The Adventures of Scarlett-Back to School: Part 1

by Scarlett (Australia)

I woke up in bed with a morning wood and I looked up at the huge monument to futanaria power. Precum started to bubble at the head of my large knob.

Next moment Momma opened the door “Scarlett, time to get out of bed......” Her voice trailed off as she viewed my hard-on and precum on my tip “You need to drain your balls young lady, before you go to school”

I fidgeted around causing my momma to run her finger up the underside of my cock and run it over my knob causing more cum to bubble out and run down my shaft “I’ll have to do it myself, Scarlett”

Momma lubed up my cock with my precum and then slivered her pussy down over my thick shaft. She gulped as my big cock meat stretched her pussy and filled it completely with my thickness.

Momma rode up and down and the noise and the pheromones being given off by both of us brought my older sister Oaniya, who was home from university.

My older sister’s eyes lit up and her cock stretched and split her pyjamas as it grew to its massive erect size “Lucky girl, sis, fuck momma hard”

Oaniya’s fully erect cock would put a tree trunk to shame and she worked the monster as she watched momma and myself fuck hard on my bed.

When I blew the force of my cum eruption lifted momma an inch up my cock. Hot sperm shot out from momma’s pussy and wet parts of my sheet.

Oaniya panted “OH GOD!” and raced into the bathroom and erupted into the hand basin half filling it with her boiling girl juice.

Momma lifted her dripping pussy off my cum coated monster “Get cleaned up Scarlett and make sure ‘Muscles’ gets fed.

This was exciting as ‘Muscles’ was our genetically engineered pet dog. I loved playing with his powerful muscular body and his large doggie cock. Many times I have had ‘Muscles’’ big cock in my mouth and pussy. Muscles had a set of massive bone smashing teeth and a few intruders met their fate under his teeth.

I was delighted to see he was humping his ‘fuck ball’. A large heavy steel ball, allowing ‘Muscles’ to rub his cock onto the surface and ejaculate. Such was his power that the ball was peppered with holes as his erect cock pierced the solid steel.

Muscles shot his load into a hole with quite a bit squirting out. I clapped my hands at the sight and Muscles licked my face. I lifted him up and licked his dripping cock clean then I lifted the heavy steel ball, turning it over and allowing the cum to flow from the hole into my mouth. I tasted the delightful cum as it swirled around my mouth before I swallowed all of it.

The steel ball needed some repairs so I squeezed it in the palm of my hands and kneaded it like dough, compressing out the holes and producing a smooth surface. Males get so jealous of our super strength and the sexual capacity of our organs and this power makes us so dominant on this world.

Getting ready for school I was required to sheath my cock with a waterproof plastic sleeve with a reservoir attached to hold cum drips from my cock. It was no mean feat to get the sheath over my cock. Even when it is soft it is 8 inches long and just over 2 inches wide.

Walking to school my beauty and power drew constant looks of lust from other futas and pussy girls. Men were usually frightened of my kind. They knew they were hopeless outclassed in every way by all girls, both futa and pussy girls.

I met my good friend Klara on the way to school. I hugged her and we both gave each other’s sheath a good feel. Klara is as beautiful as me and her cock is equal to mine.

Nearing recess time the testicles of all the futas in the class were at maximum semen capacity and the reservoirs on all the sheaths were full from the overflow cum dripping from our knobs. We were all getting horny and our cocks were expanding in size and causing the plastic material of the sheaths to stretch with a loud crinkling noise.

Our teacher, herself growing in size, could hear us getting hard “Okay girls, I can hear you need a break. Empty the cum from your reservoirs and you can have 30 minutes masturbation time. Make sure your testicles are drained before you re-sheath”

We all excitedly raced out of the room. Our sheaths were off even before we reached the playground. Cum from dropping from our sheaths and from the tips of our hard bobbing cocks.

I sat down with Klara and as I started to stroke my erect monster I joked “I bet I shoot more cum than you, darling”

Klara gripped her massive trunk with both hands well lubricated from her bubbling precum “You are on, sexy”

We started to rub our rampant monsters when I noticed a middle aged man watching us from behind a bush. I nudged “Look some guy is watching us”

I yelled out and everyone turned to look “Hey Mister come up and show us your cock”

He was hesitant and I grabbed hold of Klara’s throbbing cock “I bet you aren’t as big. Just look at this cock. It must be a whole foot long. Be a man and show us”

Slowly he emerged from the bushes and pulled down his pants. We all laughed at the pathetic sight. It was only about 3 inches long soft.

Klara yelled “Is that all? You must be able to get bigger”

He started to get hard and I giggled “Oh my god. It’s so small. Look here Mister, I can hardly get my fingers around my friend’s THICK shaft”

By now precum was bubbling at my head and started to trickle down the underside of my shaft. “Look Mister I have precum leaking. I bet that’s more cum than you can shoot in a whole day”

Our teacher was watching and to our delight she was stroking her own big cock. It was huge, about 14 inches long and very thick.

The guy must have been turned by the humiliation he was receiving and now he was fully erect.

I stood up and walked to him. My cock bobbing up and down with every step I took. I stood next to him and measured our erections. At 12.5 inches long my cock was over twice as long and more than twice his thickness.

I purred “I bet you haven’t been so close to a real cock before? This is a real girl cock. Do you want to stroke it?”

He touched my cock sending electric surges of pleasure throughout my body “You like a real cock don’t you? Well you are never going to get one”

And with that I took my dribbling monster back to Klara to play with.

I sat back down and we started to massage each other’s power poles in heavy masturbation.

Klara licked her lips “Shoot that little cock and show us your cum”

The other girls were laughing as they watched the show and soon the pathetic male came first and to all the giggling he shot a few little drips of cum and his cock shrivelled up into nothingness.

I called out “I don’t have experience with such tiny pathetic cocks. I only play with the BIG COCKS”

Klara’s balls began to pulsate and her cock throbbed and a huge cord of sperm shot from knob. Her mighty cannon recoiled and throbbed sending another huge load of cum through the air. Throbbing and recoiling Klara sent globs of hot sticky cum to land in pools on the grass in front and her eruption lasted nearly two minutes.

As Klara was finishing I began my volleys of cum and I aimed my super gun to shoot broadsides of sperm at the creepy male watching us. I landed some volleys just in front of him splashing my juice over his clothes and I aimed some loads to land on him covering his face with my hot sticky gobs of sperm.

After bombing all around him for about 1 minute and 50 seconds I aimed my next loads of cum to land over his face before my high capacity testicles were emptied. After 20 seconds of plastering him with my loads I finally stopped shooting and the male ran off with cum running off his entire body, he was totally humiliated.

I was cheered as we all started to make our way back into class. The were pools of thick semen all over the grass and a few other males waited in the wings to get their hands on our highly prized nectar.

To be continued

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