Susan Turned Lesbian: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Well Missy it appears that you have done a fine service for my girlfriend Susan!” Terri said. “Your effort is complete now, thank you dear!” Terri told her.

I opened my eyes wide enough to see it was in fact Terri spreading my legs and then pulling them around her. She was at the same time sliding that Strap-On Cock into my pussy and began fucking me!

“Susan, my love,” I heard Terri speaking again! “I have wanted to fuck you so much ever since that first day we met! When I saw you my pussy became fully aroused and my fluids were actually running down my legs!”

Then I heard Joyce begin speaking to Terri. “I told you this little slut is a fucking machine! Missy reported to me that she gave her multiple orgasms while we were gone and you told me she was so passed out you were finger fucking her without a word from her! Remember when I finger fucked her earlier I tell you she accepted it as if this happened to her all the time! Terri, listen to me even after Susan quite sucking the cock I continued to finger fuck her for about 15 minutes more and all I had to do was to keep whispering in her ear . . and she stood there all but helpless!”

“Joyce you are so right, just now you watched me move between her legs and push this sizable cock into her pussy and start fucking her and hell right now her eyes are open but I tell you she doesn’t have the ability to speak or even tell me to stop!” Terri told Joyce!

Let’s try something else, she got next to my head, pushed a couple of fingers into her asshole, then put them under my nose!” Joyce acted on her own!

I tried to speak but this orgasm rocked me to my sole! “Terri my pussy . . well the cock is . . you fucking me . . er you know in my pussy feels wonderful! But why am I smelling poop, didn’t Missy get me all clean this morning? Yes . . I’m smelling poop . . right now . . oh ah . . Oh God Terri . . ah . . oh . . God . . oh God!”

“You see Terri, Joyce told her, “there is more going on with this slut than you even knew yet! You saw first I put my poop smelling fingers under her nose boy that got her attention, and just now I pushed into my asshole again deep getting them coated with poop! I pushed my poop coated fingers into her mouth and BANG she had an instant orgasm, I mean instant. God Terri this bitch is sucking the shit off of my fingers . . should I give her more?”

What I didn’t know was that after the first orgasm I had actually past out and Terri saw me come too when I smelled and then tasted actual poop in my mouth then the next orgasm knocked me out again!

“Joyce, Terri began speaking as she stopped fucking me, “Let’s get Susan more alert and get her something to eat . . I mean . . hell it’s 7pm now and I know she hasn’t eaten since the flight this morning!

“My God Terri it looks like I could sit over her mouth and feed her my shit and she would be one happy slut!” Joyce told Terri.

“We can do that later, but for right now let’s feed her normal food and get her a good night’s sleep!” Terri demanded!

Again feeling kisses on my lips!

“Susan good morning my dear!” Terri spoke to me!

“Good morning Terri what day is it?” I asked her.

“Susan this is only Monday, the first day of the Nurses Conference! Terri continued to speak to me as she was kissing my lips on and off! “Sister, I’m so sorry things got out of hand yesterday and with Missy, Joyce and even myself! Honey it is just you are so beautiful, so sexy, so hot . . I mean Susan you’re so very responsive to various sexual stimulation and so much so you actually pass out from your orgasms!”

“How many orgasms did I have Terri, I mean it was just one day right?” I asked her. As Terri began to answer me, I felt her fingers move to my breasts and begin to massage them.

“Susan the best we can determine . . I mean those that we saw . . you know that happened right in front of someone . . the count was 6 . . yes Susan 6 orgasms yesterday, actually in less than 10 hours . . my God . . that was in less than 8 hours! Terri had a giant smile on her face!

“Terri I don’t remember having them are you sure I had 6 orgasms, really 6?” I responded. This entire time Terri continued to massage my breasts and then in complete surprise, I watched her open her nurses uniform, expose her breasts and pulled my mouth to her nipple!

