New Year’s eve party by groping and kissing Amy drunkenly when they were alone together.

The next day, while his wife went to work and his daughter was attending a lecture, Amy paid a visit and they’d fucked each other senselessly on his bed. After that, they’d been inseparable. At every party, they stole away moments together in the bathroom, guest bedrooms and garage to satisfy their vulgar needs.

He hated himself for lying to his family - hurting his wife and daughter. But whenever he tried to break things off with Amy, he’d end up six inches deep in her glory hole after two weeks or so. She was like an addictive drug. She was something he knew he shouldn’t want, but needed for sexual gratification. And he was sure the feelings were mutual.

Now Joe released his grip on Amy’s ass and held onto her hips aggressively, as he dug his finger nails into her soft skin. She bit her bottom lip and found this act of dominance exhilarating. Her hand fell from the window and reached up to grasp the panic bar tightly as their bodies kept rising and falling with each other. All that could be heard was the squelching sound of their skin to skin contact, and muffled excitement escaping their lips.

“Fuck!” Amy exclaimed, while she ground down her hips.

Her legs trembled as she reached her high in an earth shattering orgasm. Her juices spilled out, lubricating Joe’s manhood in warmth while he sucked in a breath and continued ravishing her with pounding thrusts.

The sensation of the newly wet cunt, sent him into a frenzy and he was unable to control himself. He was like an animal in heat, ready to plant his seed anywhere. Finally, with one last thrust, he released as well. He moaned as he convulsed and the sticky substance of cum filled her. His cock slid out limply as their combined fluids flowed across the seat.

With a sigh of relief, Amy collapsed on his chest. They were both breathing heavily while their hearts beat rapidly against each other. A few moments passed when she tilted her head to capture his lips with hers. Joe hoped for it to be short and sweet, but she pried his mouth open with her tongue and sensually explored it.

He was enjoying the treatment when he felt her hand reach down and grasp his shaft, before she began pumping him. Briefly, he was allowed to lose himself in the moment until his eyes slid open and rested on the truck’s radio compartment. The time was 01:57am.

With a jolt, Joe broke away from the kiss and sat up to stop Amy’s actions. He carefully lifted and deposited her onto the driver’s seat. He pulled up his trouser and ruffled his greasy hair to make it look presentable.

While buckling his belt, he absorbed her displeased expression. Her lips were swollen from the kissing, her cheeks were flushed and her hair was in disarray as she furrowed her eye brows. The hemline of her dress was still pushed up her thighs, revealing her glistening cunt. It went against his instinct not to climb on top of her and got at for a second round.

“What?” he questioned, pretending to be oblivious.

She raised an eyebrow and examined him, “oh, I see. You’re too tired for more fun.”

“We should go home. It’s getting pretty late.”

“Can’t keep up with a twenty four year old, eh?”

Joe ignored this, “Jill will be worried. I’m only supposed to be having a couple of beers with my mates.”

“I wonder what Mrs. Stevens will think if she knew what you’ve really been up to.”

Joe grimaced and looked sternly at Amy. They had this conversation many times, “we can’t do this anymore.”

Amy gave a short laugh and rolled her eyes, “like I haven’t heard that before.”

“It has to stop.”

“You and I both know that’s not going to happen.”

Joe closed his eyes and sighed, “it’s Sarah’s twenty fifth birthday next week.”

He didn’t know why he felt the need to talk about his daughter at a time like this, but something compelled him to tap into memories of Amy’s teenage years. Of her and Sarah getting manicures, watching chick flicks and having sleepovers on each other’s birthdays.

“And?” she replied with a shrug.

“I want you to be on your best behavior at the party.”

Amy lifted a hand to mockingly draw a halo above her head and pouted, “I promise.”

“That means no lewd jokes around guests, no skimpy outfits, and above all, no hooking up.”

“Are you certain about that?” Amy questioned with a devious smile.

“I’m positive,” Joe said with more assertion.

“We could do some daddy/daughter role play.”


“I could pretend to break the lawnmower in the garage, and you could come punish me”

“Absolutely not.”

“I could use a dildo in Sarah’s bedroom, and you can come in claiming your meat is more appetizing.”

“I said no.”

“Or we could fuck standing up in a missionary position, inside the shower room. I don’t believe we’ve done that before.”


She jumped back and looked startled. Finally, after a moment of silence, she readjusted the hem of her dress and prepared to leave.

“Let me drop you home at least,” Joe insisted.

“No thanks, I’m staying at my boyfriend’s place. He lives a block away from here.”

“Are you sure?”


Amy gathered her hair to one side and bent down to retrieve her thong.

“Let me keep that,” Joe said desperately.

She looked up and winked, before handing him the piece of clothing that was drenched in her scent, “of course.”

After she opened the driver’s door, she turned around to give him a kiss. When he faced the other way, she swiped a long tongue across his cheek, “I’ll see you later, hunk.”

As soon as the door closed and she departed, Joe maneuvered himself onto the driver’s seat and turned the ignition on. All the while, he kept his gaze on the windshield as Amy’s scantily clad body swayed and disappeared around the corner of the alleyway.

With a deep breath, he stuffed her thong inside his pocket, a great tool for getting him off during the next week. He rolled down the windows to invite fresh air amidst the heat congested vehicle, and placed the truck into first gear.

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