Susan Turned Lesbian: Pt 3

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

The House Maid knocked on our door and came in.

“Hola senorita,” The maid spoke. She asked if there was anything special I needed. I asked her to follow me and I pointed to our sheets.

“Hay mierda en tus sabanas!” She yelled! I began to cry and told her yes that was poop on my sheets but it wasn’t mine I assured her!

“Que hiciste con la mierda?” She asked me with a questioning look on her face. Then I watched her point to her mouth and acted like she was chewing!

“Yes please don’t judge me . . yes I found poop in my mouth and I think I ate it . . you know . . swallowed it . . oh I am so ashamed!” I whispered to her. I watched as she stripped her uniform and panties off, got up on me bed and reached back and spread her butt cheeks!

“Lamer mi culo desagradable!” She commanded me. I didn’t need to understand Spanish to know . . lick her nasty asshole clean . . now! I moved in and the smell was something else but I continued on and began licking her clean! It felt so right . . like I was born to be here . . you know servicing this powerful Hispanic woman! And yes I felt my cum flowing down my legs! When she had enough she got off the bed, redressed and took pictures of my face; shit smeared mouth, nose, and all! I wondered what she would do with my shitty face pictures . . keep them or post online?

I made it to the shower and Missy came in to pee. The second I saw her it felt like I was on auto-pilot!

“Susan my love,” She spoke, “Come with me please!” I stepped out, still wet and took Missy’s open hand and went to her bedroom. Once there she pushed me onto the bed, spread my legs and began licking and eating my pussy!

“Oh Ma’am, I love servicing you . . please enjoy me eating your pussy . .” Missy told me. I don’t think I heard her words because I was so drawn to the smell coming from my pussy . . I mean it was like I was able to smell and taste my own pus. . my God this was wonderful! After eating me for a while she jumped and ran to get Terri’s Strap-On Cock. What I didn’t know is that Terri was just entering the studio and ran into Missy putting on her cock!

“Go ahead Missy,” Terri instructed her, “Let’s see how she reacts to you fucking her.”

“Susan let me make love to you . . here feel MY COCK fucking your beautiful pussy! She moaned! “Oh Missy this feels so good . .!” But Missy slowed her fucking to watch me respond!

Oh girl . . sweetheart your cock is so big. . filling me . . good for me . . I love you girl . . Ah . . yes . .oh . . God . . yes . yes!” Another orgasm from this young girl with Terri watching!

“Missy did you see that . . Susan just squirted her cum . . look it’s all over the cock and your belly!” Terri shouted! But this time I didn’t past out, I was right there in this wonderful moment!

“Missy thank you love, thanks for fucking me and giving me this orgasm!” I told her. “Please move up here so I can suckle your breasts . . please girl I need your breasts! Terri now watched me begin sucking on Missy’s breast drawing her nipple well into my mouth!

After I became calmer I kissed Missy and carried Terri’s cock back to my bedroom. As I walked in I saw Terri totally nude lying on our bed! More auto-pilot! I crawled up between her legs and pushed my mouth against her pussy. God she was wet and oh how she tastes . . I mean really good!

“Yes my love, feast upon my pussy . . drink my nectar . . oh Susan you were meant for sex my little sister!” Terri whispered to me. You are my love becoming such a good lesbian but I still don’t know if you are a bottom or a submissive bottom of if you’re going to be a switch hitter!” As Terri continued to moan I got two of my fingers wet and pushed them into her asshole!

“Oh God Susan,” Terri sighed, “Susan please put the Strap-On Cock around your waist and make love to me!” I continued to eat her pussy as my mind began to process these thoughts! I pulled back from her pussy and then replaced my mouth this this big cock. “Oh Susan fuck me . . fuck me hard little girl!” I fucked Terri as hard as I could and then I heard her scream as she shot her cum all over me! I pulled my cock out of her pussy and moved up to nurse upon Terri’s breasts!

“Terri tell me what has happened!? Demanded Joyce.

“Oh Joyce, don’t wake Susan, she is off in dream land.” Terri told her. “So I waked in on Missy fucking Susan with my Strap-On Cock and I watched Susan cum . . cum hard . . and she is a squirter girl! Then she came into our bedroom and she went down on me . . she ate my pussy and I told her to fuck me and she obeyed . . she actually obeyed me and fucked me to an orgasm!”

Terri didn’t know what Joyce was doing until she watched her pull her fingers from her asshole, coated with shit and placed them under Susan’s nose. We were both amazed as Susan released my nipple and began sucking my Joyce’s fingers!

