Taking My Wife's Anal Cherry

by George (Jamaica)

I'm from the Caribbean islands and anal sex is not the custom, but rather a taboo. I've always watched porn and would see anal and wondered if it was enjoyable. One weekend my wife invited her friend Ash over and later that evening she decided to spend the night now Ash was little and neat she had the body of a Virgin school girl as a guy u just wanted to fuck her real hard the whole day.

My wife on the other hand was fucking sexy she had a raised arched ass and a hot body to die for, oh that sexy tight body makes my cock hard every time. That night we had a few drinks and we all lay in the king size bed watching TV, all I could think of was sticking my dick into Ash and fucking her senseless my wife Lace was shy and innocent but a damn good fuck I fucked her almost every night I couldn't help myself.

I decided to shower as I had a plan in mind even if the ladies didn't. I had to have Ash at all cost. I left the ladies in bed and took my time in the bathroom; leaving Ash in her tight jeans shorts and my Lace in a big white T shirt and a thin sleeping shorts.

I tried to listen at the bathroom door to hear if they were doing anything naughty as my wife told me she thought Ash was a lesbian and my fantasy as always been to catch two real lesbos in the act and join, fucking them back into loving rock hard cocks.

I listened but couldn't hear anything so I decided to shower and get them some more rum to lighten them up as I had to fuck. I came out the bathroom and saw them both on the bed as I had left them. Ash then jumped up and said she wanted to shower too and hurried to the bathroom my wife eyes looked lust full and I reached over and kissed her as soon as I did I tasted my wife's own pussy on her lips this drove me wild as I realized that Ash had been eating and kissing Lace.

My cock grew immediately and I had to kiss her again. We looked each other in the eye as if we both knew the full story I got ready and went under the sheets, Ash soon came out and my wife hurried in, I was left all alone with Ash but she sat at the edge of the king-size bed as if she either thought Lace told me or she was afraid of me so I waited for the right moment.

Lace came out the bathroom and ash asked for something to sleep in and my wife gave her a big whit T shirt. Soon after we were all in bed sipping the last of the rum Ash was in the middle between my wife and I. After finishing the rum we turned off the lights the room was dark only for the shine of the moon that peeped in.

I lay there on my back wondering what to do as I so wanted to fuck Ash my cock grew nervously as I lay there about 20 minutes passed; I think Ash thought I was sleeping I could feel her move slowly her hands towards my wife, my cock jump as I knew Ash was making her move could she have really wanted to fuck my wife without me knowing after all she had eaten the pussy earlier and tasted the sweet milkshake.

I could realize my wife was a bit frightened as I don't think she expected it after all Ash had waited till I was in the bathroom before she made her move and licked my wife's pussy. I felt the jolt from my wife but the bed then became calm again shortly after only the stirs of Ash's hands could be slightly felt, I knew she was touching my wife.

My cock was hard now and I knew I had to make my move now. So I drew my right arm up along her leg moving the big T-shirt up so I could feel the round of her ass as she was on her side. She didn't stop me or protest so I continue at this time she started to advance on Lace as if she had gotten the green light to fuck her. I felt my hands touch her silk panty my cock was bursting at the seams as it needed to be inside her little punni.

I pulled the panty down to the back of her thighs and she immediately arched her back up as if she was giving me clearance I pulled my 8inch cock out as fast as I could as I didn't want anything to interrupt the flow; at this time she was kissing Lace and fondling her pussy and breast. I lined my pulsing hot hard cock just below the curve where it met her thighs that God made space to slip stiff cocks between I could feel her warmth her body shook as if she anticipated a big cock and a painful entry.

As my cock head touched the two pussy lips I felt a warm sticky reception I drew my cock up and down to get it wet with her pussy juice, before I forced it into her tight wanna be school girls pussy. I started to feel and hear my wife moan as it seemed Ash knew what she was doing she had Lace so hot and bothered.

I started to force my cock in oh oh warm it was as if she wined as I entered her I pushed further but she reached around with her left hand and was pushing me back as if to say I was too much she cried out and I stopped as I thought my cock was tearing up her pussy she then grabbed my wife's hand and pulled it around to my cock as some sort of proof I was fucking her.

