The Adventures Of Scarlett – My New Sheath: Part 2

by Scarlett (Australia)

That afternoon Emily and I arrived at Maddie McDonald’s house in a state of intense sexual arousal.

Emily was rubbing her bulge as we climbed the front steps “I hope Scarlett, that Maddie has enough men for us to use. I feel like I could rape two dozen of them”

I nodded “I hope Maddie insured herself. Being fully grown she is going to do some serious damage to those males with her cock”

Maddie’s mother Samantha opened door “Hi Scarlett, Emily, come on in girls”

Samantha was wearing a see though skirt and her massive cock was on show for all to see. Her top was transparent as well allowing us to see her boobs and hard nipples.

We walked inside and Samantha patted Emily on her bulge causing her to grow and stretch the material to its maximum extent.

Samantha purred “Come with me baby. I have a bed upstairs for you”

Emily went upstairs and by the time they got to the bedroom Samantha had her undressed.

The atmosphere was so sexually charged my cock was raging hard and I spied Kimber who was already naked so I stripped off my clothing and joined her.

Maddie was still fully dressed and she looked magnificent as she bulged through her clothing.

Maddie smiled at me as she lined up the males for inspection.

I walked up to look at these ‘males’. I could not understand their role as us futanari had both sets of sex organs and were quite capable of bearing children.

I smiled at Maddie as I showed off my large cock to the nervous males. My limp cock was two inches longer and almost twice as thick than any of the males and my balls were more than ten times the capacity of these creatures.

Maddie walked up to the males and laughed “Now boys it’s time for some BIG COCK”

Slowly she unbuttoned her jeans and very slowly pushed them down to the horrified looks of the males as the top of her massive shaft appeared. As the jeans lowered a very thick veined shaft just kept on coming into view and appeared to have no end.

The jeans dropped to the floor and all eyes were on her hardening monster. Drips of clear precum dropped from her huge knob and the shaft reared up to a massive foot long monster.

The males shivered in fear and some of their cocks shrunk in size.

I laughed as Kimber knelt beside me and wrapped her hands around my thick shaft “You see see her BIG COCK?”

Kimber played with my hard cock “You will never know the feeling of being this BIG!!”

Maddie approached one shaking male “Lets fuck RAW!!”

She lifted the male high in the air and them positioned him over her bulbous knob and pushed him down.

The male screamed “NO, NO, NO, STOP!! IT’S TOO BIG!!!”

Slowly Maddie’s huge shaft invaded the male’s anal passage, stretching and tearing its way up into his body. She lifted him and then thrust down hard.

Kimber continued to lick my fully engorged shaft while keeping an eye on Maddie skewering male meat on her big shaft “So exciting, Scarlett. Maddie is really enjoying herself”

Kimber was enjoying herself as well as her hard cock was dribbling precum. I looked down at her “Baby lets 69 I think your balls are going to explode”

We positioned ourselves on the couch sucking each other while watching Maddie viciously rape her male victim.

Soon Maddie erupted and her blasting cock sent huge quantities of cum into the male’s body causing him to bloat to obscene proportions.

With a load pop Maddie pull him off her cock and threw him on the floor. A geyser of cum erupted from his anus and spewed over the floor.

Maddie put her hands on her hips and purred “Who is next?”

She grabbed the next whimpering male and threw him on the floor and came down behind him burrowing her cock deep inside to his intense screams.

Both Kimber and myself blew our loads and after swallowing the hot sticky juice we both got up to find ourselves a man.

I strode up a cowering male and kicked him onto the floor and slowly lowered myself onto his back and with one thrust pushed my cock all the way up to my balls.

He screamed with pain as my 8 inch plus sized cock stretched him out. I withdrew my cock and then banged it back in as hard as I could, his screams bring a smile to my face.

A big screen TV came to life and I was delight to see my sister being dual penetrated by Samantha and Maddison who I didn’t see earlier. Emily was screaming with lust as she was pounded by those massive cocks.

I continued to pound my whimpering man’s arse while I watched my sister riding some big guns, her own gun went off spraying thick sticky cum over herself.

I felt my body shudder and I erupted with such force that sperm spurted back out around my cock splattering me with cum.

As a penile orgasm shook my body my pussy erupted at the same time causing me to shudder as simultaneous orgasms went through me. My vaginal orgasms rolled through me one after another for almost two minutes.

As I calmed down I approached another male and pushed him to the floor and mounted him. This guy’s butt hole was tight so I pushed hard and forced my cock all the way in.

Kimber had brutally fucked three men and now she looked at the last man standing and pounced on him drilling her large cock deep up his anal passage.

Emily was soaking in cum as she surveyed the battered and bleeding males on the floor “NOT FAIR!! They have all been ruined!!”

Maddie fingered Emily’s hard cock “No problem sweety. Come and play with me”

Kimber joined Maddison and myself “That was fun girls. Pity they are all broken”

We looked over the ruined bodies with cum and blood seeping from their busted open renal passages. Our cocks were still semi-hard, engorged with blood and the thick veins showing prominently on our shafts.

We could hear Maddie and my sister fucking furiously upstairs, the bed creaked and banged against the wall.

Maddison kissed Samantha “I think I will go with Kimber. It’s been a great party, Ms McDonald. Thank you”

Samantha cupped Maddison’s thick shaft “I’m glad you had fun sweety. I’m sure my girl will put on another party soon”

Maddison left to pursue more fun back at Kimber’s place.

Samantha came up to me and fingered my shaft “Thanks for coming and cumming. I hope the males were to your liking?”

I looked down at my cock “My girl got a good workout. How was my sister?”

Samantha squeezed my cock “She was superb...a real tiger in bed”

I groaned as my cock hardened “She has been having thoughts that she is developing slowly, worried about her size”

Samantha laughed “My Maddie had the same doubts and look her now. She is my size and I can tell you Maddie has been very satisfying to me in bed”

Samantha started to pull me by my hard cock “Come baby, I still have energy to burn”

I followed her upstairs and we joined my sister and Maddie for an evening of total pleasure.

The End

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