Susie: Day One

by Anonymous

As I turned the corner to get ice cream, there stood Susie in the kitchen. Her back was toward me. She was wearing a T-shirt and panties. I grabbed the ice cream and commented that I was surprised she was wearing panties. Returning to the recliner with my ice cream, I saw a pair of panties fly across the air and land on me.

Down the two steps into the living room, Susie turned the corner, her fiery red hairy pussy on full display. She stood directly in front of me lifting her shirt slightly to expose her pussy and asked if I liked it. I need to give a little back story about Susie.

A little over six months earlier, Sean, my best friend and I were going snow skiing, as we had the previous several years. His grandmother owned a time share we used at a ski resort. The first trip we took was just before Christmas. Instead of it just being the two of us, Sean brought his new girlfriend, Susie. Susie was nice, but a little odd and quirky. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about her, but she was a little different.

Sean and I were watching tv waiting for Susie to finish her shower. The bathroom door opened and Susie was fully nude over to her suitcase to grab clothes. I was shocked, but Sean just laughed it off. Up on the slopes, Sean asked what I thought about Susie’s nude body. In high school, Sean dated a woman that had what I thought was an awesome body. She was a little plump, massive tits and the perfect hairy pussy.

I knew what she looked like nude as we played strip basketball one night. Susie on the other hand was not something that intrigued me at all. She was thin, with red hair, her tits were at best b cup and her pussy was trimmed down to a little landing strip. At this point in my life, I love a pussy the hairer the better. In other words, Susie did zero for me.

I told Sean as politely as possible that Susie did not interest me in the least. But, he swore she was the best and wildest sex he ever had. He claimed she wanted to do things that made him blush and he wasn’t as sexually crazy as she was. Even knowing that didn’t entice me in the least regarding Susie. What I didn’t know was that Sean told Susie everything I had said about her.

The week of New Years, Sean, Susie and I returned to snow ski. I spent hours one night at the bar trying to hook up with a couple different women. The most I got was a kiss from one and fingered the other near the bathroom entrance. Frustrated and tired, I went up to our room and crashed.

The next morning I awoke to moaning and hearing Susie talking really dirty. As I opened my eyes, Sean was in the next bed flat on his back. Susie was perpendicular to him riding his cock. They were both nude and she was fucking him as hard as she could. I grabbed the other pillow and covered my ears so I could get some sleep, but she was too loud. The people in the next room even beat on the wall. Luckily Sean blew his load and got up to shower.

Susie pulled off the pillow I was holding down. As I looked, her red haired pussy was right in front of my face. She ran her fingers through it as she let it grow to a nice full shape. She asked if I liked it better now. Shocked, I knew Sean told her. Susie wasn’t bashful standing there running her fingers over her pussy while the other hand rubbed her rock hard nipple.

Later that day I chewed out Sean for telling Susie what I said about her pussy. He just laughed and said she wanted to let it grow just for me. He wasn’t upset she was doing that just because she knew I would like it. They were a strange couple.

My spring semester at college was wrapping up. My grades were really bad and the school wouldn’t allow me to return in the fall. When I told my parents, they were furious. That is when I called Sean. He invited me to come and stay with him while my parents calmed down. The next morning I drove a few hours to where Sean and Susie were living. When I got there, Susie was at work and Sean was happy to see me. We talked all morning about my plans. He told me to just hang out there and relax for a few weeks before I figure out what to do.

The apartment was a very nice, but small one bedroom. The landlord lived in the main part of the house downstairs and he turned the upstairs into three separate apartments. Sean’s was the smallest of the three. You walked in to the living room, which had a couch and a recliner. Up two steps to the small kitchen. There was a half wall separating the kitchen/dining room from the living room. There was a very nice bathroom with a huge shower and their bedroom, which wasn’t very big. Due to the size, the dining room had a dresser and other stuff. My bedroom was to be the couch.

Sean worked at a hospital on the 3-11 shift Friday through Tuesday. Susie worked as a secretary for a guy who owned a lot of rental properties. Most of the properties were shitty and the people that rented them were not the type of people you would want to hang around. It was my first day with Sean and Susie. It was a Monday, at 2:30 Sean left for work. A little after five Susie arrived home. We sat around talking and ate supper. She took a shower and came out wearing the T-shirt and panties. I was watching tv and only saw what she was wearing when I went for ice cream. As I said earlier, she threw her panties at me when I said I was surprised she would wear panties. Now back to the story.

Susie stood in front of me with a full wild red haired pussy. She asked if I liked it as she informed me that she grew it out just for me. I did like it a lot. When I nodded that I did like it, Susie stepped up on the recliner with her feet standing on the arm rests as she leaned down to push her pussy into my face. With a face full of pussy, I began licking and eating her pussy. The more I licked the more excited I became and the more Susie moaned. Frantically, I was licking her clit as she orgasmed.

Climbing down from the recliner, she told me I was the best she ever had. Whether that was true or not, I didn’t care, but it got me excited. I got up from the chair, grabbed Susie and placed her on her back on the couch. My face between her legs, I ate her pussy until she orgasmed two more times. When I stopped to rest, Susie got up and walked into the kitchen. I went to get a drink, but when I saw her cute little ass, I grabbed her and sat her on the counter. Kneeling down I licked her clit to orgasm again.

Then over to the dining room we went. There was a counter on the back of the half wall where we sat to eat. Sitting in a chair, I spread her legs as I ate her hairy pussy. Orgasm five or six and we were both tired. As I sat in the chair catching my breath, Susie’s legs spread, she ran her fingers through her pussy hair and said she grew this just for me. As I smiled, she began to rub her own clit. I sat there and watched as she gave herself another orgasm. It was exhilarating to watch.

We finally stopped when I told Susie she was the most sexual person I ever met. That is when she told me she would like to fuck half a dozen times a day. I was shocked at her sexual desires. In my mind, eating Susie’s pussy was ok, one because we actually weren’t having sex and two, because I was fucking horny as hell.

This was only my first day with Sean and Susie!!!

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