That Special Morning

by Anonymous

I was surprised when I went over to Danny’s house that morning, because I had not been expecting to be walking around naked. He had just come from the shower and there was nobody else at home so he was free to careless do that.

We were standing in the kitchen and he was lighting a cigarette. As he did I could see that he was starting to get an erection. Obviously he had been trying to keep this from happening, but suddenly he was helpless to prevent it and in just a moment more he was standing there with his boner sticking up in a handsome display.

He blushed a little and grinned self-consciously. "Sorry about that," he apologized.

I grinned back. "Feeling healthy?" I quipped.

He smirked. "Are you going to take your clothes off?" he asked in a challenging fashion to get back at me.

I hesitated, although I knew that if I refused that I would look like a total prude. I gave a careless shrug. "Sure," I said.

It was summer and warm and I was only wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. It took me only a moment to get out of my things. Then suddenly I was standing there as naked as he was, and I began to feel the beginnings of an erection that I was equally as helpless to prevent. It just happened and my penis was every bit as stiff as his and on display.

We both grinned. It was teasing and fun t let our male-feelings nakedly show like that with one another, and even without being gay it was appealingly masculine in a way that we could both appreciate.

Danny stepped over and we let our erections touch and push together in a kind of intimate handshake. As we stood there fritting a little bit, this only encouraged our being even more uninhibited in a way which neither have probably would have been with another guy.

We looked at one another and we kissed on the lips. That felt so wonderful and good, especially as down below our erections continued to flirt together, making them even more outrageously stiff. We let our hands slip down to feel each other's hard length and balls.

After a moment, and without saying anything, Danny dropped down and took my erection in his mouth to suck on. I certainly had not been expecting him to do that, and I watched as my hard organ slid wetly in and out of his accommodating mouth. He pulled back after a moment and grinned at me. Summoning my courage I did the same to him, sucking on his erection and finding this thrilling.

When I drew back Danny was grinning at me. "Do you want to stick your dick in my butt?" he asked.

"Geez, Danny!" I said.

"I'm just curious about what it would feel like," he confessed. Being in the kitchen, he reached for a bottle of cooking oil. "Let my slick your boner with this."

He did and the turned around, placing his hands on the counter and spreading his feet apart. I got up behind him and took a hold of my cock and slowly eased it into his butt hole, pushing smoothly all the way into his anal sheath.

"Oh, man!" Danny breathed over my insertion.

I pulled partially back and then went in again and began to do this smoothly and effortlessly. I could hardly believe that I was doing this with Danny, that I was actually fucking another guy, not by how good and exciting it felt. It was so incredibly masculine in a way that I had never experienced before.

I put one had on the smooth bare curve of Danny's hip and with the other I reached around to start masturbating his outrageously stiff erection.

In another moment I was ejaculating deep inside of him and giving him my sperm-filled semen. As I did this I felt his boner throb in my hand, pulsing out thick surges of white male-liquid. It was glorious!

It was all thanks of course to Danny being naked and getting an erection in front of me. Otherwise if we had ever talked about doing something like this, we probably never would have worked up the nerve. But thanks to that, Danny and I were now even better and closer friends than ever before.

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