The Adventures Of Scarlett Back To School: Part 2

by Scarlett (Australia)

After we had gone back into the class room the males watching our masturbation session crept into the schoolyard to collect our highly potent sperm. Scooping up the sticky white fluid in bottles the males smeared some of it on their necks and kept the rest for later.

Futa sperm was long living with a life span of several months and contained highly potent pheromones to attract other Futas with dual sex organs (cocky girls) or females with single sex organs (pussy girls)

Males were born with neither the super-strength and invulnerability of Cocky and Pussy girls nor the reproductive capacity of Cocky girls. Pussy girls detested males and would only mate with Cocky girls. The only chance a male had for sexual intercourse was to go to a homosexual brothel, be in a homosexual relationship or use Cocky girl sperm on themselves to seduce a Pussy girl to have sex with them.

Families unlucky enough to give birth to a male quickly sold the infant to male couples for rearing. The shame never being made public.

One of the males scooping up our sperm discovered my sheath lying in the grass. I had forgotten to put it back on after all the excitement. My sheath contained my overflow cum droplets and if unwashed would contain my microscopic swimmers for months.

The male was ecstatic. My sheath contained enough pheromones to attract any pussy girl for months. The only problem was that my sheath was a designer fit and was hard to stay on his much smaller testicles and cock. The sheath was an enormous fit and his cock fully hard couldn’t fill even half its length. He would need to strap it on.

Back in class only 30 minutes had passed and my balls were starting to overflow again. Crinkling could be heard throughout the classroom as the sheaths expanded on all the Futas except myself.

I suddenly realised I left my sheath outside. Cum was dripping from my tip and pooling on the floor.

This class was the favourite of all the girls in the school. Sex Education.

The teacher asked “OK Class, who here is a VIRGIN?”

Everyone shook their heads and the teacher smiled “Good, I would have marked you down for a lack of practical experience”

The teacher noticed the growing pool of cum under my chair “Scarlett! You are not sheathed”

I stood up and proudly exposed my large dripping cock “No Miss. I left it outside”

The teacher frowned “No doubt one of those pathetic males that were watching us has it now. It’s gone. You need milking Scarlett. Come here”

I proudly walked to the front of the class and sat on the teacher’s desk facing the class and spread my legs. My huge cock expanded to its massive erect size and I smiled.

My teacher laughed “My, my, you are a bold one. Scarlett”

Precum dribbled when the teacher started rubbing up and down my shaft. The sight made my fellow Futas start to get erections and the crinkling of their sheaths could be heard.

The teacher looked at Emily sitting in front of us “Emily, go outside and get the bucket to catch Scarlett’s load. I’m sure she is going to blow a whopper”

Sensually Emily rose from her chair. Her large breasts and fully erect nipples strained her blouse and her rock hard cock strained her sheath to almost breaking point. Breasts bouncing up and down and her sheath bobbing she walked to the door and then she bent over showing the large plug bulging from her anus as her short skirt rose up over her firm buttocks.

When Emily returned with the bucket she had undone the buttons of her blouse and when she bent over to place the bucket her large breasts spilled from their blouse exposing them to the class.

Standing up Emily bit her lip in the most sensual way and thrust her hips forward forcing her fully erect cock to burst her sheath.

She smiled “Sorry Miss I forget what a BIG GIRL I am”

The teacher laughed “I will give you full exhibitionist credits, young lady. But now I have two girls who are going to drip everywhere. Come here and masturbate into the bucket”

Emily gave my cock a good feel “I gonna love this, lets fill this bucket”

I nodded to my good friend as the teacher stroked my giant monster.

Emily picked up the heavy solid steel cylinder off the floor and ploughed her cock into the steel boring out the cylinder as she pushed her monster slowly inch by inch into the steel.
Solid steel cylinders were used as masturbation devices by Futas and were made of the toughest steel ever invented.

Teacher was sucking down on my hard-on while Emily drilled out her steel cylinder, purring as she jammed it around her girth and pulled it up and down on her shaft. Shards of steel were being ripped off by her thick veiny shaft and falling to the floor.

The class was cheering us on and I could feel the stirrings in my testicles. I was ready for launching.

I warned the teacher “I’m ready to blow, Miss”

The teacher aimed my shaft at the bucket and I left fly with my first blast of cum. My cock recoiled and a shot another load. The class counted the cords of sperm I fired from my tip. After 30 shots of super potent girl juice I started to slacken off and the blasting turned to a trickle until I stopped half filling the bucket.

Emily panted “I’m so close”

Justine had spotted a male peering through the window and her natural biology kicked in and she had a thought.

Going outside she dragged the protesting male into the class and threw him under her magnificent erection. She purred “Just brought this host in and let Emily breed with him”

Teacher took Emily’s cock out of the steel cylinder and aimed her shaft at the bucket while Teacher handed me the remains of the cylinder. I crushed the cylinder in my palm and fed it to Emily who chewed up the steel and swallowed it down her throat.

The class and myself chanted “BREED, BREED, BREED”

Teacher exclaimed “NO know what steel does to us!!”

Steel gives us an instant hit and doubles our sperm output but it’s a conquest mode for us as well. After eating steel it sends us into reproductive mode.

As we have dual reproductive organs, we have a link passage from our ovaries to the Urethra where our eggs and sperm form a mixture. Normally it takes a while for our increased sexual desire to open the passage so eating steel creates a catalyst to speed up the process.

We single out males for anal sex and the size of our cocks ruptures their insides and when we cum our sperm and egg mixture create a growing fully developed Futa which breaks out of the host’s body when fully grown. It allows us to build our species very rapidly.

To the males, Futas and Pussy girls had an enormous capacity for sex. But little did this present generation of males realise that we also had a very strong desire to reproduce at their expense.

To Be Continued

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