That Friendly Morning

by Steve (AZ)

I couldn’t believe that we were doing that together.

I had gone over to Greg’s place that morning, and the weather was hot, and we decided to take our clothes off and be naked. The fact that we both achieved a healthy erection was quite motivational.

So they we were, standing there kissing and shoving our hard dicks together. It felt so good and so exciting to be doing that as guys and it was so satisfyingly masculine.

I certainly had never done anything like this before, but it was so surprisingly easy and it was such a turn on to be fucking our dicks together.

“Oh, man …” I breathed as we held each other.

“Yeah …” said Greg, as he kept his stiff penis steadily rubbing against mine and I did the same to him.

Our erections were outrageously stiff, to the point where the heads were swollen to the point of being shiny smooth and a purple-tinged shade of blushing red, and the holes were pulled wide open to emit some clear pre-cum.

Greg smiled at me and he slipped out of our embrace. He dropped down to take my rigid length in his mouth, and slid wetly up and down on half a dozen times. Then he stood back up and grinned at me some more. I figured that this was my opportunity to try doing the same to him.

I dropped down and took his boner into my mouth. The swollen head felt very big and incredibly smooth. I sucked on him and found this to be even more exciting, to think that I actually had another guy’s dick in my mouth.

I stopped before he could come and I grinned back at him, feeling rpoud of myself for being so daring.

To my surprise he said, “Do you want to take care of it in my butt?”

Did he mean …?

Greg stepped over to the counter and took the butter dish and proceeded to apply some butter to my rigid length. Then he turned around, placing his hands on the counter and spread his bare feet apart.

I got up behind him and took a hold of my erection. I guided the mushrooming tip up against his tight butt hole. With a little steady pressure I pushed it inward and went deep into his anal depths. It felt so good.

Slowly I pulled back and went in again and I started to do this with a steady, easy rhythm.

Man, there I was, actually fucking another guy and it felt terrific!

Again and again I looked down and saw my boner sliding smoothly back and forth through his accommodating butt hole. Obviously Greg had no qualms about letting himself be fucked by another guy, and I suspected that I wasn’t the first to get to do this to him. No doubt he had been fucked by other guys and had enjoyed it.

I began to feel the urgency in my stiff length building as I savored the caress of his anal sheath on my male organ.

“Oh … yeah … yeah,” I breathed as I continued to fuck him.

Then I reached the point where there was no holding back. In the next moment I was ejaculating and I gasped as I felt my thick sperm-filled liquid discharging deep inside of Greg. It was one satisfying surge after another as I gave him my male-fluids.

I heard Greg moaned as he realized that I was doing this in him, and I realized that he was masturbating his erection to a n uncontrolled climax that went wetly against the cabinet door with repeated pulses of his milky semen.

We both reveled in the success of our male intimacy, with my penis in his butt and my impregnating him so thoroughly. Could it be any better between two friends? I could not imagine how that would be possible.

“Oh, man …” I said a bit breathlessly.

“That was so great,” Greg said. “It was so good having you in me.”

“It was great,” I agreed. “Unexpected … but I sure enjoyed doing that with you.”

I slipped my now no longer entirely erect penis from his butt and he turned around and we kissed.

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