Television Get Boring

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

We were watching TV together, just the two of us, her and me sitting on the sofa and enjoying each others company. The movies was not the most entertaining and pretty soon my eyes were getting heavy and I was feeling a bit droopy. She must have been feeling the same but she just made herself more comfy by laying on her side with her head on my thigh...not so very unusual for her to do that.

But that night was different, different, empowering, kinky, and explosive but fraught with potentially dangerous repercussions if we were caught. At the time it felt nice, just the two of us spending time together happy in each others company. I touched her blonde curly hair then softly stroked her cheek, she sighed curled up and wriggled to get her head in my lap.

The film moved on and so did my hand, only a bit more intimately. I wondered if she would stop me and become outraged buy instead she stayed in position as if in dumb acquiescence and that encouraged me to start to carefully explore what I could of her soft cuddly form. There was o protest when I touched her breast and the silk shirt she wore made it all the more sexy. Neither did she object when I touched her big soft curvy arse and her heavy fleshy thigh.

What she though of the fact that I had grown a stonking hardon under her head soon had her moving slightly and she thrust a hand between her legs, sighing happily. She wore her silk shirt outside her grey jogging shorts which I had seen were tight enough to outline her camel toe and dig deeply into the cleft dividing the twin mounds of her sumptuous big arse, which I lusted after, guiltily.

My cock was beating rhythmically and I knew she was feeling it on her face through my pants and Imagined that was why she had stuck her hand between her thighs and against her pussy, obviously. And thats the way we stayed until the midnight news came on the TV, at which point she stirred herself, sat up and yawned, stretching her arms so as the thrust the shape of her tits more prominently. As she stood up I vainly tried to conceal my aroused state with my hands but it was a waste of time because Could plainly see in the cutting crotch of her shorts a dark wet spot on her camel toe.

"Ohhhh!!! Beddy byes I think, my dear.....yes?"

"Oh,......erm!....yes..that of"

"Oh you can be so bloody silly sometimes sweetie, Of course I mean together, of course I mean in one bed, now come along......"

"Well ...if you think its......alright.....that is...if......"

"My angel, you don't seriously believe I,m going to pass up the chance of some........."

And with that she pointed at my tented pants and again clutched at her crotch, obscenely and very suggestively. My dick lurched and I began quivering at the very thought of going to bed with her and having sex with her.

"Come on then, dozy, bring that big sticky out thing to my bedroom, I want it, I want it thumping hard into me, I badly need a good fucking my darling boy, I need fucking and creaming till I blow my fucking mind.....COME ON........."

The urgency in her voice propelled me to follow behind her my eyes riveted on her rolling arse as she wet ahead of me. In her late forties, she was in terrific state physically, she was a voluptuous five foot six tall, not overly upholstered but cuddly in all the right places, her 38C boobs matched her gorgeous arse, her waist was remarkably narrow for the mother of four children and her strong legs were a joy to see, beautifully shaped and with that tantalizing curve of thigh that complimented the slight swell of her belly, an topped off by her prominent mound now damp in her jogging shots.

AS I closed the bedroom door and turned around, she grabbed me, wrapped her arms around me and planted a hard open mouthed kiss on my lips, her wet tongue forcing its way into my mouth, exciting me massively. I held her hard against me our bodies grinding madly, crotch against crotch, I grabbed her big soft arse and she sucked my neck, moaning softly then as I moved a hand to press it on her pussy mound she breathed in hard and mewed catlike.

There was no turning back now. we staggered over to her bed and tore each others clothes off then fell on the bad naked and mad with unstoppable lust. She became frantic and using her considerable strength, forced me onto my back and in a trice she was between my legs and taking my iron hard cock deep in her mouth, virtually consuming it, slobbering as she took it deep throat. I threw her off me and swung over her until we were sixty nining, whereupon I swooped onto her hairless spliced thick lipped cunt and tongue lashed her erect clit while she sucked and licked my cock.

I got her on her back and pinning her down I again ate her cunt, she was extremely wet but then she started exuding creamy drool, lots of it, smearing my mouth before I slurped it in and swallowed it. Even our anuses were teased and probed, fingered delicately and promisingly.......

"Ohhhhh Jeeeeesus!! stop this....stop... get it in me...stick your cock in me.......FUCK.....I,m gagging for cock, FUCK me, Fuck me.....fuck me hard, very very hard."

Her voice sounded harsh but her urgency and blazing need urged me into blind mad action,it felt more like rape than just fucking but I Quickly poised my reaming dick and with a thrust that made her scream I was in her, my cock spearing her hot slippery hole until my balls were resting against her soft warm arse.

With her legs locked around my waist and her arms around my shoulders she sucked and bit into my neck as I pounded her heaving body. She humped madly, bringing on numerous little orgasms and squirting uncontrollably, wetting the bed beneath us. I just couldn't take it and groaned that I was cumming. That made her cling harder to me like Limpet on a rock and as I started cumming in jolting spasms she stopped breathing, her body arched like a bow and even as my spunk flooded into her she suddenly screamed and she collapsed, squirting copiously, her fingers tearing at my shoulders.

Our convulsion subsided and were were able to breath properly again, my cock drooped and flopped out of her cunt followed by my spunky offering.....

"mmmmmmmmmmmm! WONDERFUL my love, so fucking wonderful.....GOD! how I've missed having a man in me, you have no idea how much courage it took for me to do this. You realize, I hope, that we will have to keep this quiet, don't you?"

"Really, why?"

"Well my sweet big cocked own darling lover, it would never do that my dearest son fucking his mother now would it."

"No Mum...........would you like to suck my cock while I lick your arsehole?"

"Filthy beast, get to work then, its along time till morning."

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