The Adventures Of Scarlett Hiking in the Mountains: Part 1

by Scarlett (Australia)

I invited Emily and a Pussy girl I met a few weeks ago to spend the week hiking in the mountains with me. Emily arrived looking ravishing as always. The tall red head wore tight cotton shorts with a massive cock bulge down her right leg. He top was a see through mesh halter with her nipples prominent through the material.
I wore short cut jeans with my cock folded up creating a massive bulge at the front of my shorts and a very low cut t-shit which exposed the top of my areolas. The nipples pushed out the tight fabric.
Madison arrived wearing very short jeans with much of her buttock cheeks exposed and so highly cut at the front that her pubic hair and her Labia flaps were exposed. She wore a flannelette shirt but none of the buttons were done up exposing half her breasts.
I introduced Madison to Momma “This is Madison, Momma. We fucked at the Cock Shop a few weeks ago when I got a new sheath”
Momma’s cock started to harden as she took in Madison’s face and she lightly ran her fingers over her Labia “My, my, what a healthy specimen you are!! And so sexually ripe. I hope you have a good day of fucking with my daughter, sweety and then later with me”
Madison’s nipples were rock hard as Momma’s fingers moved further into her shorts and massaged her clitoris. The blonde beauty bit her lip and purred “Oh yes I would love to fuck you”
Emily patted the enormous bulge at the front of my short “I hope those shorts keep that monster housed in there”
I pointed at Emily’s huge snake “Look at yourself, sweety, that thing is going to burst out at any moment and you are the same size as me”
I pulled two pairs of very brief shorts out of my backpack “I have spares sweety”
Our first stop hiking was a volcano about 500 km away. We ran the whole distance and covered the 500 km in 30 minutes. No wonder the poor males were no match for us when we invaded and conquered this world 300 years ago.
We arrived at the mountain and looked up at the peak several thousand feet high. Stripping off our clothing we scaled the mountain in seconds and looked down at its fiery heart.
I looked down at the red hot magma. My balls were full and my cock was dripping. “Let’s go swimming girls and lets fuck down there”
We jumped and landed in the magma. The ideal place for some sexual fun.
Swimming around Madison yelled out “Come over here girls and get me”
She swam to the side of the cone and lifted up her delicious rear end and purred “Double penetration, girls, I’m ready”
Emily came up beneath her in the molten magma and pushed her giant cock into Madison’s inviting pussy while I pushed into her tight ass.
Thrusting alternately we rocked Madison back and forth to her screams of lust and pleasure. Putting hands on the wall of the volcano and taking the millions of pounds thrust we were generating and using her own super strength Madison started to shake the volcano violently causing parts of the top of the cone to collapse into the chamber.
Large boulders bounced off our invincible bodies and we fucked hard as parts on the mountain fell on us. Nothing can hurt us and we fucked on in the magma.
Emily fired first and I let go with a cum geyser seconds later. Spurts of cum floated to the surface and floated on the magma. Madison scooped up the floating cum and ate it along with the boiling magma in her hand.
Smashing our way out of the rubble we climbed back up the cone to the top and jumped down to where our gear was located.
I pulled up my tight shorts and carefully I folded my monster and fed it into my shorts.
Suddenly we could hear an engine noise. Madison pointed “A helicopter”
I nodded “Men, we have some men. Must be coming to look at your handiwork, Mads”
Emily rubbed her growing cock “Let’s take them, girls”
The helicopter was over us when Madison jumped and grabbed the skid rails of the helicopter and pulled it back to the ground. She then reached up and smashed the whirling blades with her hand.
I ripped open the side of the helicopter like tinfoil and pulled out the four males.
One of the males whimpered as he watched Emily and myself pull down our shorts “Oh my god!! Futanari”
Massive cocks flopped down to their horrified gazes.
Emily pulls a male to sniff her cum dripping knob “Like it, man? Lick my cum, lick my overflow”
Feverishly the man licked up the drips and such was the volume of Emily’s overflow that soon he had a mouth full and needed to swallow the highly potent load. As his tongue worked over her knob Emily started to grow in size and as her monster expanded in length it pushed the male over on his back.
Hissing Emily ordered “I did not order you to stop. Take my cock in your mouth”
I stood there semi-hard with drips pooling on the ground. The three other males sat there like a deer caught in the headlights of a car and could not take their eyes off my cock.
