The Adventures Of Scarlett Back To School: Part 3

by Scarlett (Australia)

Soon Emily erupted and fired cords of sperm into the bucket to the cheers of the class. Salvo after salvo blasted from her knob and filled the bucket to the top and then overflowed it sending a flood over the floor. At last Emily stopped blowing her potent sperm and a great pool lay over the floor.
Teacher angrily looked at me “SCARLETT!! You caused the mess...CLEAN IT UP”
Somewhat sulking I went to get the mop and thought it was a great waste to not use the male to breed a new fully grown Futa. The class thought as much.

While I mopped up the flood the class went outside and took the male to safety and then to drink the contents of the bucket. All the while they were being spied on by another male hoping to get his hands on more girl cum.
I walked outside and emptied the bucket and washed the mop and I could see the creep hiding by the bushes. I thought of something to drive him away.
I approached him “Hey man, do you want some of my cum?”
Her nervously nodded and I was fully erect. I commanded “Suck it, man”

I rammed my huge knob into his mouth almost filling it completely. I noticed the class going back inside so I withdrew my cock and dragged him into the room.
The class giggled and pointed at the inferior creature. I said “Sorry Miss, I found him spying on you”
Teacher smiled “Carry on Scarlett. This is going to be extra credits for everyone. New subject: DOMINATION”
My beautiful friend Klara spoke up “Scarlett, baby, eat the other steel cylinder”
The class was hot for breeding and chanted “EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT”
Teacher shook her head “No you won’t Scarlett. You know it will make you aggressive and want to reproduce. We are not going into conquest mode”

I pulled and pushed his head and he sucks just 6 inches of my 12.5 inch length.
I look at teacher “Miss, I’m not getting much of my shaft in his mouth”
Teacher laughed “Well Scarlett, you are just too big. And when you go through 3rd Stage puberty you will get even bigger”
I knew 14 inches was the next stage for me with a bigger girth, bigger testicles and greater cum output. I was looking forward to my growth.
The class cheered my on and soon I felt that familiar feeling, my balls and cock were ready to fire. I pulled my huge trunk from his mouth “Get ready, man, here it comes”
My testicles throbbed and my cock fired the first load. The scared male was hit with my sticky hot fluid and it splashed all over him. My cock recoiled and the next load and the next and the next soaked him. Each cord of cum I shot was more juice that he could manage in a month. I just keep shooting more and more.

Emily was bubbling at the tip and she scooped up the overflow and sucked it off her fingers.
At last I stopped and a dribble ran down my shaft. The male was so shell-shocked that he babbled “DEVIL CREATURES!!! DEVIL CREATURES. You have invaded my world”
What he was saving was true. My species was not of this world. Hundreds of years ago we invaded, conquered and converted the females into a super creature far superior to males. Futas can give birth but we produce only other Futas while pussy girls can have either a male or a super powered pussy girl baby.

I was very young when I came with my family while the invasion was under way 300 years ago.
At the end of the day I met both Klara and Emily at the gate “Momma is having an orgy tonight. You are both invited”
Klara kissed me “Sorry sweety, my family have some males to break in or up, this afternoon”
Emily asked “Coming with me, Scarlett, to get fitted for a new sheath?”
I nodded

Walking down the street our beauty drew attention of males who bowed to us and a group of high school pussy girls who were on heat.
One beauty whose name was Toni bit her lip as she approached us. Her crotch was wet with lust for us “Hi girls, we were wondering if you would like to play with us?”
I pulled up my skirt to show the girls my big unsheathed cock “We would be delighted to fuck you beautiful girls. But now we are heading for a Cock Shop to be fitted with new sheaths. You can follow us and we can fuck there”
The girls walked on either side of us and they couldn’t keep their hands off our breasts and cocks.
We entered a cock shop and the male employees bowed to us “What would you ‘Goddesses’ like?”
Both Emily and myself pulled up our skirts “We need new sheaths to be fitted”

He looked at the pussy girls. All had on extremely short and tight white cotton pants. Their pussy crack and lips could easily be seen and the damp stain was so obvious “We don’t do that sort of thing here. They will have to wait outside”
Toni lifted the man off the floor by his throat “We want to fuck. SO FIND US A PLACE TO FUCK!!”
The man was dropped and he hit the floor with a thud “Yes Goddess, anything you say, Goddess”

I went first to be fitted and I sat down in the reclining chair and spread my legs. My huge cock started to grow to its fully rampant size and the males gasped at its length and girth. Several sizes were tried on me and finally one was able to accommodate my 12.5 inches and billiard ball size testicles.
In the waiting room Emily had her cock in Toni’s pussy while Emma, Madison and Chloe were licking all over Emily’s body. The big cocked goddess panted and her cock erupted inside Toni. Spurts of cum blew out around Emily’s cock as she discharged her load. After 2 minutes of blowing Emily pulled out her cock and a torrent of cum erupted from Toni’s pussy and flowing down over the floor. Soon it slowed to a small overflow.

