The Adventures Of Scarlett Hiking in the Mountains: Part 3

by Scarlett (Australia)

Walking through a small town Madison’s tight backside bulged and was barely covered by her ultra cut up shorts and her breasts were half exposed by her open shirt. Chloe and Creamy were both naked and Creamy’s big swinging trunk drew gasps and the pointing of fingers.

I found my shorts were too confining so I unzipped them allowing my large size testicles and thick, long cock to hang down in front fully exposed to the jealous gazes.

Emily burst her shorts when her monster cock reared up and ripped through the material fully erect and dripping her sticky juice.

By now I was dripping as well and I felt the surge in my cock and it started to expand growing bigger and bigger and BIGGER to it’s fully erect size of nearly 13 inches.

Emily brushed her big bulbous monster against mine and exclaimed “Hey Scar, have you grown a bit?”

I bobbed it and caused it to rock up and down “I think so Em. Third Stage Puberty is about 12 months away for me”

Creamy was showing off her fully erect cock to the astonished crowds and laughed “Enough talking girls...LET’S FUCK”

Spreading her legs Creamy dangled her large testicles over a fire hydrant and smashed down on the metal. The size and weight of her testicles crushed the metal down and her crotch squeezed the structure down to the road before rupturing the hydrant and sending a high pressure blast of water into her pussy. Creamy bit her lip and purred “Oh yeah massage that pussy”

Madison stripped off her skimpy clothing to all to witness and worship her perfect form. She walked provocatively to Creamy and leaned on a car and pushed her sexy buttocks high in the air “Fuck me baby...fuck me with that big cock!!”

Creamy aimed her massive monster and rammed in all 13 inches in a single thrust. Madison screamed with pleasure and lust and grabbed handfuls of car. The metal buckled and tore in her hands and to all watching she was gathering mangled car in her hands like crunching up a tablecloth. Glass shattered as she pulled the steel up towards her face.

Metal tore and screeched in her powerful grip and smashed apart with every thrust of the Futa Goddess’s thrusting cock. Madison wrenched off the car roof crunching up the metal in her hands as she panted and screamed.

Madison screamed in orgasm as she squirted out in ecstasy and Creamy blew her load which spurted back out of the goddess’s pussy. The pussy girl mangled up the remains of the car as she thrashed about in orgasm. Creamy withdrew her cock which was followed by a torrent of sperm as it flowed back out of the beauty’s pussy.

I had walked up to a car and slammed down my fist on the roof. I smashed the middle down to the road breaking the chassis in two, creating a U depression in the car. Just right for us to fuck.

Chloe took me up her pussy and Emily up her tasty ass and she rocked back and forth to our pounding. We smashed up the car and smashed the tar road with thumping of our thrusting cocks.

After turning the car to scrap and breaking up the road we shot our loads into Chloe’s writhing body and covered the area in our spurting loads of hot sperm.

Watching the astonished faces of the inferior males we started on our 500 km jog back home. Arriving back home Momma took Madison to bed and over a period of nine hours made vigorous love to the young beauty.

And me? Well I spent the night fucking my sisters and our pet dog, ‘Muscles’ “YUMMY”

The End

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