Thank you, Uncle Bill: Part 2

by Jim (North Carolina)

I have never been a love me tender kind of guy, but this is different. I was intent on destroying her body and soul after years of dealing with Aunt Jane had the being a cunt to me. Jane squirmed beneath me less and less as the lack of air had its desired effect as Aunt Jane went limp.

I removed my hand from her mouth and stood up smiling as she gasped for air. I pulled my tee shirt over my head and tossed it to the side before pulling down my sleep pants and stepping out of them. I reach down and grab Jane's pleated skirt and jerked it down with one swift yank exposing Aunt Janes sexy black panties.

As Aunt Jane came back to life she screamed NOOOOO JIMMMY NOOOOO FOR GODS SAKE I AM YOUR AUNT PLEASEEEEEE!!! I grab a handful of her hair and yank her to her feet as she sees the size of my cock for the first time. I know my aunt Jane that's what is going to make this even more fun, years of payback is .... cuming your way bitch !! Grandpa told me your place was on your fucking knees, who am I to argue with grandpa, down on your knee's cunt, I bark, as I shove her to the floor.

The look on her face went from shock to fear as my 8-inch-thick cock bobbed in front of her.NOOOOOO Jimmy please, I tug her head back by her hair as she pleads with me to stop, tears filling her eyes. I lean down my face only a foot from hers and spit in her face, suck my cock you rotten cunt or I will choke you till you fucking pass out! I let go of Aunt Janes hair, at first, she just knelt on the floor dazed, as my right hand moved towards her throat Aunt Jane moved towards my cock. With tears in her eyes Aunt Jane looked up at me, please Jimmy I am sorry, please I am sorry!! My right hand struck the left side of her face making her head jerk to the side,,,,, now bitch,,,, show what your mouth is good for.

With a defeated look in her eyes and my handprint on her face, Aunt jane slowly opens her mouth and moves towards my throbbing meat. As her lips close around my prick, I grabbed each side of her head and start fucking her mouth like a pussy. The gagging sounds, her eyes watering, drool running from her mouth only added to my perverted bliss. AAAAAGGGGGG AAANNNNNNN OOOOMMMMPPPHHHH AAAAGGGGGGGGG NNNNAAAA NNNNAAAAA, the only sounds from my otherwise smart mouth aunt.

I feel my balls start to tighten I know that I will not last long, so I fuck her face with a built-up anger. I pull my cock from her mouth and grin down at the hopeless whimpering slut .My balls lick my balls you slut I bellow as I grab my rock-hard cock in my left hand and start stroking it inches from her face. Aunt Jane just wanting it to be over with closes in on my balls and starts licking and sucking them as ordered

Your a skilled cock sucker that much is for sure Aunt Jane I tease as my need to cum grows stronger with every lick and suck on my nuts. FUCCCCKKKKK YAAAAAA THAT'S IT SLUT BUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH TO GO USE YOU CUNT. I yank her head off my cock my her hair,,,,,,Take it slut take my cum you whore, I bellow, as the first squirt of cum explodes. YAAAAAAAAAAA FUCKKKKK YAAAAAAA DAMMMMMMM DAMMMMMMMM Blast after hot sticky blast paints Aunt Janes face. I had a months worth on cum built up in my balls and squirt are hot sticky squirt covers Aunt Janes's face. I let go of her hair as the last blast landed on her face and Aunt Jane slumps to the floor, her face coated with my seed. Grandpa and Uncle Bill are right your place is on your knees I laugh.

I hope your fucking happy with yourself Aunt Jane muttered, as she wiped my cum from her face. I yank her to her feet, towering over her I shove Aunt Jane back on to the bed. Well bitch it is a real nice start I chuckle.....yep it's a real nice start!

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