The Adventures Of Scarlett 2nd Stage Puberty

by Scarlett01 (Australia)

The Adventures of Scarlett 2nd Stage Puberty

Today is a great day in my life. My mother is taking me to have my sperm quality and quantity measured after my late teen growth spurt.

My name is Scarlett and I am 18 year old beauty with long black hair and now my cock and balls are greatly enlarged in size. I haven’t yet got used to trying to stuff my big soft cock into my tight jeans as I pull them up to my hips.

My mother came into the room and laughed as she watched the huge bulge pushing its way down as I pulled up my pants.

“Getting too big for those pants, baby”

I did up the button and proudly thrust my hips forward almost bursting through the material “I am a big girl mom. Do you like my size?”

My mother licked her lips “Very much so baby. I like your cock a lot. But now we have to hurry to get to the clinic.”

On the way to the clinic I watched all the beautiful cocky girls and pussy girls on the street as we drove along. My cock stiffened threatening to burst my pants.

The material stretched to its limit and the noise made my mama look down. She laughed “Easy baby don’t burst those pants or we will have to go home and get another pair.”

But moma can talk, her own cock was pushing up her skirt like some giant tent pole. I was so horny and my cock was filling with blood stretching the leg part of my pants like a fat sausage.

Getting out of the car was difficult as not to bust open my pants. As was my top, my breasts had grown and now they bulged out my t-shirt and my hardened horny nipples jutted like mountain peaks.

Walking across the street Moma noticed the stain on my pants “Scarlett!! Look at your pants!!! You are leaking. Did you relieve yourself this morning?”

I shook my head.

Moma was angry “Scarlett, I told you that now your sperm capacity has greatly increased you must ejaculate several times a day and especially in the morning”

I started to pull down my pants to shoot off some sperm from my overloaded testicles when Moma pulled them back up “It’s too late now Scarlett, your appointment is in 10 minutes.”

My cock continued to leak sperm increasing the stain to include one half leg of my pants. Such was amount of my leakage that very powerful pheromones were being released into the rooms. Instantly all the pussy girls in the rooms were attracted to me and my potent cum.

Especially the nurse who was a pussy girl couldn’t keep her hands off me and brushed my bulge a few times and ran her fingers over my stained leg and then put her fingers to her nose to smell my potency.

The nurse went through my medical records:

Scarlett TwoFlames
Age 9 years old
Penis 3 inches long, 1.5 inch circumference

Ist stage Puberty
Age 15 year old
Penis 7 inches long, 5.9 inches circumference
Ejaculate 50 ml. Tested for 6 hours: total ejaculate achieved: 600 ml.
Twelve ejaculations achieved.
Sperm count 75 million sperm per millilitre

The nurse, a beautiful blonde in her 30s looked at my pants “Now young lady get those pants off and let’s look at what you have got.”

Moma sat on the seat to watch and slowly I pulled down to show off my thick dripping shaft. The nurse gasped “Oh my!! So big” as she handled my growing shaft “I must measure it.”

2nd stage Puberty

Now I was fully hard and I felt pleasure coursing through my body as the nurse fondled it lustfully. She measured the length.

12.5 inches long

Then she wrapped the tape around my shaft insuring she touched all of it in the most sensual way.

10.6 inch circumference “Mmmmmmmm it is so much bigger.”

Then she pointed at the machine “Ok sweety put that monster into the hole and rub it back and forward.”

I was so excited as I looked at my Moma as she played with her own monster “I wonder how much I will produced, Moma?”

As moma played with her massive erect cock she purred “I have faith in you baby to shoot a geyser. After your appointment I’ll take you home and try you out for myself.”

On hearing those words the nurse bit her lip and fingered her dripping pussy.

I thrusted my cock hard into the machine, the nurse having to open the settings a bit to accommodate my big cock girth.

This was so much fun and I purred “This feels so good!”

After 30 minutes and almost ripping the device off its footings to the floor I felt the surge of cum erupt from my engorged knob as I sprayed into the machine. For a full minute I shot cords of thick hot cum and my cock constantly recoiled for another powerful cord of semen until the blasting slowed to a dribble.

I pulled my semi limp monster from the machine still dribbling cum when the nurse licked her lips “Here let me clean up that dribble.”

She bent down and sucked down on the shaft as far as she could go and took in all my cum dribble.

In seconds I was raging hard again and she said “Ok let’s go again.”

After I started again the nurse looked at my readings.

Ejaculate 500 ml

Sperm count 975 million sperm per millilitre

“A very potent young girl you have there, Ms TwoFlames.”

After six hours of testing my results were:

Ejaculate 480 ml average. Tested for 6 hours: total ejaculate achieved: 5760 ml.
5.76 Litres
Twelve ejaculations achieved.

“Compare your daughter to an average man and will see her superiority:

The average volume of male semen produced at ejaculation is 2 to 5ml. Lower volumes may occur after very frequent ejaculation and higher volumes are seen after prolonged abstinence.
A normal sperm count is approximately 48 million sperm per milliliter of semen. A low sperm count would be less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.”

The nurse ran her fingers over my still erect nipples then gave me a note with her phone number on it “Give me a ring, beautiful.”

I nodded only too eager to spend time with her.

The nurse then gave my moma the results of my testing “Your sexy daughter did very well. You must be proud of her?”

My moma nodded “Yes I am and Scarlett will tell you she is free this Friday night.”

Getting home moma pulled down my pants “Those stained things are going into the wash...AFTER!!! We have some fun!!”

Moma led me to her bedroom while shedding clothes along the way. Her cock thrust out to 14 inches and dribbling precum. I knew I was going to have a fun afternoon.

The End

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