Susan Brings Someone Along

by Chris (Minnesota)

My sister Susan bounced into my room one night, ready for our almost nightly fuck session. She had a look on her face that was different than the usual horny look.

I had to ask her. "What's up with you tonight?"

"I want something tonight."

"I'm up for that. What is it you want?"

"Lynn. I want Lynn to join us."

That got my attention right away, and if possible, it got me even harder. Lynn had just turned 18, and was a loner. She was an athlete, and tall and thin. She wasn't as busty as Susan, but I could live with that.

I looked at Susan for a moment then said, "Ok. Let's do it. You go get her though. I'm not dressed for it. Make sure you tell her what's going to happen though.,"

She smiled and nodded. Then she walked out to collect Lynn.

I waited and wondered if it would actually happen. Lynn seemed to like women more than guys. At least that's who I usually saw her hanging out with. I just assumed I guess.

Susan walked back in, hand in hand with Lynn. She sat her down on the chair in my room, then sat on the bed next to me.

"Lynn, I've got a question before we get started. Are you a virgin?"

Lynn blushed, but finally shook her head no. Susan smiled at that.

"Good. You like women don't you?"

Lynn smiled and nodded that time. "I lost my virginity to Lisa at a slumber party. She had her strap on with her."

"Very nice. Let me show you what you'll be playing with tonight."

Susan reached over and pulled the blanket off, exposing my rock hard cock. Lynn's eyes went wide as she stared at my thick 9 inches.

"Damn. That's bigger that Lisa's strap on!"

"It's more fun too. Chris, sit up. Lynn, come over here. Let's get the fun started."

Lynn stood and took the few steps over to the bed. Susan looked at me and said, "It's my turn first. Watch this."

She stood, and joined Lynn. They stood face to face for a moment, then Susan leaned in and kissed her. I saw her tongue slip into Lynn's mouth, and could see Lynn return the kiss.

Susan reached for those tits then, capturing Lynn's nipples. I watched as she caressed them, getting them good and hard. Then she slowly started stripping her. The shirt came off, then the panties. Susan knelt, pulling them slowly down Lynn's legs. When they hit the ground, Susan surprised me by leaning forward and kissing Lynn's pussy.

I heard Lynn moan. "Oh God yes!" That's when Susan really wants to work, burying her tongue in Lynn's pussy. I could see her tasting that hot pussy for the first time. Lynn's hand was on her head, and I could see her body jerk as Susan licked her clit.

Finally Susan stood up smiling. "Your turn now."

Lynn knew what she wanted. She pulled Susan's shirt off, revealing that familiar body. Lynn didn't waste any time. She started kissing her way down Susan's body. I watched as she sucked those hard nipples into her mouth, then as she started kissing lower. Finally I got to see it. Lynn's tongue slid into Susan's hot pussy.

"Oh fuck yes!" Susan was loving the feeling of her sisters' tongue deep in her pussy. I was surprised when she stopped her, but it was only to rearrange things.

Susan laid down on the bed with her ass right on the edge. "Come get it Lynn."

Lynn did, kneeling and burying her tongue in her sister again. I couldn't resist then myself. Lynn was in the perfect position, so I knelt behind her and slowly slid my hard cock into her tight pussy.

It took a while, but finally I was buried in my middle sister's pussy. I gave her a moment to get used to it, then I started fucking her while she ate Susan.

We fucked like that for what seemed to be ages. Holding off was difficult, but I wanted to enjoy every second of it. Finally though, Susan reached down and lifted one of her big tits to her mouth. When I saw her suck her own nipple in, I was done for.

I slammed into Lynn a few more times, then flooded her pussy with my cum. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock; my sister was cumming with me. Then finally, Susan closed her eyes and said the same all over Lynn's tongue.

We stopped for a brief rest, then the fun started all over again. We tried it all that evening. Susan and Lynn got into the hottest 69 I'd ever seen. I fucked Susan as she knelt over Lynn's face. And finally, I got two mouths on my cock for the first time ever.

We were worn out after that. But I knew there was going to be more. Lynn was hooked after that night, and she and Susan traded off nights in my bed after that. Lynn alone was another story though for another time.

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