Susan Turned Lesbian: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

We have been married since High School and enjoy a good live. Actually we were just getting started in our new jobs in St. Louis when I met Terri, a nurse and as it turns out a neighbor just a few blocks away. I really liked Terri so she started coming over to our house and even going out dancing and drinking with me!

One evening I told Bob that Terri had invited me on a trip to Florida, even though it was a Nurses Convention she assured me that we would still have a good time and I should come!

“Bob, you know I have one more week vacation than you right now so I’m going to use it for this getaway!” I told Bob! So I packed lightly saying I would purchase new clothes on the trip.

So the plane ride was ok, and the short shuttle ride to our hotel was ok. As Terri checked in I learned we had a suite, with two bedrooms and one bathroom. In the room, Terri hadn’t unpacked yet because she had to go and check in at the convention! As I was unpacking, I heard the door unlock and saw two women walk in. Well them woman looked to be about 40ish but the other looked much closer to 18!

“Hi, she said, you must be Terri’s girlfriend Susan,” the older woman said! “I’m Joyce”

“Hi, yes I am Susan and Terri went to check into the convention and will be right back.” I shared.

“So this is you and Terri’s secret hideaway, so Missy and I will make the other one our love nest!” Joyce told me. Wow love nest I thought this was quite forward I felt but not my problem!

I finished my unpacking and I started on Terri’s just to help her out! As I opened her suit case I lifted up her uniforms and was greeted with a good size Strap-On Cock and a large tube of lubricant! I thought what in the world but then thought that Terri just uses this Strap-On herself and to each their own . . right? Not knowing what to do, I left this special cock to the last and was just about to put it in the Night Stand on Terri’s side of the bed when Joyce popped her head in.

“Oh Susan you brought your own Strap-On Cock darling?” Joyce said, and with that she was right next to me and had taken the big cock in her hand! “Wow Susan Terri told me you were hot but this is amazing sweetie! So your pussy handles this big cock ok and how about your sweet little asshole?” Joyce asked me!

“Joyce, I . . well .. no this isn’t my coc . . I mean I’ve never had this cock in my puss . . God Joyce this is Terri’s Strap-On!” I finally got out.

Joyce just smiled and said, “Oh Susan, it’s ok, sweetie, I know your young and this must all be new to you. You first just have to know how to kiss it, you know right on its head!” With that she had put the cock to my lips and listening to her instructs me I did kiss the tip! “That’s it little girl, now just open wide . .” She stopped speaking as she pushed the cock into my mouth! “Oh my Susan it looks like this cock was made just for you sweetheart!” She was now fucking my mouth but I didn’t have a clue what was going on!

I finally realized what I was doing so I stopped sucking on this cock and pulled back letting it slide out of my mouth! I then quickly realized that Joyce had her other hand under my dress and was finger fucking my pussy!

“Joyce please stop . . stop!” I told her, but I realized that it had been another 5 or 10 minutes or more before Joyce pulled her fingers from my pussy and pushed them into my mouth! I got confused because she kept talking to me while she was fingering me!

“Enjoy Susan, I am so glad I got to meet you lover!” Joyce said. “It’s going to be a great week now I know for sure!”

I went to the bathroom to find Missy in the shower, but the door was open so I walked in and sat down to pee! Before I was finished Missy opened the shower door and stepped out right in front of me, I mean with her bald pussy almost right up against my mouth!

“Oh I’m sorry Susan,” Missy said, “I needed to take a quick shower because . . well you know . . I mean once you meet Joyce you’ll see . . I ere er had to wash my pussy, it was really sloppy you know!”

“Don’t think a thing about it Missy,” I said, “you just dry off and I’ll finish when you are gone!” I felt like I now needed to poop really badly!

“Brrt . . THPPTPHPHTTTPH . .,” Oh God Missy, I am so sorry dear!” I moaned from the pressure I now felt and the smell, oh my it smelt like there was shit on the walls and the floor . . .”braaah . .phhhhhhht . . splplplllp . . oh oh ahh . .” With that it all broke loose and I filled the toilet with the strongest smelling diarrhea ever given birth from my body!

“My goodness Susan, are you ok?” Missy asked me. I realized that not only was she still in the bathroom, but she had squatted down between my legs and was rubbing my thighs! “Susan it will be ok, just you get it all out and things will be much better. Of course Missy was still naked, yes quite naked!