“Susan sweetheart, please right now you need to suckle at my breast and find comfort and calmness love!” Terri instructed me. “You need to listen for a few moments little sister, Susan I’m not sure what you have heard since we got here but I asked you to come with me on this trip . . you have to believe me because I have fallen in love with you . . yes you! And although you are married, I felt like you could become such an outstanding lesbian . . I mean Susan you knew I was a lesbian didn’t you . . well anyway I still don’t know if you desire deep inside to be a lesbian or a bisexual woman . . you know still having sex with Bob . . You know your husband!” All this time my mouth was full of Terri’s nipple so I couldn’t even start to answer her!

“Susan my love, I remember back to the second time we went out drinking after work! Oh Susan, well into the night you started sharing things . . you know . . about Bob . . Susan you told me that he had a tiny penis . . smaller than you remember on the little boys you babysat back in school! And when I asked you why you are staying with him . . well you told me that it was you that ran your marriage, you that controlled your finances, you dictated how and when you would allow him to touch you with his tiny penis . . if at all! But when I fuck your pussy . .” As I heard Terri reporting to me, all these ideas and facts that I had openly shared with her . . I found myself sucking harder and harder on her nipples . . switching back and forth between her breasts . . I was now thinking about Terri’s Strap-On Cock and how wonderful it felt driving into my pus . . ah . . oh . . God . . oh God!

“Susan my love . . my God you just exploded with another orgasm . . Susan I wasn’t even touching your pussy or even your asshole . . my sweet Susan you’re on a roller coaster of orgasms . . I don’t think you ever want to get off of this ride . . do you my little slut?”

When I woke again I checked the clock and it was about 11am. No one was in our suite so I ate a little food and then took a quick shower. For whatever reason my hairy pussy and my asshole hair was matted . . actually sticky . . my God there was cum everywhere! I didn’t know when anyone would return but I still felt like I needed more sleep so I took a couple of my sleeping pills and went back to bed.

“Susan wake up dear . . Susan wake up . . are you ok?” Terri asked me.

“Hell Terri is she still pasted out from the orgasm you told me about this morning . . just by talking about sex with her?” Joyce asked her! “Terri I know how to wake her, trust me, I will have her awake in just minutes!”

“Joyce, I don’t know,” Terri told her. Too late because Joyce had already stripped and was positioning her ass over my mouth.

“Hold her nose Terri, do it now!” Joyce yelled at Terri! With my nose shut I opened my mouth to breath and with that Joyce began pushing her nasty turd into my mouth! Once it was in Joyce got off my face and stood next to Terri.

“My God Terri look . . I mean watch her lips . . Terri she is chewing on my shit!” Joyce almost couldn’t speak right now! “Terri I have to get this on film . . I mean right now!” Joyce came back with her phone camera and began a video that was like nothing she had seen before!

“Terri get that big cock of yours and start fucking this slut!” Joyce told Terri.

“No no no Joyce!” Terri told her. “This is ground breaking . . I mean we have to know if Susan has another orgasm from smelling . . no tasting . . no hell from eating shit! Joyce look she is pulling more of your turd into her mouth . . she is actually eating your shit and . . my God Joyce . . look at her throat . . she is swallowing . . watch it there it goes . . hell she is swallowing again!

“Ah . . oh . . God . . oh God . . yes . yes . yes . . .” I screamed right before I pasted out again!

“Joyce I think you killed her . . feel her pulse . . does she have a pulse?” Terri cried.

“No Terri she has a pulse now just look between her legs!” Joyce commanded! “There is so much new cum, look there is a puddle . . not a wet spot . . yes a puddle under her pussy! Feel it Terri!” Terri did more than feel it, she moved up next to me and told Joyce to go to her own bedroom. She pulled me towards her and gave me a big kiss with tongue, then shoved her breast against my mouth and watched me begin sucking on her nipple!

“Yes my love, just relax and be calm my dear! Terri whispered. I felt semi-conscious at the moment . . awake enough to feel Terri slip a couple of fingers into my pussy. But she wasn’t finger fucking me . . no she just held them inside as if she was protecting my womanhood! No one else was going to bring me off with another orgasm!

When I woke I had to hit the shower . . again . . plus brush my teeth you know clean out my mouth!

But before I made it the House Maid knocked on our door and came in.

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