Sweetly With Mom

by Anonymous

“So,” his mother asked him, “how do you like my new house?”

“It’s great,” Derrick said, impressed by the house his mother had just moved into a few weeks ago. This was his first chance to come over and see it now that she was settled in.

His mom stood there looking pleased. His mom was blonde and attractive. It was evening now, and she was attired quite casually and comfortably in a long, flowing red silk robe, with her bare feet slipped into a minimal pair of high heeled sandals.

His parents had been divorced for about two years now, but his mom and him had always remained close. Derrick had just two divorced himself a year prior, so in that respect his mom and him had a lot in common and recently they been able to start spending more time together. This was something which they both enjoyed.

“And you look great, mom,” Derrick complimented.

She smiled. “Well, I was about to put something more on,” she mentioned, referring to her robe.

Derrick shrugged. “I don’t see why. You look nice.”

She gave him a playful smirk. “Well, considering that this is all I have on …” She added, “But I did manage to fix us some martinis … if you don’t mind having one with your minimally attired mother.”

Derrick grinned. “I have no problem with that.”

Barb then laughed. “Of course the house is nice and private. We could just have our martinis au natural,” she teased. “Its one way to break in a new house.”

Derrick laughed too, enjoying his mom’s uninhibited attitude. “I can imagine what dad would say, if he found out.”

“Well, it would serve your father right,” she said haughtily.

His father, of course, had left his mother for another women, so there was a definite sort spot about that. Derrick did have to admit that having their drinks naked like that together would be a sort reprisal and statement.

Coyly she asked, “Do you want to?”

Derrick was unsure just how serious she was being. “You mean … have our drinks naked?”

“Well, all I have to do is slip off my robe,” she said, being entirely practical about it. “Although I don’t know how you feel about being naked with your mother.”
“We never have been,” he pointed out modestly. “Dad would probably croak!”

“It would serve him right.”

Hey both laughed.

“All right,” Derrick agreed, summoning his courage.

He had just come from work and was wearing a suit. He took of his jacket and necktie, and then sat on a convenient chair and started to remove his shoes. As he did this, his mom was slipping off her silky robe, revealing her nakedness beneath. She did that without hesitation or undue modestly. Although she was in her mid-fifties, her figure was quite nice, and her breasts were full, and there was a wisp of sandy pubic hair at the apex between her legs.

Derrick tugged his pants and underwear off and suddenly was as naked his she was. It was a kind of astonishing feeling to be baked like that with his own mother. She seemed perfectly comfortable with this, though, and was pouring them drinks. She handed him one.

“Here’s to openness and honesty,” she toasted, making something of a reference to his father who had no been that.

“Here’s to mothers and sons,” he said back and the clinked their glasses and had a sip.

“Oh-oh,” Derrick said with a sheepish look o his face as he suddenly felt himself starting to get an erection, with his penis stiffening visibly, and having no way t hide the fact.

Barb looked delighted at his arousal. “I feel flattered!” she said. “It’s nice to think that at my age I can give a handsome, naked young man a boner. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to enjoy one of those.”

Derrick was glad that his mother wasn’t offended by the sight of his pronounced male anatomy. Eve, that she seemed quite receptive to it. He found it exciting to be having his dick sticking up stiff like that with his own mother, with that only encourage his sexual urge.

“It feels good having it hard with you, mom,” he confessed, as he stood there proudly displaying his erect male appendage.They set down their glasses and shared a naked embrace and did a small kiss on the lips. Derrick felt the fullness of his mom’s bar breasts push against his chest, while down below his rigid organ pressed into her public hair.

“Maybe you should take care of that with me,” she suggested.

They both smiled and kissed again.

They stepped over to where there was a futon and she laid back on it. He joined her, positioning himself on top of her as her legss went willingly apart. Derrick found his mom’s vagina wet and ready as he pushed his erection in.

“Uhhh … honey… that feels so god!” she exclaimed, as she experienced her son’s stiff sex organ pushing all the way deep inside of her.

“Oh, geez, mom … it feels so good to me be in you.”

Derrick began to fuck her with sure, easy strokes as the two of them became lost to the lustful passion of their sexual union as mother and son. It was so incredible to find himself doing this with his own mom, using his stiff penis to convey his feelings with her, feeling her wet vagina caressing his sexual length. When he had been growing up there had never been anything between him and his mom. Nothing untoward. Not even a suggestion of that. And now, suddenly, here they were, fucking.

It seemed such an easy thing for them to be doing, both wanting to experience this kind of shared intimacy, to explore their feelings sexually together. It was just the most natural thing in the world.

Derrick could only think of his dad and what a fool he was not being perfectly happy and satisfied with his mom. But that was ok. He was glad to take care of his mom’s needs, and it was thrilling to have his penis in her sexual depths.

“Oh, God!” she panted. Then she gasped and tensed beneath as she climaxed. She arched her back and cried out helplessly as she suffered the intense spasm of her orgasm while her son’s hard penis continued to diligently fuck her.


Derrick loved seeing his mom having an orgasm, and to know that he was responsible for giving it to her.

She struggled beneath him until at last she went limp with exhaustion.
Derrick thrust his boner into her wet hole again and again and then ejaculated.

His semen gushed out again and again, thick and sperm-filled.

It was fantastic thinking that he was coming in his own mom’s vagina and giving her his sperm.
He grunted as his genetic material was passed to her in a liquid flood.
“Uhhh … yeah … yeah …” he grunted.

When it was over they both just lay there breathing, his penis still in her vagina, the overabundance of his male release leaking out to slide down over her anal pucker.

“Uhhh…” she murmured when he withdrew his penis, feeling its absence. “Ohhh … that was so wonderful!”

“It sure was, mom,” Derrick agreed.

They looked at one another with a realization of what they had just done as mother and son, and finding how special this was to be physically loving, with her using her vagina to show him that, and him using his outrageously erect penis to show her.

After a minute they both managed to sit upright.

Instead of feeling guilt or shame or remorse or anything so misplaced as that, they both felt joyful. Their having intercourse had been a celebration.

Derrick reached for their martinis and they had a much deserved drink.

“Well,” she said with a wry sort of grin on her attractive face, “now that you’ve fucked your mother silly, I would say that we both have something to look forward to in the future.”

Derrick raised his glass and clinked it to hers. “Here’s to that, mom.”

Demurely she smiled and said, “maybe just once more … this evening, while you’re here?”

Derrick took another sip of his drink. “Here’s to that, too!”

They kissed.

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