“Hell Terri, you found yourself a new lesbian . . you found a ready made slave ripe for the taking!” Joyce said with a moan continuing to watch me clean her fingers! “Terri what was you telling me about her husband Bob . . you talked about his tiny penis . . what may 2” hard . . didn’t he never mature . . was it chemical that kept his balls from dropping outside? Hell Terri what if Bob’s a cock sucker and a slave too? Terri I’m going to feed my ass to her again . .”

“Joyce no just leave her alone . . now . . she is mine and I don’t want you fucking with her anymore . . you hear me!” Terri told Joyce! Terri shouted this just as I squirted again all over Terri legs and Joyce was amazed in what she saw! Joyce pulled her now clean fingers out of my mouth, bent over and kissed my soiled lips.

“It has been so nice getting to know you little girl,” Joyce whispered to me, “I love that you’re a little shit eating girl and you cum as if your life depended on it!”

Our last day, Terri and Joyce were gone again attending the conference and as I was eating my breakfast, my Hispanic maid came through our door and started stripping. I also saw a Hispanic man . . I mean a young man . . a bo . .! She pulled me to our bed, climbed up my face lowering her nasty pussy and her again far from clean asshole. As I began to eat her, I felt his cock push into my pussy! He was so much bigger than Bob . . I mean I could actually feel his cock inside my pussy . . so strong . . so hard he pumped me . . and then I heard him cry out as he shot his foreign cum into my pussy!

“Crees que es fertile?” I heard him ask the maid as she climbed off my face.

Whatever he asked her I knew I needed to wash his cum out of my vagina so I didn’t get pregnant . . hell what if he shot his sperm into my uterus? But I had to wait for him to quit pumping his cock into my pussy. My God isn’t ever going to get soft . . I mean I know he is young but how much staying power does he have?

Then my question was answered as I felt him empty another load of his Hispanic cum, baby making cum deep inside my pussy . . my God he is in so deep . . why is he still pumping his cock . . it’s so hard . . Yes ah . . ah . .oh . . God . . ah . yes! I never knew when he stopped fucking me nor how many loads of his brown skinned cum he pumped inside my gringo pussy or if my Hispanic Queen had taken more pictures of my shit stained face and of him fucking me non-stop . . I mean without ever stopping!

He finally pulled out of me and left me on the bed with my sloppy pussy BUT why wasn’t his cum running out of my pussy? I fell back to sleep and was only awaken by Terri. Terri didn’t understand WHY there was a pillow under my butt with my pussy pointing up at the ceiling fan!!!

“Susan what have you been doing . . why are your pussy lips so swollen?” Terri said as I was waking up. Then I felt her set down next to me and she stated to push her fingers into my pussy.

“Susan, what is a plum doing inside your pussy? Terri shouted. As she pulled it out just a small amount of cum began to trickle out of me! “Susan who fucked . . I mean what man was in . . had his coc . . hell Susan how many times did he fuck you little sister . . by the look of your pussy lips you must have pulled an entire train!”

Still waking up I tried to answer her, “Terri he was so strong . . his cock was so hard . . I mean he kept fucking me over and over! Our maid was here . . she brought a man . . to breed me . . so much cum Terri! I could feel him shooting his big cum . . deep within my pussy . . over and over . . my God Terri I felt him breed me 3 . . no hell 4 times I guess . . I don’t know Terri he just kept fucking and cumming!”

“Well little sister I don’t know when your last period was but with putting your pussy up in the air and inserting the plum inside your pussy I can guaranty you that all of his baby making sperm in now in your uterus girl . . your cervix must be closed now keeping that sperm in it ready to make a baby!”

Sure enough nine months later gave birth to a very brown little Mexican girl! She was beautiful and her mouth was so cute and her pussy lips were anything but tiny . . they were much larger than a normal little girl!

Gary moved into with Bob and now Bob only feds on his cum. Terri has shared that Gary has purchased new breasts and had Bob undergo surgery to do the implants! Wow Bob now has nice firm 36D breasts! I guess I still have another question because I never saw Bob’s tiny penis in any of the pictures, actually it appeared that it was missing and all I could spot was her small mons pubis!

Living with Terri is wonderful and according to Terri I continued to have my extreme orgasms shooting cum out everywhere and then off course pass out! Yes I live as a lesbian now and so happy Terri helped me find my true self; a pussy eater and nipple sucker. Unlike Joyce, Terri never made me her on demand toilet slave but she does every now and then slip a little turd into my mouth as she drives home her Strap-On Cock watching my ULTIMATE ORGASM!

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