The After Home Coming

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

The After Home Coming

Three weeks ago my husband John and I, Katie here, went to visit our son Jeff in the VA’s Mental ward. Our son has been in the ward for six months and making no progress. Losing his entire crew to a IUD and served with papers finalizing Jeff’s divorce, days before. Wasting away, refusing to eat on or even speak, doctors suggest bringing Jeff home. Jeff’s physical injuries healed but of his mind, no one able to get through.

Perhaps a home environment would bring him around, nothing tried could entice Jeff to eat. Stressing the weeks after Jeff came home and having little success. Daughter Jan loves her brother much, they were very close before Jeff, joined the Marines.

Through to him with no success, Jan’s stress level was out the roof, as mine. We both hated force feeding, barely able to get Jeff to take enough soft food to sustain him. Option calling in medically help, which we have twice of each past week. My husband suggested I eat his cum.

“What!” I screamed at John, my husband and I have always had an open relationship, since we married but to make a suggestion. Like that!

“Every son in his life has fantasized sexually of his mother. Taking care of Jeff and telling him we love him is not doing the trick, you must show Jeff you love him and are willing to do, whatever it takes saving him. If you are ever to get through to him.”

“That’s crazy!” I countered.

“Look, you are a great looking, sexy woman of forty-five, huge gorgeous tits, slim of body with heavenly long legs and believe me, Jeff has fantasized of his mother. You have a higher sex drive than I’ve ever been able to satisfy alone completely. Pack long ago, if both are discreet, not bringing into our home and to our children, all would be forgiven. The situation has changed, Jeff loves his mother and you love Jeff.”

“But he is my son,” help myself I couldn’t, considering John’s suggestion, I was.

“What could be the harm, loving your son,” a shrug John gave.

Over the years John never gave me any grief of my needs but this. Toting a tray, hoped Jeff would eat something, just a little. Bent to Jeff’s bed, chicken soup, like it could cure anything but hunger. Spoon from side to side, like I was making a game of feeding Jeff, his eyes never wavered from my breasts.

Of Jeff’s bed I sat, the bowl of soup aside, conversation or getting Jeff to speak at all was non-existent of his deep depression. Unbuttoning my low cut blouse, notice Jeff’s eyes widen, reached behind and unsnapped my bra. D-cup tits with huge nipples, John has always praised, I let out for Jeff’s viewing, watching him closely. I do love my children very much and drastic measures needed, I told myself.

Leaned forward cupping and offering what I hoped would be, a luscious reward Jeff could not refuse. My nipples hard, I have to admit, Jeff’s mouth opened and I pressed forward letting Jeff nurse my tits. Slowly and Jeff’s hand came up, rolling the nipple of my free breast. Felt good my son nursing at my breast, Jeff suckled for the longest and knew what to do.

John correct, more response I hadn’t had from Jeff in the past weeks, couldn’t let Jeff waste away as he desired. Stripped the rest of my clothing, Jeff sucking my tits. Pulled my tits from only long enough to straddle Jeff’s face with my wet, hairy pussy, finding Jeff’s cock hard.

Through opening of PJ’s Jeff’s cock poking out I took into my mouth. Don’t know how I knew my son fanaticism eating his mother’s pussy, maybe instinct or I just love having my hairy pussy eaten, sucking a magnificent cock.

With my eyes closed, Jeff’s cock felt so much like his father’s, doing this in an attempt to save my son, I needed my fantasies. Most women will feign discuss of my saying but one of the first things I fell in love with, was John’s nine inch thick cock. Not a virgin and John coming along, I knew what I loved. Huge helmet head of Jeff’s cock felt wondrous in my mouth, love the rubbery feel of the rim and ran my tongue around hard shaft licking out the slit.

My clitoris, Jeff knew what he was doing, fucking Jeff’s face my pussy began orgasms, many small ones until a huge one builds. No one ever has to ask me, was it good for you, they know and most do their best to keep me cumming to my pleasure. Felt Jeff’s cock swell, no accidents of me not knowing I’m about to receive cum.

Swallowing Jeff’s cum, I continued loving his cock, long after cum stopped flowing, kissing and loving. Taste of Jeff’s cum, tantalizing my senses, the feel of the thick ooze, slipping over my tongue, knew this would not be the last time I’d eat my son’s cum. Forced myself to pull my pussy from Jeff’s face, though I wanted to fuck. Love a good orgasm before being fucked but Jeff’s weak condition, kissed all about his face and mouth tasting my own juices.