I didn't care all I knew is that I was gonna have them both before daybreak my wife pull me in closer to Ash's ass as a sign or reassurance I could fuck Ash the way I wanted, Ash moaned as I went deeper she realized there was no escape and we all knew she wanted to fuck Lace. I fucked my big 8 inch dick in and out her pussy she cried and every now and then pulled her hands out my wife's pussy to brace me from sinking my entire hood into her little girlish pussy.

I knew her fingers were in my wife's pussy as my wife's moans changed as I felt Ash's sticky fingers bracing me back when I eased the pressure and stopped jamming my hard dick into Ash, her hands found the way back into Lace tight pum pum, and pounded away while Ash suck her stiff breast lovingly only stopping to moan when I went deep.

I couldn't take it anymore and had to beat that wet pussy up as I wanted to wreck it so bad. I started to give Ash long hard strokes I felt the pussy quivering around my cock she stop sucking my wife's breast and started to eat her tongue out her mouth kissing her so deep and passionate I knew she was cumming as she wined on my price taking every inch of it, she started to moan and shake.

I fucked her even harder as I wanted her to squirt her hot cum all over. My wife too was moaning and both ladies moans gave me a drive to fuck harder. Ash must have been doing something good with her fingers as I swear my wife was cumming too. I felt a sticky gummy slippery feeling all around my cock as Ash's pussy squinted around my cock her moan changed gear and I knew she came, she stop kissing Lace and started licking my wife's hard nipples.

My cock was so hard and I wanted Ash to arch up some more so I could get more of my cock inside her to pull her juices out on my shaft. Ash then reached around and grab hold of my dick still inside her and I thought she must be tender and can't take anymore; but she pulled it out and to my surprise shifted it up,I could feel it against a real small opening which was squinting fast and tight she then forced back on me and I felt my cock tear into somewhere tight as oh God the squeeze with the squint and it wasn't warm it was hot, I realized my cock was entering her tight ass.

Oh fuck I thought she likes to be fucked in her ass my cock had to grow another inch or two I never dreamed I experience anal in my life. I couldn't help the new feeling and I forced to make a path with my cock she cried out I didn't think I would like this but I did, it felt different and naughty.

Ash then pushed me out as if to say I was too big, but she spat in her hands and wiped it in her ass she did it so fast and again this time on my cock as she positioned it at her backdoor again I pushed once more and felt the same nice sensations I just have to be honest. My wife had no idea what Ash was giving up around the back, I got about two independent half inches of my cock up Ash's ass she rocked as if she was willing to take more, I knew I was inside it's as if I had kicked in a door.

She cried as I tried to force more of my cock in. She couldn't take it as I pulled out and pushed in a few times she just cried as she gripped me tight. I tried to force more of the prick in but she held me with her left hand squeezing me out with her ass hole. She then pushed my cock back into her pussy and moaned as I jammo her hard as I was upset I didn't get it all.

She then told my wife she can't manage me and I stopped and looked at my beautiful wife I immediately pulled her over opened her legs wide and dove into her tight oh so fucking tight pussy, her pussy was the best I have been fucking her for 8 years before we got married and the pussy was still tight and sweet.

I don't know what took me so long to force my cock in Lace but now I had forgotten about Ash's ass as the warmth and tightness of Lace had me at the edge her pussy massaged my dick so good I could feel her pussy muscles around my cock I slammed into her fat pussy jaws oh I forgot to mention her pussy is abnormally fat, I rammed her hard and deep she took every thrust like she wanted it to kill her my wife pussy just knows how to milk my cock as I ram hard into her.

She moaned from Ash rubbing and fucking her pussy on seeing the onslaught Lace was taking in her fat tight pussy I pounded and pounded till I couldn't help but explode in the sweetest pussy I've ever fucked my wife wined beneath me like a horny go go juicing my cock with her tight pussy muscles.

I forced myself deep inside her so she could have every last drop. After which I laid back on my back Ash hugging Lace tight, I thought to myself if my wife pussy is so good I have to get her ass soon as it was sexy and fat and Oh so tight. I eventually told my wife what Ash did as I asked her to give me her cherry to pop. But I'll tell u that chapter of my true life experience next.

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