I had several more out pouring’s of my liquid waste when I reached for some toilet paper. “Here allow me to be of service!” Missy told me. I had never felt the wiping my asshole as gently as she did. “Susan you know that some splashed up on yourself,” Missy all but whispered to me, “Please allow me to assist you in your clean up ma’am.” She stood up took me by my hand and walked me into the shower. Just as quickly she had the water temperature just right and using her hands was washing every inch of my body! She was acting like she was some sort of servant to me, I mean this was nice!

“Your body is much softer than my Mistress Joyce.” She shared with me. I was amazed when she finished washing and rinsing off my butt cheeks and asshole, Missy pushed in and gave my asshole a sweet little kiss, with tongue no less!

“Missy may I ask you why you call Joyce Mistress?” I asked her. Missy finally pulled her sweet lips away from my asshole so she could answer me and continue with my washing!

‘Ma’am, my Mistress Joyce purchased me at a private auction, well she needed someone to help her with her person hygiene, house cleaning, laundry, and as her all around servant!” Missy shared. “Ma’am I guess I should tell everything since you will receive my services here when Mistress Joyce is through with me . . well, upon request . . I mean whenever Mistress demands . . of me I must become her Toilet Slave!” While sharing all of this information, Missy had completed washing my front and had rinsed my off fully she dropped back her knees and began licking and sucking on my pussy lips!

“Missy you don’t have to do this sweetheart!” I told her but then realized I had both of my hands on her head ever so gently pulling her mouth against my pussy! “Oh Missy . . oh oh . . my God Missy this is wonderrr . . .” I tried to tell her before my cum began pouring, literally pouring out into her mouth! Missy shared with me later that I had orgasmed with her in the shower and she all but carried me back to my own bed!

“Thank you Ma’am, your cum is delicious!” Missy told me. “If I can do anything else for you this week, please demand it of me!”

Lying down on the bed I was exhausted from the exciting orgasm Missy had given me! I was having a dream when I was awoken feeling lips on my lips!

“Susan, are you ok sweetie,” Terri asked me. I continued to feel her lips kissing mine! “Yes yes I guess I am . . I mean Missy . . she was wonderful and she . . oh Terri I feel so weak right now!” I said with a moan! I felt Terri kissing me again and then felt a couple of fingers slip into my pussy!

“Susan you just lie here and relax love,” Terri whispered to me, “I know there is more about this week than I had shared but all in due time. I love you Susan and although you are married, I felt like you could become such an outstanding lesbian or well at least a good bisexual woman . . you know holding your own! But I feel after talking to Joyce and seeing how much you’re enjoying my finger fucking, I feel it will be a bottom or a submissive bottom for you my little sister!” I felt like I was sleeping but then again I could still hear Terri speaking to me and I know I could feel her fucking my pussy, with fingers it felt like!

When I finally woke up, Terri and Joyce were gone but Missy was again between my legs eating my pussy!

“Missy my love you can stop . . I mean you don’t have to give me oral sex . . I mean you don’t have to eat my pussy . .my God it does feel so good, but why do you feel the need to service my body?” I finally asked her!

Ma’am Mistress Terri instructed me to provide you with oral stimulation on your womanhood . . well er . . your pussy and I have been servicing you for over an hour but you stayed asleep the entire time! Missy told me! “I was worried for you because you had come so much before in the shower I didn’t know what that did to you!”

“Missy I'm feeling much better now, but you’re correct, once I returned to Terri’s room . . I mean my room . . well Terri and my room, I think I passed out . . you know in a good way!” I replied! As I finished speaking I felt Missy slide a couple of fingers into my asshole. She didn’t say anything she just continued eating my pussy and now finger fucking my asshole! I actually felt like I could go back to sleep as she was making me feel so so good! I had relaxed so much that too late I realized I was peeing!

“Oh Missy, watch out dear I’m peeing . . you know my pee . . Its flowing out of me . . sweetheart move your mouth . .” I tried to warn her but it became clear that since the bed wasn’t wet under me, Missy had to be drinking my pee down right from this source! “Missy sweetheart . . my love . . child you don’t have to drink . . I mean . . . .!” I was finished now and yes Missy had drunk it all, what did she say about being a Toilet Slave . . Oh my Lord!

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