Sweet Revenge

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Sweet Revenge

My beautiful Mom is only eighteen years older than I, by fourteen days, she is slim with long dark black hair, hanging down her to butt. I know because I am the one who cuts her hair, a pretty face I think Mom is absolutely beautiful but I have no other to compare her with and the only time I ever see Mom smile is when she looks to me. My father is nearly forty years older than Mom, we live in remote Alaska and I have graduated high school, by shortwave radio.

Not often have I ever seen a woman other than my Mom, our farm is on one side of a mountain lake and a few times of planes flying in, getting their directions confused of which lake are the bringing emergency supplies. I could count less than one hand, how many times, I have seen another woman. Mom comes from a very large family of thirteen siblings, eight girls and five boys, Mom’s mom died years ago in childbirth.

Alaska’s growing season is very short and we mostly hunt and fish making our living with the exception of a plane delivering sables once a year, the fall of the year. If there are any women pilots I’ve never seen one, over the air radio I do get to listen, a water powered generator charges the batteries.

As a school project, programs from government, I built an antenna boosting the radio power and signal, dad didn’t have to pay for. Hides shipped out once a year our only income. Mom was at the cabin kitchen window looking out when I awoke, coming for a drink of water. Dad was out plowing behind a team of mules, I remember when Dad went out buying, the team for plowing. Eight years ago a bad winter caused us to have to eat the old mule. Seeing Dad behind the mules as I reached to place my class in the sink, I asked Mom.

“Why didn’t Dad wake me to help,” Mom took my hand placing around her stomach, thinking she wanted a hug, we only did this when dad didn’t see, I obliged squeezing her to me.

“Because I refused to let him. You graduated school and you deserved at least one of the summer to sleep in,” Mom kissed me on the cheek from back over her shoulder.

“Look at that Bastard out there, I hate that Bastard,” Mom was one never to speak often or to have close fiscal contact with me or Dad but I stayed as I was, Mom holding onto my arm around her.

“Kiss me right here,” Mom pointed to her neck and shoulder, I did as she requested.

“That feels nice,” Mom moved my hand up to her breast, warm beneath her thin cotton dress.

“Do it some more,” Mom kept my hand clamped to her breast and again, I kissed where requested.

“I want you to fuck me, Roy. While we watch that Bastard works his ass off,” I didn’t know, what to do.

“But Dad, Mom,” Mom’s tit sure did feel good even through the cotton dress.

“That Bastard ain’t your real Dad. He bought me from my dad when I became pregnant. I hate that Bastard, never letting us visit our family,” Mom kissed me again of my neck and cheek.

“Who is my father,” I rolled Mom’s nipple, feeling so good.

“My dad or one of my brothers, we use to fuck all the time. My dad, my brothers and my sisters, we’d all be fucking now if that Bastard hadn’t moved us so far, from our family. I can feel you getting hard, I wish you would pull it out of your pants,” Mom pulled up her dress, she was wearing nothing beneath.

“Mom, why haven’t we done anything like this before,” I used my free hand doing as Mom requested.

“Because that Bastard swore he would kill you, if he even thought we were getting close to one another, when he first bought me and brung us here. You have become a man now and you deserve to enjoy life as our family, always has. I don’t want you going hunting with him when the season comes around this year. I don’t want you going out with him anymore at all, I don’t trust that Bastard any farther than I can toss a Moose. Oh that feels good, Roy,” Mom reached behind starting my cock in.

“Oh Roy! That feels so much better than that little peckered Bastard out there. Your cock feels like my dad’s, huge and maybe ten inches and so thick,” I didn’t know if I had a big cock or not, something you don’t learn over radio news.

“Oh Baby, stroke Mommy’s pussy with your big dick. Mommy cumming already and Mommy is tired of doing herself. Mommy is going to teach you so much about fucking, Baby. Fucking, sucking, eating cum,” Mom whispering to me and my cock in something other than my hand.

“Fuck Mommy’s hairy pussy, Baby. But we have to be careful, we can watch that fucking Bastard while we fuck. We use to talk dirty all the time, when we were fucking, Mommy likes it a lot. How is Mommy hot, wet pussy, Baby,” thinking a moment I had too, instinctively long stroking Mom’s pussy and I had no way to compare.

“Oh Baby! That feels so fantastic. Mommy is going to suck your cock and eat your cum but Mommy needs fucking so badly,” Mom leaned her head back whispering of my shoulder and ear.

“Ah Sweet Baby, you watch out for that Old Bastard, Mommy cumming too much and Mommy needs whispering to you. Telling you of that big cock you have and how much Mommy loves you. Mommy has wanted to fuck with you for so long but Mommy been scared. That Old Bastard out there and what he may do. Oh Baby, you just shot your cum so far up in Mommy pussy, I may be pregnant after this,” cumming I kept fucking Mom.

“What about him, won’t he find out,” after recovering I began long stroking I’d learned I enjoyed much, long slow strokes pleasing Mom.

“I’ll let him cum in me, I don’t, because I don’t want his baby. I’ll tell him it’s his and by the time he can figure it out, he’ll be dead. That Old Bastard doesn’t like to fuck much, mostly all he ever wanted was a housekeeper and cook. Oh Baby, you are fucking Mommy so well, I hope we have lots of family to fuck with when that Old Bastard dies. Look at that Old Bastard out there now, if he weren’t so mean, he’d lie down and die behind the plow while you are plowing, your Mommy.”

“Mom, I’m about to cum again,” watching Dad over Mom’s head and out the window.

“Oh good Baby, Mommy going to eat your cum, you keep watching out,” Mom was down on her knees before I knew what was taking place and I shooting down her throat, like she was loving what she was doing as I held onto the table bracing myself. So sensitive the head of my cock became and Mom swallowed all my cock, down her throat, kissing and loving with her mouth.

“Oh Baby, you are just like my father and brothers. You can cum and your cock stays hard for more fucking. I can hardly wait until I can watch your huge cock fucking Mommy’s hairy pussy in and out,” Mom was back up pulling her dress completely off starting my cock back in, clamping my hands to both her tits as I fucked her from behind.

“Cum like that I haven’t tasted in so long and so much. That Old Bastard’s cum is so thin and little, it hardly has any taste at all,” Dad always so mean to me, sweet revenge was coming with every load I deposited in Mom’s pussy. Fantasies of my life coming true or cummings coming true, I fucked Mom until noon and dad was putting the mules away for a break.

“Go and hide, come back and fuck Mommy some more when he goes back to plowing. I’ll tell him you are out hunting,” Mom kissed with tongue in mouth, something I wasn’t use too but felt good and exciting. I didn’t bother to dress, just climbed up in the rafters hiding, waiting until I could come down and fuck Mom more. Thinking of Sweet Revenge.

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