Emily directed her still hard cock to Madison and to her squeals of lust and delight pushed the huge monster all the way into her pussy.
I could smell the pheromones and hear the squeals of pleasure and I wanted to get into those delicious pussy girls myself. As soon as I paid for the sheath I was pumping Emma while Emily was blowing her third load into the hungry pussy of Chloe.
Reluctantly Emily had to withdraw to get her sheath fitted to her cum and pussy juice coated cock. I fucked Chloe and filled her pussy to the brim and then I fucked Madison, Toni and Emma. The waiting room floor was covered in mine and Emily’s sperm. The pheromones were attracting a mob of giggling pussy girls to watch.
After 3 hours of fucking, Emily and myself bade farewell to our horny friends and left to get cleaned up for a orgy night at my house.

Walking home I heard a car approaching and I had an idea. I walked out onto the road to allow the car to hit me and then spreading the wreckage apart with my hands I wrenched the engine out of the car with the sound of snapping bolts and tearing steel.
Getting home I put the engine in my room and then took off my sheath and drained out my leakage. My balls were full again and I needed to masturbate badly. I stripped naked and put on some of my favourite Futa porn. The sex and all the male domination footage soon had me working my cock and another torrent of my potent cum.

Soon Emily arrived and provocatively her massive cock was hard and dripping and I greeted her at the door “Mmmmmmm you are ready for action, Sweety” I purred.
“Momma has bought some bulls for use as well” I scooped up some of Emily’s precum and sucked it off my fingers”
I led my friend by her fully rampant cock and led her into the big play room where Ginger was fucking a large muscular bull. The bull was trying to escape but Ginger held him tight as she ass raped him.
Emily looked around at Momma and Oaniya who were fucking hard. My sister was panting loud as Momma’s big cock stretched her pussy. Just then the bull bucked, shuddered and shrieked as Ginger unloaded her sperm into his ass and the blast blew out around her cock. Pulling her monster out of the bull’s ass a torrent of cum blew out as the bull collapsed on the floor.

Ginger kicked the bull out of the way “Next one please”
Male servants brought the next bull in for Ginger and the animal had fear in its eyes. Ginger thrust into the bull’s anus and nearly ruptured the animal.
I told Emily to sit down and I carried a bull to her and then lifted it high and slammed its ass down hard on Emily’s monster. Emily purred with delight but the bull shrieked in agony and I lifted it high and slammed it down again.

I continued to slam it until Emily blew her geyser and I held the bull down hard as she pumped it full of her load. The bull became obscenely bloated and bulged dangerously with the build up of cum inside its body. I lifted it up and the cum erupted from its ass like a torrent.
I tossed the spent bull on the pile and ordered the servants “My turn...bring me a bull”
While the bull was being brought it I motioned to Emily to come to my room. There in secret I lifted the car engine I had in my room and tore it in half and handed one portion to Emily and we both crunched on the steel snack knowing we were going to put on one hell of a show.
Coming back into the Playroom the servants dragged the protesting animal to me and I spun it around and ploughed in feeling the warmth envelop my cock and I stretched him fully.

Emily got underneath and started to fondle its cock “I wonder if I can give a terrified bull a hard-on?”
I laughed “Go for it, beautiful”
Emily managed to get a hard-on and gleefully sucked the animal while I was destroying its insides with my power pole.
I blew my load and the bull burst under the pressure and my cum load sprayed everywhere. Emily put her hands over her mouth “WOW!! I want to do that”
I kicked the remains to land on the pile of expired bulls and ordered “Get another one for Emily”
Momma, Ginger and Oaniya were very impressed and clapped my triumph. But Ginger blew my secret “Scarlet do you eat that little metal thing in your room?”
Sheepishly I nodded.

Emily pounded her bull and to her absolute delight matched me in cum output when she exploded her bull in a blast of hot sticky sperm.
At the end of the night all over us combined had unloaded several tons of sperm and the drains were hard pressed to be able to cope with the flow.

The End

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