Teacher's Pets

by Wrulf (Pueblp, Co, USA)

A British native, Morgana was a dick-magnet long before the ensuing event.

Considering that the 27-year-old indulged wanton promiscuity, though, she'd never been married, but had a Master's degree in education and was employed to teach remedial writing, English, reading and math to non-violent parolees after they left prison.

Currently, that involved the white, 20-y/o Dave, Lew and Tony (Antonio), an immigrant from Brazil.

For shoplifting, however, a judge had sentenced the them to 3 months in jail and ordered them to attend her classes.

Despite them being arrogant brats, they were articulate and demonstrated a willingness to learn.

And one Wednesday afternoon, Morgana announced, 'Today's assignment is studying the Kama Sutra.'

'That's about sex-positions, isn't it?' Tony asked.

'Yes, it is.'

'Why don't we read Hustler Magazine?' Lew said.

'You don't hustle, do you, teach?' Dave inquired.

'I'd be arrested if I did,' she answered.

'You're a nice girl, aren't you?' Lew responded.

'Nice girls aren't interested in the Kama Sutra, are they?' Tony said.

'Nasty girls are,' Morgana replied, though Lew, Tony and Dave could hardly believe what she was saying.

'She's horny, guys,' Dave noted.

'Sluts always are!' Lew sneered.

'Can you define that word?' Tony asked.

'Sluts are immoral women,' Morgana complied as she locked the door.

'Do don't respect yourself, do you?' Dave questioned her.

'I shouldn't.''

'Right, and we have less respect for you than the nearest dumpster!' Dave snarled.

'Yeah, especially since you're a skank!' Tony disparaged her.

'Don't so polite!' Lew sarcastically admonished him.

'Hell, then, I'm the rude bastard!' Tony chortled while Morgana volunteered to disrobe and reveal her large, firm bust.

'Those things are monsters,' Lew remarked.

'They're cows,' Tony interjected.

'Are you saying she's a beast?' Dave snickered.

'I found her running loose! She's wild!' Tony laughed.

'No wonder! She's a crazed sex-fiend!' Lew answered.

'Yes, I am!' Morgana said, before Lew, Dave and Tony undressed.

'Massage my dick,' Lew referred to his 8-inched pole.

'You're therapeutic, aren't you?' he asked.

'I'll show you!' she smiled as Lew pinned her against her desk and thrust his cock into her vag.

'Fuck me!' she implored him.

'Si, puta muy, muy safada (yes, you very, very dirty whore)!' Tony had barely growled when Dave knelt on the desk and angled his 11-inched penis into her mouth.

'Polish my knob!' he demanded.

'Uh-hmmm!' she mumbled.

Nevertheless, the youngsters' disdainful attitude aroused her to a climax.

In a few minutes, Dave's jizz defiled her gullet and Lew's her snatch.

They dismounted her; Tony directed his 9-inched nail into her ass.

'Turd!' he yelled.

'I'm a filthy slag!' she moaned.

'Yeah, you are!' Dave said while Lew tilted her head back with her brown hair and spat across her lovely face.

'You look so-o-o, so-o-o pretty!' he jeered, with Tony sodomizing Morgana until he slammed his seed into her guts.

'Who's the teacher, now?' he smirked.

'You men are,' Morgana replied.

'She's learned her lesson,' Tony said.

'I think she should appear nude in Hustler Magazine,' Lew suggested.

'She'd make an awesome centerfold!' Dave chuckled followed by him, Lew and Tony getting dressed.

Next, they flipped her bird, departed and: - 'Soy una puta muy, muy safada!' she whispered as she masturbated to a second orgasm.

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