Thank you, Uncle Bill: Part 1

by Jim (North Carolina)

I have always known my family was fucked up, mainly on mom's side. My name is Jim, and I am a 20-year-old construction worker. I am a big man 6 feet 6 inches weighing in at about 250. My mom Pam is 40 her sister Jane is 45 and my uncle Bill is 47. My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary which is why we are all together. My grandfather is a retired judge and grandmother is a retired schoolteacher.

As I sip my beer, I watch mom and aunt Jane avoid Uncle Bill totally and grandpa as much as possible. While standing at the bar Uncle Bill come up to me and we start small talking about things. I look at Uncle Bill and half laughing ask Bill what he did to piss off mom and Aunt Jane. I understand Aunt Jane she is just a rotten bitch but mom, what did you do I chuckle. Jim let's just say I put Jane in her place years ago then from behind me I hear grandpa snicker, ya on her knees. I turn to see grandpa standing behind me with a huge grin on his face, thanks for coming back into town for this Jim it means a lot to us. Even before I could say your welcome, grandpa was on the move.

Having been there for a few hours I decided it was time to go back to the motel. As I say my goodbyes, I see Aunt Jane buzzing around the room in her pleated red skirt and white blouse. Jane is maybe 5 feet 130 maybe a little chubby yes but thought to myself with a perverted smile, built for comfort.

I was back at my motel room the second to the last room a quiet away from road noises. I had changed into my sleep pants and tee shirt when I heard a sound of somebody trying to get into their room. I look out and see it is Aunt Jane trying to get into her room the booze had caught up with her. At first, I wanted to just say too bad you nasty bitch, but then I shook my head and went out to help her.

Let me give you a hand Aunt Jane I speak as I come up around behind her. I can handle this Jimmy I am a big girl, but her hand eye was not working. No really Aunt Jane let me help, taking the card from her hand and opening the door for her. I walk her into the room ready to make a quick exit as Aunt Jane turned and growled at me, I see you talking to that ass hole brother of mine. He's my uncle of course I talked to words cut short as Jane's hand struck my face. Your just as much of an ass hole as he is then stumbling backward toward the bed.

With an anger I have never felt before I reached out Grabbed Aunt Jane by the throat and tossed her onto the bed. You fucking bitch I bark her wide ass bounces on the bed. I quickly pounce onto of her stunned drunken ass. With Jane pinned to the bed bye my knees straddling her chest, Jane swings out to hit me again, but this time I block her attempt and slap her face with my right hand. The look of shock and fear on her face made my now stiffing cock twitch.

As Aunt Jane looked up at me, I knew I was at the point of no return, time to put her in her place. With Aunt Jane stunned and glaze eyed I reached down with each of my hands and rip open her blouse, buttons flying everywhere. I grab each cup of her bra and rip that open as well. Aunt Janes tits flop free, shocked to see the size of her nipples even more shocked to see them stiffening.

Get off me you fucker..... god dam you get the fuck off me right now. My left hand covers her mouth easily cutting off her voice and her breathing. My right hand moves from one nipple to the other, pinching, squeezing and pulling on them and Aunt Jane struggles not only to free herself but just to breath.

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