Taking 4 Of My Nephews Virginity

by Myron (South Dakota)

I Love wearing Pretty NYLON Nightgowns and matching Pretty NYLON PANTIES when I sleep at night. 4 of my nephews asked to spend the night so I let them sleep over not knowing they wanted to have sex with me.

They had beers and my favorite drink Peppermint Schnapps. We partied until they all got drunk and I sat at the table drinking my Schnapps.

My oldest nephew was hugging me and rubbing my back, I got turned on, he asked if I was wearing a bra because he could feel the seams of my bra. I shyly said yes and to my surprise he pulled my shirt up and began feeling the Silkiness of my bra.

I had just bought the Microfiber Turquoise Flowerprint bra I was wearing that day and my matching Microfiber Turquoise Flowerprint Hi-cut PANTIES.

I was freaking out as he pulled my shirt off and saw my bra, he started kissing my right shoulder first, telling me I looked Pretty. Then to my surprise he started kissing me, full on my lips, I started Moaning as he kissed me harder. I was so Horny so I touched his crotch, OH MY GOD, his COCK was ROCK HARD.

I pulled his pants and shorts off, his COCK stood straight up, I couldn't believe how big his COCK was. 10 inches of ROCK HARD COCK in front of me, it was 4 1/2 inches thick. I measured it before I did anything else. Truth be told his Dad's COCK wasn't that big because I was having a NASTY Sexual Affair with him for the past 20 years behind my older sister's back.

I stroked my nephew's HUGE Beautiful ROCK HARD COCK looking up at him, as I swallowed his BIG FAT HELMET and slowly took the rest of his COCK down my throat. OH MY GOD, GOD IS MY WITNESS. I couldn't swallow it all because my mouth wasn't big enough.

I pushed My sweatpants down to my ankles, bent over the table, the Smell of my Lavender Perfume on my matching PANTIES made him crazy. He pulled my PANTIES down, started Licking my ASS, then he stood up, OH MY GOD, His HUGE ROCK HARD COCK SLID easily into my ASS.

I FUCKING MOANED as it went deep into me, I couldn't believe how good it felt in my ASS. He FUCKED me slowly but HARD, telling me how tight my ASS was around his COCK. I got FUCKED so HARD I was begging him to to CUM in me. I was MOANING so loud my other 3 nephews got up and watched me get FUCKED.

I Swear I was Screaming like a woman begging him to CUM in me. I could feel his warm CUM when he shot off his load in me. I looked to my left and saw my 3 other nephew's watching as he pulled his COCK out of my ASS. I stepped out of my sweatpants, pulled my PANTIES up, went to my bedroom, took my bra off, put my White NYLON Nightgown on and laid down on my stomach.

Then before I could recover one of my other nephews pulled my PANTIES off and SLID his ROCK HARD COCK into my ASS and FUCKED me HARD and FAST until he Shot off in me.

Then as he pulled his COCK out and got off me the next nephew got on me, SLID HIS ROCK HARD COCK in me and FUCKED me HARD and FAST until he Shot off in me. Then finally my last nephew SLID his ROCK HARD COCK in me and FUCKED me until he Shot off too.

I lay there on my stomach, feeling so satisfied because I shot off too. After 10 minutes or so I got up, went to my closet, grabbed a Tampon, unwrapped it and put it in my ASS so All the CUM in me wouldn't leak out. I put my PANTIES back on, All 4 of my nephews were telling me I looked Pretty so I cooked them something to eat.

I felt so SEXY and PRETTY as I walked around in my Nightgown in front of All 4 of them. I told them not to tell their Mom's because I could get in trouble. They told me I was the first they ever FUCKED. I was feeling so SEXY and PRETTY. I'm still having an affair with my oldest nephew, the one with the HUGE 10 inch COCK.

I still can't Believe he Loves FUCKING me like I'm a woman. I can only SUCK 3 inches of his HUGE COCK but I can handle All 10 inches in my ASS. God is my witnesses because I thank him everyday for my nephew's Love. My nephew buys me SEXY G-STRING'S to wear for him. He wants to marry me and tattoo his last name on my back. INCEST SEX is the Best.

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