Taking Mommy

by Ano

It was 1987 i remember id been drinking all that day. Now that i think about it. I was home just to change then go.

Well everyone else had left for the weekend only mom and me here. Or more like just Mom. So all of the sudden Mom yells for me to come talk to her in her room.

She wanted to yell at me for something. I don't recall now. So i knocked on her door and she opens it and is fully naked not a stitch of cloths.

My shock and excitement spinning me out. She catches me looking at her. Why are you staring at my tits? Knock it off i'm your mother whats wrong with you son? That's incest.

She did have a towel in hand. Still didn't cover up. See moms always flashing her pussy cleaning naked pulling her pants down in front of me to pee or change. Giving me views for jackoff pleasure for sure.

So i'm thinking you want your son to fuck you. Son no i never. Shhhhh mom. I don't think you'll admit it to yourself. What the fuck. I went for it i grabbed her huge tits and she gasped.

I squeezed pulled sucked her njpples. Son we can't do this. Oh we're fucking mom i've been waiting to fuck you for years, no no no son.

I push her back into her room. Pushed her down onto her bed. No son please. Spread wide for me Mom. She said no. I then grabbed her ankles and her legs apart.

Her beautiful pussy dripping wet. i plunged the head of my cock into mother and she moaned deep. Slamming her down missionary her moans getting louder. She was about to cum all over my dick.

Then i flipped her around doggie style. Started pulling all the way out and slamming back into her pussy. She was quivering on my dick moan in sweet pleasure ooh she was ready to cum.

Oh son my god son oh right there baby. Oh god oh god JIZZ she came hard on my cock. Her body shaking.

I pulled out and shoved my cock in her mouth. Choke on it mom yes ah yes. Pulled out bent her over slammed it up her ass just in time to blow my load. Oh Mom.....

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