That Summer Day

by Jason (NY)

“Geez! You think that two guys wouldn’t get an erection together,” Eric said.

It was summer and the two of them had gotten naked and were sitting by the small stream, and quite easily and naturally they had both achieved an erection.

“Well, it happens,” Donny said with a careless shrug of his bare shoulders.

“Yeah …” Eric had to agree, seeing the proof of that with his own eyes, observing Donny’s stiff length sticking boldly up from between his legs, as well as his own.

Sounding quite casual about it Donny added, “It doesn’t mean that you’re gay or anything. It’s different between friends.”

Eric appreciated his friend’s liberal-mind attitude. “Yeah,” he agreed.

Donny smiled. “It just means that we like each other,” he said, being entirely practical about it.

Eric laughed. “A lot, but the looks of it.”

Donny responded with a playful smirk. Their erections were quite outstanding, curving stiffly up with the heads visibly large and nicely swollen.

A little shyly Donny said, “It feels good having it hard with a friend.”

“Yeah. It does,” Eric confessed, liking how it felt to be exercising that aspect of his male anatomy with Donny. It did feel pleasing masculine.

They looked at one another, still feeling understandably modest, but enjoying their nakedly revealing moment and finding it rewarding.

Donny gave another small shrug of his shoulders. ‘Well, there’s no one around to see us.”

“That’s probably a good thing,’ Eric said, knowing that it was, but glad to be feeling unconcerned about privacy. Where they were was very secluded.

They looked at one another again, and the fact that it was just the two of them was encouraging.

“Not to sound gay … but You have a really nice dick,” Donny complimented.

“So do you,” Eric said, returning the compliment.

It felt good to be able to say that to each other, to comment on their sexual attributes. To be admiring of each other in that way. To be saying that to each other as guys was very satisfying.

Donny reached his hand out to feel Eric’s hard dick. Eric offered no objections to his doing that, and sat there allowing Donny to feel his stiff organ, to satisfy his curiosity as to what it would be like to actually touch and hold another guy’s dick. After a moment, Eric did the same to Donny’s erection, enjoying the pleasure of feeling his friend’s sexuality.

“I never thought about holding another guy’s dick,” Donny confessed. “But it feels good holding yours.”

“I like holding ours, too,’ Eric said. He let his hand slide down to feel Donny’s hairy balls, moving the firm oval shapes around beneath the loose skin. The stimulation of his doing that showed instantly in the way that the head of Donny’s dick expanded even more impressively, pulling the hole wider open.

Because it seemed like the thing to do, and something that he wanted to try, Eric leaned over to take the swollen gland into his mouth. It felt large and smooth and it was very exciting putting his mouth on his friend’s penis. Easily he let his mouth slide down two inches on the upright shaft, and he went up and down half a dozen times.

“Ohhh …” Donny breathed, closing his eyes and savoring the pleasing wet sensation.

When Eric pulled his mouth away Donny was eager to try doing the same to his friend’s tempting boner. He took the swollen head into his mouth and pushed down on the shaft, taking in first an inch, and then pulling back and sliding down again and taking in two inches, and finally three without difficulty. Donny moved his mouth repeatedly up and down making wet sounds as he did.

When Donny pulled back they looked at one another with surprise over having just sucked on each other’s dick. It felt so wonderful and exciting.

Then they kissed. Their mouths came together, fully and wetly, and their tongues exchanged places, slipping back and forth with a lustful passion.

Eric Laid back with Donny on top of him. As they continued to kiss, they allowed their erections to slide and rub and fuck together. Then, quickly and suddenly they were both ejaculating. Their semen surged out in repeated pulses with uncontrolled abandonment. They moved their hips together until they each finished coming, mixing and blending their sperm in a glorious combining of themselves.

Nothing could feel better or more satisfyingly male.

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