Talking Him Into It

by Ron (OR)

It had taken a whole lot of talking to get him out of his clothes so that we were naked together.

Then, after we started playing a round, just a little more to persuade him to let me put my boner into his butt.
I slowly pushed my hard dick into his tight little butt hole, the hand lotion letting it slide in easily.

He moaned a little. Once I was all the way in I started to pull back and to go in again and I started fucking him.

This made him so excited feeling my dick doing this to him that he couldn’t stand it after about a minute.

“Oh! Oh! I going to squirt!” he gasped.

The liquid started shooting from his rigid penis uncontrollably in long streams and he gasp and struggled with his climax.

That really excited me and suddenly I was ejaculating in him. I was overwhelmed by how good it was to let my penis purposefully ejaculate like that and feel my semen surging out into his naked body.

“Uh …Uh …Uhhhh …” I grunted with each throbbing pulse, with the thick semen surging through my hard organ.

It was so incredible fucking him like this as another boy. There was something just so satisfyingly male about it.

I kept my erection deep inside of him and let every drop of my cum squeeze out until there was none left.

Then having completely satisfied my male urge, I slipped my penis from his butt.

He turned around and looked at me with a breathless sort of smile.

“Man, that felt good doing it in you,” I said.

“It was so exciting feeling your dick in my butt,” he confessed.

“It felt so good having my dick in your butt,” I said back.

We both grinned over what we had just done together.

It was so unashamedly daring and fun to fuck together like this as boys.

I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth and he kissed me back, endorsing our moment of male intimacy and our shared pleasure. We both knew that this would not be the only time that we were going to have intercourse. That there would be many more times to come.

In fact, as we sat there recovering I could feel my half limp penis starting to stir with the beginnings of another erection.

Man, it was just too good getting to fuck him and I was already looking forward t the pleasure of sliding into his butt and to take it all the way with him once more.

Right then I understood how wonderful it was for boys to be able to express their feelings of friendship in this male way.

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