Thai Massage

by Yani (Bahrain)

It was holiday here I was bored at home nothing to do. I thought better to go for massage after long break for more than two years due to the pandemic, I went to the same place I used to go before. I entered the saloon and asked for body massage with oil, I paid for two hours package, the guy in the reception sent me to the massage room and told me remove your clothes and wear the Robe which is on the bed and wait for massager he will come soon, after a while the Thai guy came with massage kits, he asked me to drop robe just keep the towel wrapped around me. I lay on my stomach on the massage bed and he moved the towel so it was only covering my butt.

I felt warm oil on my back as he began to massage me. then he started talking with me he asked me where I’m from? and I told him Arab, then he asked about my name and if this my first visit to them! I’m Yani I used to come here long time ago, Oh his hands pressed was amazing. then he was massaging up and down my legs and his hands went under the towel but he was not touching anywhere he shouldn’t be! he gave massage me for about a half an hour then he said yani please turn over. I did and the towel was still covering all of my front.

He started with my head, neck and shoulder’s believe me I felt like I was in the heaven!! then he pulled the towel down and my dick was semi hard was moving while I was breathing. then he started massages my chest and I told him this part is sensitive makes me horny, He said yani don’t worry this is important part in body should make massage. I lay back down and he was playing with my nipples making them stand and I was turned on by doing that and my body started shaking. He was massaging my belly and he pulled the towel off me exposing my erected dick.

I told him ok that’s enough and I wanted to get up. He immediately grabbed my dick. OMG his oily hand was amazing fucking my dick softly. I caught his hand and told him stop and he said why you don’t like what I’m doing. I left his hand and I was about to cum. he smiled and said it’s fine yani you can cum. Oh yes I screamed I’m cumin … yes I like that please go ahead. I came over in his hands and he licked his fingers and said it’s yummy.

I asked him if the taste was good ! he answers yes ( it’s fantastic). I was laying there with my eyes closed he came with hot towels to clean up my dick and started sucking my dick and balls going down to my anus then he changed to 69 position which surprised me by his rock hard cock in front of my eyes and asked me suck his cock at same time I felt his fingers entered my ass IN & OUT. I told him no i can’t do this and I felt his middle finger completely inside and pushing dick in my mouth telling me please yani do for me!

I opened my mouth and it’s smooth goes deep inside touched my throat then I pulled my mouth and told him enough like that, but he was ignoring me continued sucking my cock and teasing by his tongue asking me do it like this…. finally I had no choice just to give in to his demands and suck his penis, but I quickly liked what I was doing and continued sucking putting my tongue around enjoying until I reached the maximum orgasm! And I could hear his moan saying: Didn't I tell you that you would love it ?

I used to tell him yeah you are right I am enjoying and I hope you are not in a hurry to cum so He saw that I was enjoying and reached to the high orgasm , so he took advantage to seduces me and turned me on my stomach and He said let me show you something else! just relax and feel comfortable, yani ”he got on top of me and he told me I want to fuck you! At that moment I became silent for a while and then I said okay let me try it, but gently! Does it hurt? He then inserted it and it hurts so much I swear but it feels so ticklish on my insides.

He was very passionate and tender like we are a couple at that time. I asked him to go slower out of curiosity and he asked “really?” I responded with a wild kiss. It was painful and at the same time felt weirdly heavenly good. We didn't even noticed that I was moaning so loud like a kid boy screaming and suddenly someone knocked at the door and we didn't give a fuck who or what that is. He then proceeded to go faster that i can feel my butthole tearing apart and I didn't care at all, it was the best doggy style and missionary.

He then said he is cumming and asked if he can go inside deeper, I said yes. After that he did go in deeper like it hurts so much and the cumming was so warm and satisfying inside me. Someone knocked hardly they were talking Thai and he said wait we’re almost done the massage and he turned the tv volume louder, We then fell into the floor and he cleaned me and the mess up with his handkerchief.

After that, I proceeded to the shower area and noticed we’ve done that for over two hours and the massage session was only 2 hours. he gave me a card of his information, Social media and contact No. He asked me where I live and I told him about 10 minutes by walking and my building next block and asking me if he can visit me after his duty, I said yes and he gave me a goodbye kiss.

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