Sweet Mom And Son

by Anonymous

It was early morning and the sun was streaming in through the bedroom window, and Jim and his mom were lying naked on the bed together, with him on top of her, and his erect penis fully inserted into her vagina.

Ummm … it feels sso good having you in me,” Janice sighed.

“It feels so good being in you, mom,” Jason said.

They had started fucking several months ago, right after his parents had divorced. The two of them had always been close and the idea of their being sexually intimate had been both teasingly appealing and very tempting just in the way that such things could be between a mother and son.

While people often thought of father and daughter sex being the most prevalent, it was in fact much more common between mothers and sons. Whereas only one sixth of all fathers reported having sexual relations with their daughter, well over half of all boys and mothers reported having engaged in intercourse. And eighty per cent of that number reported that this was an ongoing and regular occurrence.

Even if they were not quite aware of such figures, Jason and his mom delighted in the fact that they could be sexually close, and were at least twice a week, as most mothers and sons were. There was just something so wonderfully liberating and invigorating about a boy having his penis in his own mom’s vagina, just as Jason did right then.

Jason savored just how satisfying it was to feel his rigid penis sliding smoothly back and forth in his mom’s soft and wet vagina, and was looking forward to the gratification of once more being able to ejaculate his sperm into her. And of course she was feeling the very same way, eagerly looking forward to feeling his son’s male completion in her female organ.

For the next several minutes they both lay there gently fucking together, doing so quite unhurriedly, indeed quite leisurely, wanting to prolong their physical pleasure.

They looked at one another and both smiled over the wet sounds which were being produced by his penis working in and out of her vagina. Thwuck, thwuck, thwuck. It was slow and rhythmic.

Janice could feel the firmness of his balls repeatedly bumping up against her butt hole, slightly wet with her excessive discharge, doing so each and every time the stiff length of his erection pushed all the way in. Jason was enjoying feeling his mom’s bare breasts and her erect nipples brushing against his as her mammary fullness swayed beneath him.

To their surprise they had both become so enraptured of their sexual union that neither had any desire to now be doing this with anybody else, because as they had discovered just how unbelievably rewarding and satisfying mother and son sex was.

Even to the point of there being a compelling desire for him to impregnate her, to accomplish that genetic bonding. Only, of course, wisely, something that had thus far not done if only because of practical considerations. Still the desire was there, and it was so deliciously tempting and enjoyable to think about.

Yet, having him father his own little half-brother or half-sister as well as his own son and daughter, and her giving birth to her own son or daughter, who would also be her own grandson or granddaughter, could be quite complicated.

Getting pregnant could be fun, but raising their child would be difficult to say the least. Would they simply raise it as his little brother or sister? Or would they move away and live openly where no one knew them, and perhaps give into the temptation of his impregnating her with his sperm once or twice more?

For the present they just enjoyed their copulation free of such risks and complications.

“Oh, I have to go to work soon …” Janice breathed mindfully, disappointingly knowing that it was a weekday and that she would have to do this.

“I know, mom …” Jason said with equally regret over this fact.

His erection being in her vagina felt so good that they didn’t want it to end. Yet, the weekend was coming up and they could spend the morning or even the day enjoying fucking like this. They could fuck several times if they felt like it, and already knew that they probably would.

“Ohhh … I’m going to come!” Janice announced, squeezing her eyes closed and tilting her head back, as she tightened the grip of her thighs straddling her son’s hips.

In the next moment she groaned and climaxed, doing so intensely as she always did with her son. Jason continued to fuck his mom as she underwent her near-torturous release, giving her his maleness. Then, just as she as finishing, he was ejaculating in her wet depths, his sperm-filled liquid surging out in repeated pulses.

“Ohhh!” He grunted, thrilling in how felt to be doing this in his mom.

Pleasingly exhausted, they lay there recovering. As they did, Jason’s softening penis slipped with the combined wetness of her lubrication and his semen wetly from her opening. They both sighed as they joining came to an end.

Janice climbed from the bed happily naked to go and take a quick shower before getting dressed. She looked at her naked son lying there. “Well, I will certainly have a smile on my face today at work … and nobody will ever know why.”

Jason smiled back. It was just their secret, of course. Nobody would ever know. Although he did wonder what his father would say if he knew that he was fucking his mother like this. He would probably be shocked and disapproving for sure. Too bad, dad, Jason thought. You had your chance having your dick in mom’s pussy. Now it’s my turn and she likes it so much better.

“Maybe we can fuck when you get home this evening,” Jason said.

“Mmm … I think that could be arranged,” his mom said in consideration of the idea.

They both smiled at one another and laughed. It was so much fun.

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