I used the pre-cum spillage to lube by cock and there in front of these helpless males I started to stroke my huge trunk and it started to get bigger and bigger increasing in girth and length and it mesmerised them.
I stared at them making them scared and they started to move away. I commanded “SIT STILL”
They complied and I walked closer masturbating all the way. I stood close to them stroking my huge erection and had my knob aimed directly at them.
Meanwhile Madison had ignored the men and was eyeing off the helicopter. Stripping off her clothing the beauty lifted up the helicopter and carried it to a spot where she sat down and spread her long legs. Then slowly crushing the metal she fed the helicopter into her gaping pussy lips. Crushing and tearing she continued to push the machine into her pussy stuffing it to the brink with metal.
Purring with power, lust and pleasure Madison used her powerful muscles to grind and compact the former helicopter into a metal mush inside her beautiful body.
The males were spellbound with emotions of total astonishment, amazement and fear at the power of Madison.
With the look of total dominance Madison put her fingers into her pussy and pulled out strands of crushed metal mixed with her juices and sucked the sticky goo into her mouth and smiled at the men, licking her lips and fingers in the most erotic way.
She purred “Men and their feeble machines. We don’t need machines”
Emily angrily hissed “Look back at me and SUCK!!!”
The frighten male took to trying to get Emily’s huge size in his mouth. My beautiful friend managed to get about 6 inches down his throat but her sheer thickness made it hard for him to hold her in his mouth without gagging.
Madison leaned back and spread her legs to watch us work our monsters. Her still sexually inflamed pussy was gaping open and a slurry of her juices and the crushed remains of the helicopter oozed out and pooled on the ground.
I masturbated my cock and aimed it directly at the three huddled males. Soon I was ready to hose them down in a shower of my potent girl sperm and then my cock throbbed and the first load hit the whimpering male square in the face. My cock recoiled and the next cord splattered over his body. Next load went to the male next to him and splattered over his hair. I shot five cords of cum over him and drenching him in my juices. The third male was hit in secession by six loads and my final 10 loads were distributed over all three of them.
They were absolutely drenched and whimpering for me to stop. Madison played with her clit and told them to stop being babies.
Emily fired her super cannon and nearly drowned the male as her first load filled his mouth and cascaded down his throat. Her next salvo did the same and he had to pull pull away to spare his life. Shot after shot plastered him with hot sticky fluid and Goddess Emily laughed at her power as cum shot all over him and hit the ground with explosions of sperm particles flying everywhere. Load after load bombed all around him and during this onslaught Madison orgasmed and the remains of helicopter in her pussy were squirted out over the ground.
We let the males go and if they ran into some Pussy Girls they were guaranteed to be fucked by them as our sperm was right through their clothing.
Moving further north we entered the Neutral Zone where the Futanari do not rule. This is where men rule themselves. There men don’t have to bend to our commands. They have their own weapons to delude themselves that they are powerful. None of their weapons can even scratch us let alone destroy our bodies.
We moved into snow country and despite wearing clothing that was almost nonexistent the cold did not affect us at all. All our bulges and curves strained our skimpy clothing to its limits.
Emily and myself regularly pulled our cocks free to drain them of excess sperm as we made our way through the mountains and we left a trail of cum to mark our passage.
A group of male hunters was about four hours behind us when one male noticed a glob in the snow “Look here, cum.......must be Futanari ahead of us”
The globs were large and pooled and all over the area, indicating that the Futanari must have stopped and released a large quantity of their sperm.
One of the group took out a small container and scooped up the precious liquid “Our lucky day guys. Find and take their cum and try and avoid those dick girls”
A greying middle aged male scooped up his own supply of girl cum and looked up the trail “Ok, let’s follow but be careful they don’t find us” He then smeared some cum around his cheeks.
As we were being tracked by the hunters, the hunters themselves were being tracked by two overwhelmingly superior women.
To be continued

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