Teacher’s Pet

by Anonymous (Florida)

This all started when I was 18 and a senior in high school. We had this math teacher, Ms Sauter. She had short hair, big tits and she was built like a brick shit house. The front row in class would be all boys because Ms Sauter’s tits would touch the blackboard and she would bend over facing the class and pull her blouse down and clean the chalk off her.

Well anyway it was summer and she asked me if I wouldn’t mind cleaning her pool. I said sure so after school I followed her to her house. She had a nice home and we went to the back of her home and what a nice pool she had. She asked me if I was thirsty and I said yes and she said I’ll be right back.

Well when Ms Sauter came back she had this tiny bikini on. She handed me my drink and went over to her lounge chair and laid on her stomach. She asked me if I wouldn’t mind putting some lotion on her back. I said ok and she I did her top. I’m wondering is she going to get up and I can see her big huge tits.

I’m rubbing the lotion up and down her legs and she says oh that feels great. I go almost up to her pussy and she started to moan. I can’t believe this is happening and then she turns over with her loose top covering her tits. She looks at me and says ok now my front and removes her top. Holy shit her tits were now for me to see.

Ms Sauter asks would it bother you to put lotion on my breasts. I said whatever you want me to do I’ll do. I started putting lotion on her tits squeezing and pinching her big brown nipples. She grabs my face and gives me this very passionate kiss. My cock is rock hard and it’s sticking way out of my sweatpants.

She looks and says oh my did I do that. I say to her yes you did. I didn’t know what she was going to say but she said then I’m responsible to make it normal size again. She told me to take her bottoms off which I did but now I was going to do what I wanted to do to her. I started to suck her tits and I put a couple of fingers inside her.

She was bucking her hips like I was fucking her. I now started to suck her pussy and she was going crazy. She looked at me and said what now. I put my big cock in her mouth and told her to suck it until I told her to stop. She couldn’t believe the size of my cock and said I hope I can take all of you big cock.

Ms Sauter knew how to suck a cock and I came in her mouth and she drank all of my cum. My cock was still hard so I started to run her pussy with it and then I slowly pushed inside of her. OMG Ashe was screaming it’s so big fuck me with your big cock and I did. She came a couple of times and so did I.

We jumped in the pool and she held on to the railing by the steps and opened her pussy up for me. This time I slammed my big cock inside of her. Ms Sauter said In so glad I asked you to clean my pool. I pulled her hair and said now I’m going to clean it every week and fuck you every time I come here. I also told her I better get an A in your class. She said how could I not give you an A.

I fucked and Sauter for years and enjoyed every minute of it. She and her husband moved away so that was the end of that. I never opened my mouth to none of my friends because I knew once I fucked Ms Sauternes with my big cock she was mine. This is a true story and then I went and fucked my 42 year old hairdresser. Another great piece of pussy, but that’s a story for another day.

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