Sweet Daughter In Law

by Marc (Canada)

Hi everybody I'm Das 48 yrs old with a 10 inch long and big as a can of beer my wife Sheela 45 yrs old short and slim but a big cock lover, my son Deepak 24 yrs old married Vidya 19 yrs old they got married a yr ago. So it all start 2 weeks after Deepak was married we have big business and lots of money and Deepak need more training to be on next level so he can be the second boss of the business.

I usually work at home i have an home office so Sheela and Rita or maid Nisha just turn 18 and with wife help i took her cherry they were both naked me fucking Nisha and Sheela was sucking her tit when Vidya open the door was surprise to see us fucking, she just run away Sheela follow her and bring her in she stop get on her knees in front of Neha put her hand under her skirt and pull her panty down Vidya stay still in shock don't know what to do then Sheela make her lay on her back on my desk lift up her skirt and lick her 19 yrs old fresh shave pussy make it wet them i move between her legs insert my monster in her she was so tight she scream loud and not even 2 mins she cum once she was adjust with my size she start to enjoy till she cum and cum and collapse.

After few mins she open her eyes then she sat bend looking at her pussy tear in her eyes she just get down and walk away, Sheela follow her once she was in her room Sheela get in close the door sit her on the bed and talk to her they ask if any problem she say yes her pussy is burning and scared may be pregnant by dad Sheela told her not to worried she is here she will take care of everything then put her head between Neha legs telling her she will clean her then lick her pussy and Neha enjoy it.

In the evening at diner i told Deepak that he has to go another state for his training for 6 month and i won't be holidays he has to work and evening course so better let Neha here she will come to visit, Deepak look at Neha for her approval she say she was ok with it. After diner Neha Sheela and Rita was cleaning the kitchen Deepak was working in his home office so i went outside for a smoke so i can hear what those lady was talking about.

Sheela:Are u sad he is leaving i know you will miss him but dad is here he will take care of you and us to me and my daughter Rita, well she is like a daughter to us

Neha:yes mom i will miss my husband

Sheela:how was dad cock big and nice don't be shy the bigger the better

Neha:it hurt but

Sheela:but what

Neha:but feel good

Sheela:yes maybe you should try it again and this time you will enjoy it

Rita:yes didisister first it hurt then won't be able to live without it the milkman fuck me once but couldn't feel his little dick

Sheela: if you want to try it tonight we can arrange it

Neha:But what about Deepak

Sheela:don't worry about him ok just tell me you want to try it

Neha: ok

Rita put sleeping pills in Deepak milk once he fall asleep Neha was knocking at my door Rita went to open the door grab Neha hand bring her in my wife was in my arm stroking my cock, i tell her to undress and she obey then rita bring her to bed they both start to lick Neha pussy and tits then i get on top and penetrate her i can see tear in her eyes i fuck her hard she was scream with pleasure, Sheela told her not to worry Deepak won't wake up he is on sleeping pill then i get on my back tell to suck me and without telling her she just get on top and sit on my dick she ride me like crazy till we cum.

I fuck her again and the third time i take her virgin ass we been fuck for 4 hours and Neha was so satisfied ,In the morning everything was normal except Neha was walking limp Deepak ask her what happen she told her that last night she fell on her ass now it hurt. After we drop Deepak to the airport we went home have a 4some, a month later she was pregnant Deepak was happy what should i say happy to have a brother well i was the father and Neha make it clear that she want 2 more babies father by me which was ok with me.

Now the best part was that me and Sheela was swinger we go to private club once a month ,i guess Sheela been fuck by 100 guys since we join the club it have been 10 yrs now, she was in everything gang bang to double penetration , and another secret is that Rita is Sheela real daughter she was fucking our drive n i didn't care but then she got pregnant after delivery she gave the baby to Rajiv the driver with lots of money after 16 yrs he died they we took her and Sheela make her our sex partner.

So 1 day i bring Neha with us to the club the was so surprise and hesitate but when everybody was naked and fucking each other she got into and i was the fifth guys fucking her well use pussy, on the way home she try to count how many guys fucked her not for sure it was about 8 different guys she was just laying on bed and they were taking turn.

After the baby was born Neha try to stay away from Deepak no sex for him till Deepak say she met with another woman and moving out with her, Neha laugh at it telling him good luck and walk away deepak was shocked he though Neha will cry and stop him but then he pack and left.

Neha love her new life we would go out have few drink then fuck somewhere in public place we even went to a nude beach to a foreign country where Neha get gang bang by 5 black guys huge horse dick sheela also get into it, now Neha is pregnant with our 3 baby we still live together me and those 3 beauty and Rita has 2 babies from me. Big family happy family.

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