Taped By A Black Gang

by Buck Naked (SC)

I parked my truck in a secluded spot just on the outskirts of the city and got ready for bed.

I stripped and then I remembered I had to check my trailer so I pulled my boots on and got out naked.

As I walked around the back of the trailer I realized I wasn't alone within seconds I was surrounded by 30 black guys.

They were saying what do we have here my heart was in my throat they grabbed me before I could make a break for my truck.

They put me in a van and drove off to their clubhouse on the way the first guy dropped his pants and shorts out sprung a huge thick 9 in cock the others held me as he pushed it into my mouth.

I started sucking it and he quickened the pace until he was down my throat others were grabbing me cock and balls squeezing them hard making it almost unbearable.

I felt someone push a finger into my rectum and work it in and out followed by another finger and yet another.

The first guy was fucking my face and throat as fast and hard as he could when I felt his friend penis stretching my anal ring plunging inside my hole he pushed deeper and deeper inside me.

I felt discomfort and pain he kept pushing until his monster was fully embedded deep in my bowels.

They both pounded away and I almost passed out from lack of oxygen and the pain in my rectum.

They both began to swell and flooded my throat and ass as they softened and pulled out 2 others replaced them.

8 guys in all raped my throat and ass balls deep cumming in both until we got to the clubhouse where I was tied and raped 3 and then 3 at a time with a 10 in cock down my throat.

This massive 12 in cock thrust deep inside that's when another very long and extremely thick cock pushed inside along with the 12 in stretching me beyond my limits.

I could feel my anus tear as they showed no mercy pummeling my torn hole and filling me with seed it went on all night and half of the next day 60 loads were deposited in my throat and over 90 in my poor battered ass.

They dropped me by my truck and I struggled to get inside I did my best to clean up the water and soap stinging my anus.

I dressed and got out throwing up what seemed like gallons of sperm.

I slept for almost two days before I was able to drive hopefully I get this route again.

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