The Adventures Of Scarlett – My New Sheath: Part 1

by Scarlett (Australia)

Sitting in class I was in some discomfort. My cock sheath, a device to hold futanari’s excess cum dripping from fully loaded testicles, was now a size too small for my recent growth spurt.

I crossed and uncrossed my legs, spread them and tried to pull the sheath along my shaft.

Ms Jones, my maths teacher noticed my antics “Scarlett, what is going on? Stop fidgeting”

I spread my legs as far as I could to show the teacher my problem “Sorry Ms Jones. My cock sheath is too small. I can’t stretch it any further”

I noticed a ruffling under Ms Jones’s skirt. Her cock stirred at my exposure.

My own cock was stirring at the sight of Ms Jones and it started to push on my sheath and with no stretch capability the sheath split with a loud ripping sound.

Amid giggles from the class Ms Jones tapped her foot “Scarlett, a hard cock is not helping matters. It’s almost recess time. Go and see nurse and get an emergency sheath and get her to milk you”

Recess time allows the girls to eat and masturbate so reducing the load in our balls for a few hours.

I stood up with my hard-on pushing up my short skirt and desperately trying to hold what was left of my sheath under my knob to catch any drops.

Ms Jones commanded “Hurry up Scarlett before you drip everywhere”

I walked out of class and down the hall with my cock bouncing up and down and me trying to hold the sheath on my knob.

There were males at my school but they didn’t have our brain capacity so they were in simplified classes where things such as computers and calculators were required to help them solve problems.

On my way to see nurse I passed Billy Squires who as usual was on his way to see the Head Mistress.

He laughed at my plight “Having problems keeping your cum in Scarlett?”

I looked down my nose at him “You don’t have my testicle power, BOY!!”

I got him by the scruff of his neck and lifted him high so his pants were level with my mouth.

I ran my tongue over his crotch to determine his size and as I was not surprised “You are small...Little Billy”

Just then a voice rang out “SCARLETT!! Put him down”

I lowered Billy just far enough and then I let him go so he hit the floor with a thump but not enough to hurt him.

Maddie McDonald, the Sixth Form Head Girl looked at Billy on the floor “Go and get to the place you are supposed to be going....MOVE!!”

Billy got up and scurried away. Maddie looked down at the drops of cum on the floor “Broken sheath?”

I had lifted Billy with one hand while holding my sheath with my other hand. Not looking I didn’t align the sheath with my dripping knob.

Maddie gripped my shaft and lifted it, my cock hardening in her hand “Not to waste cum”

Maddie pulled her hand up my shaft squeezing juice from my slit and onto her hand. She licked her fingers suggestively “Not bad Scarlett. Impressive size as well”

Maddie was two years older than me and fully developed. Her big 12 incher pushed out hard from under her skirt “You better go Scarlett or my girl will be looking for your pussy”

I left Maddie and the sight of her huge gun caused me some discomfort as I tried to walk along the corridor with my cock raging hard.

I arrived to see nurse and she smiled looked down at my problem “You are dripping. No sheath?”

I let go of my cock and it sprang up hard flicking droplets of cum towards the ceiling “Yes Ms, I outgrew my sheath”

Nurse pointed to the bed “Get on it young lady before you drop cum everywhere”

I got on the bed and lay on my back with my stiff cock rearing up towards the ceiling. Nurse got a ruler and made sure she fingered every part of my shaft and balls. Placing the ruler alongside my thick shaft she purred “Exceeding 8 inches. You need the Young Adult size”

Nurse got a sheath out of the drawer but before she fixed it in place she smiled “You need milking, young lady before you explode”

Nurse took my cock into her mouth and sucked down on my shaft. I felt my cock throb and so did nurse; she quickly withdrew her lips and placed a tube over my cock.

I pulsated hard and blew a load of cum into the clear tube which led to a 350 ml container. I clenched the bed and throbbed another load into the tube and another and another until I almost filled the container.

Nurse sucked the cum dribble from my knob and licked her lips “Feeling better?”

I nodded as she placed the sheath on my shaft and secured it under my balls. I got up and she patted under my skirt on my bare buttocks “Now go and play with the girls”

I got out into the quadrangle to sit with my friends who were masturbating each other.

Kimber, a beautiful redhead, panted “Ms Jones was getting hard for you, Scarlett”

I sucked Kimber’s knob and looked up “I saw her hard cock and that caused me to burst my sheath”

Another friend Maddison started to spurt and she aimed her eruption towards a drain sending thick cords of hot sperm arching into the air.

After blowing her considerable load Maddison stared lovingly at her huge cock “Scarlett, Ms Jones has a really large cock. She used it on me a few months ago. We ran into each other in a sex park”

Kimber stated to shake and geyser erupted from her 8 inch gun. The load splattered on the concrete.

I moved over to lick up the dribbles from Maddison’s still hard cock “How was she?”

Maddison rolled her eyes from my licking “She was superb. We fucked for like 3 hours non-stop”

The other Maddison came towards us “So Scarlett, did you get another sheath?”

I spread my legs so Maddie McDonald could get a good view “I sure did Maddie. I have more room to move”

Maddie smiled “Mummy bought some men for use to play with. Care to join us this afternoon?

Bring your sister and Maddison and Kimber, you are invited as well”

My cock sprang up hard at the thought of men. This was going to be fun.

To be continued

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