Jubilant of responses, I reached for the soup, now was the time to get Jeff to eat at least a few bites. Turning his head away as if to say no, I pulled back with spoon, kissed Jeff with my tongue in mouth. A sexy passionate kiss, offering soup again, Jeff got the message. If he wanted what his Mom was now so willing to give, he would have to build himself up.

A word Jeff hadn’t spoken, only a no shake of his head, since coming home. Noticed Jeff eyes following me anytime I was about his room, putting things away. The two of us home alone, I removed my clothing for the second time of the day and of Jeff’s room. A body men want and have personally kept my body so. Tits to make mouths water, I displayed for Jeff, posing my long legs, hairy pussy and swear I saw, a brief smile.

Naked all the day, often thought to suck Jeff’s cock but bade myself, wait until the evening meal and bath time. Carrying tray in after my shower I simply told Jeff. If he wants this, he would have to eat. Didn’t bothered to dress, both John and Jan, I knew wouldn’t home for some time, which entered right into my scheme of things. During Jeff sponge bath I gave many kisses and sucks to his hard cock.

Depths of the depression, know nothing but seeing my son responding was all the encouragement I needed. Again I knew what Jeff wanted, questions entering my mind. What he wanted of his Mom was it some form of punishment, he needed to commit the worst of carnal sins. The pleasures able to get my son to respond, outweighed any regrets of my mind, besides the pleasures I was receiving, I have needs too.

Love sucking cock, hairy pussy eaten, I do love the taste of cum before getting fucked. Would have to wait until the night, knowing John would want details, love my ass jacked up with pillows, watching John’s huge cock slid in and out fucking my hairy pussy. Thinking of fucking Jeff, should I go that far, two nine inch cocks for my pleasures.

If sex didn’t rule my actions, I would never gone outside, our marriage vowels. Jeff came sending my pussy into convulsions, enjoyed every pulse of cum from Jeff’s, huge cock. Loving and sucking I continued until Jeff began to soften, Jeff didn’t stop eating my pussy throughout my huge orgasm. Upon shaky legs I prompt of the bed kissing my love juices from his face.

“Mom,” the one word sent my heart to racing, followed Jeff’s eyes to his unfinished tray. Had my actions of the day given Jeff a renewed reason to live, my hopes rising. Kissed and loved Jeff’s face often during feeding, allowing Jeff to feel my huge warm breasts against his chest.

Jeff’s hand fondling my tits, offered to his mouth, Jeff fail asleep suckling at his mother’s breasts. Jan busy with graduations exercises, Jeff sleeping peacefully I could hardly wait to fuck my husband. Rushed John through the evening meal and my ass jacked up waiting, John coming from the shower.

“Something made you super horny tonight,” John giving a laugh, I could see his cock hard coming from the shower.

“Yes, I need your cock so badly,” cock in place, felt I could report of the day.

“Jeff has inherited your cock, John. I do love your cock and I ate Jeff’s cum twice today, closed my eyes and fantasized I was sucking your cock. Jeff wanted to eat my pussy and I allowed, both times. What made me think Jeff wanted to eat his mother’s pussy I don’t know but all of the day I teased him, naked of the house and anytime I was of Jeff room I gave him a show. After his evening meal, he ate for me as long as he could and utter one word. “Mom,” and I knew what he wanted,” offered up my tits to John, I really do love my tits loved.

“Are you going to fuck him,” John muttered before attacking my tits, cock fucking in and out.

“I thought to John but I wouldn’t, without you knowing. Oh my lord John, you are such a fanatic lover,” though John could never supply all my needs, I do love fucking him.

“By all means, if you can bring our son back to us, give him all the pussy he wants,” speaking of me fucking our son, really turned John on. Knew for sure when John’s cock stayed hard and fucking me after blowing my pussy up with a huge load of cum. Twice that night my beautiful husband fucked me ever so well.

Slept so very well, thinking of the two men I was going to fuck. John’s approval was all I needed, carrying a tray into Jeff’s room naked, the next morning to find Jeff managed to sit up on his own, relieving himself in the piss bottle, I or Jan held for him. Jeff finished and I sat upon his bed feeding, legs open for his viewing, my naked hairy pussy. Learned long ago men love to look at a pretty pussy. I love seeing a beautiful cock, why wouldn’t they, Jeff’s cock on the rise.

“Baby, the pleasures you will receive, when you build your strength,” kissed Jeff full on his mouth, letting him know, how pleased his mother was.

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