Susie: Day Two

by Anonymous

Susie finally headed to bed. I laid on the couch watching tv thinking about what I just did. It was finally hitting me what I did and even worse that I did it with my best friends girlfriend at his place where he kindly invited me. Now I was feeling terrible. About 11:30 the apartment door opened. The tv was still on and I must have fallen asleep.

Sean was at the door. He walked over and sat in the recliner and turned down the tv. He asked how it went tonight. My heart racing, I simply said, “ok”. Sean told me that he would have to tell me about Christina tomorrow and he would let me get some sleep. Puzzled, I fell back asleep.

The next morning I saw sound asleep on the couch. Susie shook me to wake me up. She leaned down and softly told me that she rubbed her clit to orgasm three more times thinking about what we had done. She kissed me then headed out the door to work. I was tired, but couldn’t go to sleep. Susie was and to this day, the most sexual woman I ever met. She had to have close to a dozen orgasms in one night.

Sean woke up and we sat around talking. It was close to lunch, when Sean told me we had a lunch date. On the drive, he wouldn’t tell me anything. We walked into a restaurant and saw a blonde older woman wave to us. We sat down and Sean introduced me to Christina. They work together at the hospital. Christina is divorced and raising a son on her own. Sean and Christina hook up after work. This was shocking to me, considering how sexual Susie is.

After lunch Sean told me about the sex he has with Christina. At one point he even joked that Christina trims her pussy and I wouldn’t like that as much as Susie’s because she grew her’s out because she knew I liked that. He didn’t seem to mind that his girlfriend grew out her pussy just because I liked it.

Sean left for work about 2:30 and I sat down to watch tv. Apparently, I fell asleep and was woken when Susie returned home from work. As I woke up, Susie said she had to jump in the shower and wanted to know if I wanted pizza for supper. I heard her order pizza to be delivered. Then I heard the shower start. Fifteen minutes later, Susie walked into the living room fully nude. She kneeled over me and told me to begin eating. I licked her pussy to orgasm.

Susie got up and told me to sit in the recliner. She kneeled down in front of me, unzipped my pants and began sucking my cock. She was and remains the best blow job I ever had. She could do things with her tongue that drove me crazy. She was the first woman to ever pay attention to my nuts by licking them while also talking very dirty. As I would get close to cumming, Susie would stop and let me relax.

When someone entered the door to the upstairs apartment, it made a noise you could easily hear. Susie had been waiting for that noise. As soon as she heard it she begged me to cum. She sucked my cock and ran her tongue up and down the shaft in pure ecstasy. As I began to cum there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t stop.

There was a second knock at the door as Susie stood up sticking out her tongue to show me the cum then swallowed. With my dick still out, Susie went to the door fully nude and opened it. The pizza guy looked at her then at me. I was embarrassed as hell. I put away my cock. But, Susie wasn’t bothered at all. She was totally comfortable being nude and even gave the pizza guy a kiss.

As we ate pizza, I asked her about being nude in front of the pizza guy. She explained how it excited her and turned her on. I was thinking how could she get anymore turned on as she seemed to be a walking orgasm. While taking a bite of pizza, Susie laid out the plans for the night. She wanted me to eat her pussy on their bed, then on the dresser, and numerous other odd places. After five or six different places and that many orgasms, we sat down for a rest. I no longer felt bad about doing this with Susie as I figured it wasn’t sex and he was fucking Christina.

Susie got out a vcr tape and put in some porn. As we watched, she gave me head again. She swallowed then wanted to kiss. We laid on the couch kissing while I began fingering her extremely wet pussy. The porn was playing while Susie moaned and confessed she would like to do a porn movie. I believed her that she would. Susie had me sit upright on the couch then with her back towards me, she kneeled down over me to eat her pussy.

As I was eating, she would move around and I would lick her ass. Each time I ran my tongue against her tight little asshole, she would moan and tell me how fucking good that felt. This was my first time eating ass, but she made me want to do it. I spun Susie around and had her knees on the cushions while she was bent over holding the back of the couch with her hands. I sat on the coffee table and buried my face in her ass.

Susie reached back with her hand and began violently rubbing her clit. The orgasms began going off like a machine gun. Each one was less than a minute apart. I don’t know how many she had, but it was a bunch. Wore out she finally sat down then had me kiss her. We sat beside one another on the couch as she held my hand and told me that was the greatest time she has ever had sexually with another person. Whether it was true or not, I believed it and wanted to please her more and more.

Wore out from the activities. We showered together where I fingered her more and she gave me head a third time. Once done, she went to bed and I fell sound asleep.

This was only day two!!!

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