The Adventures Of Scarlett Hiking in the Mountains: Part 2

by Scarlett (Australia)

Further down the mountain a Cocky Girl and a Pussy Girl were following the group of male hunters which were tracking my group. Both the Cocky Girl and Pussy Girl had been attracted by the pheromones being given off by the cum we had dripped into the snow.
When the hunter had smeared the cum on his face the pheromones were detected by both super girls and now they knew something was moving ahead of them.
We were moving ahead of the hunters as we were stronger we could move through the snow at a quicker place and were totally unaffected by the cold. We have much greater stamina allowing us to eliminate rest breaks all together although we did stop for masturbation purposes.
Ahead was the summit and to get to the top we needed to climb near vertical rock. This posed no problem at all for us to climb. Unlike men we did not need to wear shoes or boots and did not need ropes or any climbing gear. To climb the rock we could easily jump to the top or just smash our fingers or toes into the rock and blast out hand and foot holds which we did and we climbed the 1000 metres in a mere ten seconds.
A tall steel communications tower sat at the top and Madison viewed it as a giant dildo. Slowly pulling her shorts down over her delicious buttocks the horny pussy girl was already dripping with lust.
Breaking the tall cylindrical tower at its base Madison purred “I’m gonna stuff it into my pussy.
Slowly she pushed the tower into her pussy. Crushing steel and pushing it in like it was like a cotton sheet.
I thought that was a great idea so I took my enormous cock up to the rock wall and drilled right up to my balls and started to pump the rock.
Emily stood behind me and pushed her monster all the way into my pussy. Futa girls like myself get double the pleasure during sex as we have both cock and pussy to stimulate and a willing ass to be used as well.
Madison’s powerful pelvic muscles were crushing the tower like paper. Slowly she ground down on the steel crushing it in her hungry pussy.
As Emily pounded me I bucked up and down causing my cock to drag through the rock causing long cuts in the rock as I ploughed furrow after furrow. Solid granite crumbled against the power of my organ.
Madison orgasmed and her squirt of juice blew out the crushed remains of the tower. She purred “OH GOD!! That was good”
Emily discharged her load into my pussy as I orgasmed and I screamed as ten multiple orgasms shook my body over a two minute period. As my pussy orgasmed I blew a load from my cock and penile orgasms mixed with my vaginal climaxes producing incredible pleasure right through my body.
I shook, my eyes rolled, sperm and my pussy juices poured from my heated vagina while cords of my hot sticky sperm pumped from my cock.
Emily and Madison held each other “Wow I want that” purred Emily as Madison worked her inflamed clit.
While I proceeded to give Emily what she gave me, far below a blacked haired futa goddess was making her way up the mountain with a Pussy Girl I have met at the Cock Shop a few weeks before.
The beautiful Chloe was totally naked and the futa with her was the same. The futa goddess’s huge cock swung limply as she walked up through the cold and biting freezing temperatures. Moving faster through the snow the two deities had almost caught up with the hunters while we were now heading down the mountain after leaving cum all over the mountain peak.
We now picked up the pheromones of both the male hunters and the trailing super girls.
I sniffed the air “Looks like we are in for some fun, girls. Males and a Cocky and Pussy girl CUMMING our way”
Emily stopped and took off her skimpy clothing “I’m ready!!”
Madison rubbed her clit “Mmmmmmm men. I want them”
Chloe was feeling the same way “Men...I want to rape them all”
Both Chloe and the futa took a high jump and landed in the snow in front of the men. The landing was dramatic and kicked up a blast of snow.
The men quivered “F....F..HELL... FUTANARI!”
The futa stood there and they watched as her gargantuan cock stiffened and rose like a deadly snake head getting bigger and bigger.
Chloe rubbed her stiff nipples and ravenous pussy “Men...I just want to rape you all!!”
The men wondered if having the futa cum was a good idea after all. Despite the fear one male opened his bottle of futa sperm and smeared it over his neck.
Chloe was on him in a split second and tore off his clothing “Give me a look at you hon”
She lay down in the snow on her back and said “Push that cock into me....NOW!!”
The male pushed his small cock into Chloe’s pussy and she was careful not to crush his ‘Manhood’
The black headed futa could smell our coming “Mmmmmm its seems, Chloe, darling, more of our kind are approaching”
We arrived to see Chloe being fucked by a male and the futa being sucked by another. The futa smiled “Hello Scarlett, sweety, join our party”
The futa was SuzyJune, a school friend of mine. Known throughout the school as ‘CREAMY SCREAMY’ Creamy as her cum is rich and creamy and a delight to eat and Screamy....well you know what happens there!
Emily smiled “Hi Creamy....good to see you in action”
Creamy waved over Emily “Fill my pussy with your big cock, Em”
Madison was quickly removing her clothing “Hey Chloe, save some of those men for me”
The two cock hungry Pussy girls herded the men into tight group and started ravage them sexually.
I joined Emily and Creamy and I pushed my monster all the way up Creamy’s tight anus and pumped hard while Emily worked out her pussy. Creamy stroked her own cock as she panted and screamed her way to orgasm.
The beauty shuddered, screamed and rolled her eyes in lust as vaginal and penile orgasms wracked her body. She blasted out cords of her renowned cum while her pussy squirted out her juices with a torrent of hot sticky cum from Emily’s erupting cock.
I shot my load as Creamy bucked and shook from her long rolling orgasms and as spasms of orgasmic pleasure gripped me as a huge spray of my sperm splattered all around us as it overflowed Creamy’s inviting ass. Over two minutes of intense pleasure Creamy started to calm down and both myself and Emily calmed after our orgasms subsided.
I wondered about men and their short seconds only sexual enjoyment and for many the once a day ability to perform. Unlike us who could have two different and simultaneous organisms which lasted minutes and the ability to cum hundreds of times a day.
Now it was Emily’s turn. Creamy pushed her monster cock into Emily’s wet pussy while I sucked on her massive shaft. I licked around her sensitive underside and right up to and over her big bulbous knob.
Creamy pumped Emily hard and I licked up and down her shaft and over her high capacity testicles. Futa testicles are larger than male testicles and I was able to get one in my mouth which I sucked and licked.
Emily shuddered and screamed as dual orgasms engulfed her body. Creamy’s load burst out of her pussy along with Emily’s orgasmic squirt and I took as much of the cum ejaculation as I could in my mouth before I aimed her throbbing cannon at the snow. Her hot sticky cum melted the snow with loud hisses and clouds of steam.
I scoped up globs of Creamy’s thick tasty cum and mixed it with Emily’s load still in my mouth. It tasted divine and I savoured the taste as it slid down my throat.
Madison and Chloe had fucked their way through the inferior males and had left them in an exhausted pile of groaning bodies.
Madison put her hands on her hips in a triumphant display a female superiority “The poor boys are worn out. Pity, I feel like I could fuck entire city”
Chloe picked up a pistol from one of the males “Oh!! A gun...... I wonder if I can see inside”
The beautiful girl put the barrel of the gun up to her eye and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit her eye and shattered into many pieces. Chloe crushed the gun in her hand, put it into mouth and then ground it up with her teeth “Totally useless”
We all laughed and Madison played with her inflamed clit “Men and their toys!!.....I wonder if there is any more fresh male meat on the mountain?”
I pointed at the males “Let’s get them dressed and take them somewhere warmer. The poor boys are so exhausted they can’t walk”
We carried the males down the mountain and left them at their vehicles.
To be continued

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