Sweetest of Revenge

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Sweetest of Revenge

Hiding up in the rafters of high mountain Alaska cabin and naked as the day I was born, I watched Dad from above. He came in cussing wanting to know where I was, Mom told him I went hunting, Mom hiding the shotgun we use for hunting birds by standing in front, awaited Dad to sit down demanding his lunch. Back to her, Mom hid the gun beneath the sink cabinet covered by a curtain Mom hand sewed, of tow sacks.

“Damn Woman! Don’t you understand, we got to get that grain seed in the ground for feeding mules, through the winter. Without them mules, we can’t plow enough of a garden to get us by, with just our hands. You are spoiling that boy to no end, he can have time off of the winter,”

Mom smiled up to me, Dad shoveling down stew speaking with his mouth full, a second bowl and Dad was done.

“You send that boy out, when he returns to help with the plowing,” Mom stayed at the window until she saw Dad taking out the mules. I stayed in the rafters until she motioned me down taking off her dress. My cock rock hard as I landed in front of her, Mom plastered fanatic tits against my chest kissing me passionately, before turning back to the window.

“I want you to fuck me, Roy. From behind so I watch that Old Bastard works his ass off, instead of working your ass off. At least one day of fucking we both deserve,” hand of my hard cock started in Mom’s hot wet, hairy pussy before clamping both my hands to her tits, playing with huge hard nipples as we fucked.

“Mom, I love having my cock in you. All of our family use to fuck like this,” still trying to process all Mom had told as we fucked earlier of the morning until the noon meal.

“Oh yes, I can only imagine who all is fucking right this minute as you and I are, Baby.

Wouldn’t think my dad, he was old when I was born. He used to tell us stories of him and Mom fucking, I loved those stories. He had a big cock like you, bigger than all my brothers but I loved fucking them too. I don’t remember my mother as she passed when I was born but Dad said she love to fuck and informed him as she held the oldest of her children in her arms, she would fuck him when he became old enough.”

“Dad told me many times, my pussy and Mom’s pussy was the very best. I think he may have told my sisters the same, all my sisters love to fuck him too. My brothers and Dad were like you, cum and keep fucking. I can’t tell you how pleased Mommy is, with you fucking her and watching that Old Bastard nearly killing himself,” Mom watching out the window as I stood fucking her from behind.

“Mom, have you ever thought about killing him,” a passing thought, fucking in and out of Mom’s wet pussy.

“Many, many times, but dad made that Old Bastard buy an insurance policy, part of his price buying me. That Old Bastard has to die of natural causes, if he dies by accident, the policy won’t pay. Oh Baby, you are making Mommy cum so much,” Mom arched back kissing and whispering to fuck her harder, my hand clamped of her tits.

“Why didn’t your dad sell one of your other sisters,” I questioned just before my cock exploded with a huge load, far up in Mom’s pussy.

“That Old Bastard, I was the one he wanted cause I was the youngest, he didn’t know I was pregnant. He came in my pussy the first time, trying my pussy out, I guess. Ever since then that Weird Old Bastard only wants to fuck and cum in my ass. I don’t mind that much either but for it being, him. I love cum and a waste to have it not my pussy or let me eat. He don’t hurt me none that way, his pecker so small and all. Oh Baby, you are fucking Mommy’s pussy so well, we have to find ways of fucking without that Old Bastard catching us. Mommy can’t do without anymore, not after this,” Mom and I fucked most the afternoon away, until my legs went weak and cock limp, Mom turned to me.

“Baby, you fucked Mommy so well but you’d better take the gun and go out. You always claim you didn’t have any luck, like that Old Bastard is always coming home, without a kill. If it weren’t for you these days we wouldn’t have any meat to eat. Maybe if you help that Old Bastard get the garden plowed and planted, in a day or two, he probably take the mules around the lake to plow for those two families living to the other side. He ain’t going to trust you to take his mules or bring back any money, you could make.”

Ten dollars Dad charged for a small garden and was a lot of money for families to fork out during the Great Depression, going on. Mom often told him he shouldn’t over taxed them families but Dad didn’t have much compassion for anyone but himself. Did as Mom said, went out hunting but my mind sure wasn’t on it and to my surprise, I bag two fat Ptarmigans. Plucked and cleaned the birds turning over to Mom.

Ptarmigan stew with canned vegetables had my mouth watering, too early in the growing season for fresh vegetables. Cleaned the birds away from the cabin not to draw bears, a person has to be careful, bears fating for winter to come. A pocket full of venison jerky I grabbed eating along the way and had a powerful hunger I had by return, Dad just putting the mules away.

“You been out hunting all day and that all you brought back. You could have done better staying here and helping me with all this work,” Dad pissed off.

“I was lucky to get these, early of season as it is. Mom said I deserved a day off and she had a hunger for Ptarmigan stew,” well the first part wasn’t a lie.

Mom and I were having a hard time keeping from smiling to one another and keeping Dad from seeing. Had to be careful Dad didn’t see me with a hard on, looking to Mom and thinking of fucking with her again. Three days Dad worked me like a dog, making rows, planting seed, canning Mom and I would have to work our asses off, while Dad would sit and give directions.

On the fourth day Dad loaded up the mules, Mom packed him supplies for the day long trip around the lake and if we were lucky Dad wouldn’t be back for five days. Soon as Dad was out of sight Mom and I were naked, Mom guided my hard cock in and we tangled up kissing, loving and fucking. The most beautiful thing I’d ever seen of my life, lying right before me, Mom’s large beautiful tits jiggling from me pounding fuck bone to fuck bone. I was learning some new terms of words from Mom.

Huge cock buried to the bone of Mom’s hairy pussy, Mom often telling how proud she was of me, having such a huge cock to fuck her. Mom really likes talk dirty when she doesn’t have to be quiet and fucking. Words like, fuck Mommy’s hairy pussy, Baby, the two of us watching my huge cock fucking her hairy pussy. A blissful five days Mom and I had, I learned about eating pussy, fucking Mom in the mouth, she loves a lot.

Watching her pretty face eating my cum, eating Mom’s pussy a big thing for me, she learned me that 69 thing. I love making her cum before I fuck her. Never had I seen Mom more happy, never had I seen Mom happy before we began fucking with each other. Sure Mom was she was pregnant by the end of those five days and I heard from up in my bed of the loft, what she did the night before Dad left. Mom happy at the prospect of having more children but not with Dad.

“I don’t want more children, you slipped out and came in my pussy,” of course Mom was lying but she fooled Dad, we realized in the months to come with Mom’s belly swelling and damning remarks, from him.

“Well, if your pussy wasn’t so big and wet all the time, I could tell the difference and I don’t need to be raising no more kids at my age,” Dad wasn’t happy but for the workforce of me, having more kids would perplex him just some and did.

“My pussy ain’t big, your cock is just too small, you little peckered Old Bastard,” not the first time I’d heard such banner and heard Dad smack Mom. Wanted to get down and beat the life out of Dad but from Mom’s warnings I knew I couldn’t.

Certainly didn’t think Mom’s pussy was too big. Perfect I thought Mom’s pussy and knew Mom had been thinking of her and I fucking, making her pussy wet from things she told me while we were fucking the first day. The five days of having Mom all to myself was the most marvelous time of my life, asleep I fell with the beautiful imagine of my cock buried deep in Mom’s hairy pussy.

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