The Adventures Of Scarlett - Fun In The Park

by Scarlett (Australia)

I woke up in bed with a morning wood and I looked up at the huge monument to futanaria power. Precum started to bubble at the head of my large knob. I looked at my rearing cock and thought it must have grown a bit larger.

My bed sheets were stained with a large wet patch and it seemed strange that I had not been able to produce that much cum when I masturbated or when I had sex with my sister and mother.

Next moment Momma opened the door “Scarlett, time to get out of bed......” Her voice trailed off as she viewed my hard-on and precum on my tip and the large wet stain on the sheets “You need to drain your balls young lady, before you go out and by the look of the size of that wet dream, before you go to sleep”

I wrapped my fingers around my thick shaft “Momma I think I have grown a bit”

Momma got a ruler and placed it alongside my rampant shaft “Mmmmmmm it does look bigger....let’s see....8.2 inches...very impressive baby, you are a growing girl”

My younger sister Emily came into the room “What’s going on...OMG Scarlett, have you grown?”

I squeezed my shaft and some cum bubbled at the tip “Yep sis...I had a growth spurt...just over 8 inches”

Emily looked down at her tight shorts and at her bulge “Not fair sis..I’m still only 7 inches”

Momma fingered Emily’s bulge make to it grow a bit and stretch her shorts “Don’t worry baby, you will grow. Both of you take after me”

Momma pulled up her skirt to show off her thick trunk hanging 10 inches limp. A stain appeared in Emily’s shorts causing Momma to explain “EMILY!!! You need to empty your balls. I just told Scarlett that they fill more quickly as you develop sexually. Now go and change your pants...after you masturbate”

Emily pulled off her shorts and with her meaty cock swinging flopped down on the lounge. After switching to her favourite porn channel Emily’s cock reared up and she started to stoke to the heated sexual clips she watched on her computer.

Momma pointed down at my hard cock, still dripping cum “You go and unload as well”

I sat down next to Emily and we compared our fully erect cocks. Mine was an inch longer and a bit thicker as well. Momma came into the room and handed us a bottle of lubrication. She also placed a large plastic mat at our feet. We both oiled up our shafts and got to work.

Momma turned to watch Emily’s porn “Love your stuff baby.....real wank material......and make sure you shoot on the plastic” Momma’s cock reared up and pushed out her dress.

She pushed down on her massive shaft “Down girl. I have work to do”

We both giggled as she left the room. I kissed my sister on her cheek “Don’t worry Em, we will both be as big as her someday”

Emily was worried “Some of my friends are really developing. I don’t want to be left behind, Scarlett”

I ran my finger over her purple knob “Don’t worry. We are futanari not men. We have the genetic advantage in both size and power. It’s all in your genes, hon”

Soon we both erupted with blasts of hot juicy sperm which splattered over the plastic mat to make large pools of white goo. Momma came back in to look at our production and beamed with pride “We done, sweeties. So much cum”

Momma lifted the plastic mat and took it to the laundry to wash down but not before she fingered our slimy goo and tasted it “Mmmmmmm you girls taste fantastic”

I got dressed and like Emily I pulled up a pair of tight shorts and in this case they were a bit tighter thanks to my growth spurt. I looked in the mirror and smiled. I was showing a quite large cock bulge. I could not wait to get out on the streets and show it off.

Out on the streets I was getting so turned on by all the looks that my bulge was attracting and my growing boobs bouncing in my tight t-shirt. As I started to harden up and I stretched the material of my shorts as far as it would go without ripping. The seams were stretching and I feared I would burst my shorts.

An older pair of futanari were approaching me from the other direction. One smiled and pointed at my bulge “My, my aren’t you a powerful young thing”

The other whispered in her ear and the first one bent down and fingered my bulge “I think we should put that teenage cock to some use. Follow us to the park”

Every town and city in the UK had sex parks where futanari could masturbate, have sex with other futanari or hire males for anal sex domination. Parks were littered with sex benches and other sex aids and toys. Having become developed for sex I was eager to put on a public display.

The park was full of sexy futas engaged in all forms of sexual pleasuring and air was full of sexual pheromones. Pools of cum were all over the park and I noticed it stirring in my cock. My balls were full and I quickly pulled down my shorts, which was just in time as I just started to drip.

One of the older sexy futanari licked her lips “She is ready and full of juice”

The other woman, sexy blonde was stripping off her clothing and as she pulled down her skirt a massive cock sprung up flicking off drips of watery precum.

The red headed woman pointed at a padded park bench “Lay down baby and spread your legs”

As commanded I lay down on the bench and spread my legs. My cock stood pointing at the sky dribbling precum. The blonde bent down and took my full length in her mouth and then slowly lifted up sucking my juice into her mouth.

The redhead pushed her massive erection into my glistening pussy. I grunted as the huge knob burrowed deep inside me. I squealed with delight as the monster cock pounded me hard and sent shuddering waves of pleasure throughout my body.

Futanari do not have a cliterous. The vaginal walls are full of nerve endings and any large cock or dildo will stimulate pleasure resulting in orgasm. As well a penile orgasm will trigger a vaginal orgasm.

The redhead unloaded into my pussy causing cum to spurt back out around her cock. Spray arched up into the air and splattered on the pavement. Seconds later I erupted into the blonde’s mouth filling it as my cock throbbed and sent thick cords of cum into her mouth. As I fired one cum load after another my pussy erupted with massive multiple orgasms. My body was racked by simultaneous orgasms of which only a futanari can experience.

My cock pumped cum for forty seconds while orgasms rolled through my pussy for almost two minutes.

As the redhead pulled her big cock out of me I looked down as cum dribbled from both my cock and pussy. Both futanari looked at my still hard cock and the blonde purred “Want some more, baby?”

I nodded “I’m only getting started”

The blonde sat on the bench with her monster cock rock hard “Sit on my cock, you sexy thing”

I slithered down on her monster, feeling it stretch me out. Meanwhile the redhead pushed her big weapon up into my butt hole. With a yelp I felt it go in as far as her balls “This is a tight fit, sweety”

Watery clear precum dribbled from my cock slit as I bounced and got pounded by those huge virile cocks. The blonde licked my hard nipples sending waves of pleasure through my body. She started to suckle and soon I was expressing milk into her mouth.

Both gorgeous futas fired their big guns into my holes setting off both my pussy and cock in raptures of orgasmic pleasure. I fired load after load of hot cum over the blonde covering her in my juices. Both pulled their cocks out of my holes and a river of cum followed them out. Cum pooled around the bench and the grass was covered in splatter.

The futas kissed me goodbye and I cleaned up with towels given to me by the male park attendant. Although my cock was now limp it was so engorged with blood that it would hardly fit back into my shots. My limp cock was just over 7 inches and the bulge brought me so much attention as I stood on the street suggestively licking an ice cream cone.

I fucked again on the way home and when I did finally get home I found Momma had bought a man for me to play with. It was going to be a fun night!!

The End

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