Teasing and Pleasing

by Ron (NV)

Bart had come over to Don’s house that morning. They both smiled happily at one another to be together, and the thought that they were becoming lovers was both a teasing as well as pleasing one.

“Let’s get naked,” Don said.

Bart laughed.

Don was just in a jeans and a t-shirt and was barefoot, and Bart was in jeans and a t-shirt too, wearing flip flops. Their clothes came off easily right there in the kitchen and they nakedly embraced and kissed, their lips coming fully together with a shared passion.

As they did, each began to achieve a healthy erection. It felt so good having that happen with each other, to have their maleness stiffly developed together in a display of their feelings.

As they kissed, each let his hand feel the other’s curving erect male-shape. There was a wonderful freedom in being able to do that without embarrassment. To enjoy each other as a male.

Don reached over for the convenient bottle of hand lotion that was right there o the counter. He pumped out a few squirts onto his hand and slicked his dick with this.

Getting Bart to turn around and out his hands on the edge of the counter, he then slowly pushed to swollen head through Bart’s tight anal pucker. Bart moaned just a little with his insertion, and then a little more when Don slid his boner all the way into his anal sheath.

It felt so good to be connected to Bart like this, with his hard penis in his butt. He had to wonder if he wasn’t becoming gay, and he knew that with Bart he certainly was.

“Geeze, Bart …” Don breathed, “it feels so good to be in you.”

“Oh, man …” Bart breathed back. “It feels so good to have you dick in my butt.” He sort of laughed. “I never thought that I’d be telling another guy that, but it does feel so good with you.”

“Oh … I’m going to come in you already,” Don said unable to control his excitement. .”Uh … um …um … um …” he groaned as he felt the semen coming through his penis and pulsing out deep inside of Brat, doing so with a satisfying fullness.

“Oh, man …” Bart gasped, loving how it felt for Don to be actually be ejaculating his sperm into him, biologically giving him a part of himself with his male liquid. It was so incredible.

Then suddenly he felt himself climaxing uncontrollably. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” he panted as his stiff boner began to spasm and sent out several long streams of his cum to splash up against the side of the counter, dribbling down to the floor in its excited overabundance.

Their joining was only too brief with the uncontained excitement that they both experienced with each other, but it just felt so wonderful to once more be successfully fucking together like this.

Doing it with a girl was just letting nature take its course. Doing it with another guy was a deliberate choice, and they both realized this and just how special that was.

Don pleasurably let the semen finish coming from his dick, and then ease his organ from his friend’s butt. Bart turned and they smiled at one another and then embraced and kissed.

Don grinned just a bit self-consciously over his not having been able to hold back and prolong his fucking of his friend’s butt. He looked down at Bart’s bare feet.

“You have sexy toes,” Don said as something of a distraction from his minor feelings of embarrassment over his having cum so quickly.

Bart grinned. “Maybe I should paint my toenails.”

“Why not?” Don said carelessly. “Why should girls have all the fun?”

“But what color?” Bart questioned. “Blue, maybe?”

“Red,” Don said and grinned.

“We could both paint our toenails red. It’d be fun fucking with painted toenails.”

They both laughed.

It was so teasing and pleasing being friends who could enjoy having fun like this together.

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Feb 19, 2021
Hello NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m not slut but I love when my friend used to cum inside my butthole deep. He used to burry his dick in me. Make sure drain his semen and cum in me. I wonder how mouth feel when guy fuck a mouth and cum in throat deep. I never try it with my friend. By done

Feb 16, 2021
Very Good
by: Jess

Painted toenails on guys? You bet!
A friend and I paint our toenails - yes, even red on occasion - and that is so much fun.

Feb 15, 2021
by: Anonymous

Lovely and great story. My friend used to fuck me guy to guy. He take my butthole virginity. He was so happy to be first one. He always cum on my body. Till one time I did ask him for his cum and his seed in me inside I don’t know why. But I love it I did get fucked by just one friend but never suck or taste cock before

Feb 15, 2021
by: Steve

Great story. I have never been gay, but I sure have enjoyed having guy moments with a friend. Hardly uncommon.

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