Thank you, Uncle Bill: Part 3

by Jim (North Carolina)

Lose what is left of the bra and blouse and do it now, I barked. Jimmy, you proved your point enough please, Aunt Jane pleaded. Do you need my help with that I ask stepping closer,,,, NO No I'll do it myself,,,,now stand up and pull those panties off and hand them to me Aunt Jane...pleaseeee, I taunt.

As Jane hands me her panties I laugh out loud, you slut your panties are soaked. Aunt Janes face turned beet red and looked at her feet. I lift her face by the chin, looking into her eyes I see the mix of fear and lust. Lay down on the bed on your back Aunt Jane, time for you and I to get closer, a lot fucking closer.

I gave Aunt Jane a slight push to encourage her movement. Jimmy pleaseee we can stop now pleaseee, sliding to the center of the bed as she speaks. OHHHHH Jane it will stop Ater I fuck you till I can't get hard again.

I crawl onto the bed with her near her feet and move up to her legs. Jane started to sit up only for me to grab her right nipple and shove her back onto the bed. OOOOUUUCCHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKK DAAMMMMMMM it Jimmy that FUCKING HURTS, Jane yelped in pain. As Jane dropped back onto the bed I released her nipples and shoved her knees apart. At first Aunt Jane tried to fight me but a slap across her exposed tits quickly changed her fight to surrender.

I kneel between knees my cock throbbing hard, her wet helpless cunt before me, her exposed tits flopping around the look of defeat and lust mixed on her face, I own your cunt, I growl. I grab my cock with mt right hand and use my left to spread her cuntal lips as I push just the head of my meat monster between them.

DAMMMMMMM Aunt Jane gasp. as I start to saw two inches in and out of her fuck hole. The warmth the smoothness and tightness of her cunt brings a smile to my face. Been awhile Aunt Jane I tease as I work the next 3 to 4 inches. The open mouth gasps the eyes opening wide tells me all I need to know. With an evil grin on my face, I shove my cock to the hilt. FUCCCKKKKKK Aunt Jane your fucking tight, going to have fun loosening you up

I place my hands on her shoulders and pull her roughly down on my cock as I ram myself roughly into her moist cunt as Janes hand fly up to my chest to try and slow my attack. I start jackhammering her pussy with rapid full strength thrust. STOOPPPP STOPPPPPP JIMMY PLEASEEEEEE, Aunt Jane Stummers, while at the same time starting to grin her cuntal mound up towards my attacking cock,

I let go of her shoulders and grab her already stiff nipples. smiling down at Aunt Jane. I twist and pull her raw nipples, enjoying the pained look on her face. OOOOHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD ,,,,, FUCCCCCKKKKK NNNNAAAAAAA OOOOMMMMMMMM. Aunt Janes own body has betrayed her as she rocked her hips wildly against my savage assault.

Tell me you want it you slut, I growl, tell me you want me to fuck you slut. Jane is shaking her head side to side, her hands grabbing the sheets as my assault batters her cunt without mercy . NAAAAAAAAAA FUCCCCKKKKK FUCCCKKKKKK GOOOODDDDD DAMMMMMMM YOU, Aunt groaned, FUUUCCCKKKK OMG,,,,,,FUCK ME JIMMY Jane yelled consumed by pure lust, Aunt Janes wrapped around my ass pulling me closer and closer wrapping her arms around my back,,,,, her eyes lock with mine......GIVE IT TO ME YOU FUCK SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT !!!!!! MAKE ME CUM YOU BIG COCKED STUD.

Aunts Janes body covered in sweat; her hair soaked with sweat her tits raw from my abuse. I fucked Aunt Jane with a lust and anger I have never felt before. Aunt Janes hands moved from my back to between us to her clit....Work that clit you nasty cunt cum on my cock you fucking slut. My balls begin to tighten my cock throbbing, as the walls of her cunt crushes my invading meat.

Aunt Janes body stiffens as she let out an animal like growl......YESSSSSSSSS YEEESSSS OOOOHHHH MMMYYY GODDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSS. I feel the first wave of her orgasm ripe thru her as Aunt Janes spasms on my cock. That's it you whore cum on my cock you filthy cunt. Aunt Jane body starts to calm just as my cock explodes deep into her hungry cunt.

Aunt Janes body responds to my attack OOOOMMMMGGGG FFFUUCCCKKK GGGOOODDD DDDAAAMMMMM,,,,As my cock sprays my seed deep into her spasming cunt the sounds from Aunt Jane sounded more like an animal. Even after having cum once before the amount of cum I deposit in Aunts Jane fuck hole was impressive.

As the last drop of my seed drips from my cock I fall onto Aunt Jane crushing her, pinning her small body beneath mine. I roll off Jane as we both lay on the bed naked, sweaty and breathing hard. After what appeared like hours Aunt Jane rolled onto her side and runs her hand over my body. Your even better than your fucking uncle and almost as good as my father. My left-hand slides between Aunt Janes legs and move to her cum dripping cunt,,,well the night is still young and I hate being second.

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