Susan and Her Girlfriend Katy

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan had many girlfriends but Katy quickly became very fond of her!

Katy had a business trip out in California while we were living out there and came to stay with us. We all had loads of fun taking out good times back in St. Louis and planning the off time we could have together during her trip!

Our first visit was to Sana Barbara to an Art Walk. While there we all saw several of the female artists that were even hairier than Susan! This seemed to become quite interesting to Katy!

We finally walked over to the Hotel California, you know just like in the song, and set at a table. While there Katy pushed one of her hand up and short legs and grabbed my penis.

“Wow Bob,” Katy shared, “You are as tiny as Susan has shared dear!”

“Be kind Katy,” Susan spoke, “Bob has always been quite tiny BUT he eats my pussy like a wild machine! Be good and you might even get to try him out girlfriend!”

The three of us sat there drinking to the point where the girls were both becoming quite drunk! So I left them at the table and went to get the car.

On the drive back Katy asked to stop so she could throw up! Susan got out so she could hold Katy’s hair and as she was squatting in front of her I watched Susan begin to pee! She could do this quite easy as she had already pulled her dress up to squat down . . . and the fact that Susan wasn’t wearing any panties!

I saw Katy lift her head and look directly at Susan’s hairy pussy with her piss shooting out . . . now even splashing on her face!

Once back at the house Katy ended up in the guest bathroom to go pee. When she didn’t come back both Susan and I went to check on her. Katy had slipped off of the toilet and was lying on the floor . . . naked!

Susan knelt down beside of her and pulled the hair out of her face. I was able to see Katy’s small breasts. Susan finally asked me to help get Katy into her bed. Once there she was lying on her back . . . still totally naked . . . showing off her breasts and her shaved pussy!

I watched Susan bend over and begin sucking on her breast. I thought it was only fair so I spread her legs and began eating out her pussy . . . just as Susan had shared at the bar! Katy began to moan moving her hips and finally she began to speak.

“Oooo yes,” Katy moaned, “Susan, Bob is quite the muff diver . . . oooooh my!”

I continued to eat Katy’s shaved pussy and Susan switched between Katy’s breasts and kissing her lips . . . complete with tongue!

I woke up during the night needing to pee and found that Susan wasn’t in our bed. I walked down stairs and peaked into the guest bedroom. There I saw Katy between Susan’s legs eating her hairy pussy. Susan had her hands on Katy’s head holding her against her!

I couldn’t help myself and crawled between Katy’s legs . . . spreading her butt cheeks to open up her ass! I began to eat her asshole just as I had eaten her shaved pussy!

Katy began to move her hip pushing back against my mouth. I could smell her pussy as it must have been dripping and her ass smelled and tasted wonderful! Susan was moaning telling Katy to keep eating her . . . telling her not to stop! After Susan had cum Katy moved up next to Susan and the two of them began to kiss.

I watched Katy then move her head into Susan’s hairy armpit as she began kissing and licking it! I knew Susan hadn’t showered after our Sana Barbara outing so her hairy pits had to have a strong odor!

I chose that moment to move between Susan’s legs and begin eating her pussy. Katy had left it quite wet now with Susan’s own cum still flowing out of her. I drank Susan’s cum down and enjoyed drinking her down as I continued eating her pussy.

We woke up the next morning with Katy playing with my penis.

“I wish you could get an acceptable erection Bob!” Katy shared! “You and Rick both could be girls as much as you tiny penises look more like a large clit!”

“That’s exactly why I fuck Bob with my strap on dong,” Susan shared, “you know Katy . . . fucking him like the girl . . . or should I say gurl . . . using his gurl pussy anyway I desire! He enjoys being fucked . . . pushing back and even leaking out his little cum!” With that Susan went upstairs to get her strap on and brought it back down stairs.

“Go ahead Katy,” Susan commanded, “I’m sure you have fucked Rick too . . . right girl?”

“Your right Susan,” Katy responded, “Rick also enjoys my raping his asshole . . . sometimes even crying out begging me not to stop fucking him! I have even caught him fucking himself in the shower with the strap on pressed onto the shower wall!"

“You know Katy,” Susan then shared, “Since we all become lovers now . . . I can also share that we have enjoyed the company of several men to party at our house. We find bi men and they fuck both me and Bob. It is so hot watching them fuck Bob and hearing him moan as they drive their cocks deeper and deeper into his asshole! It’s also so hot to watch their load of cum dripping out of Bob’s asshole long after they leave us!”

“I’ve thought of doing something like that Susan,” Katy responded, “But Rick doesn’t like to party . . . hell we’ve never been with another couple let alone another man!”

“Get him drunk,” Susan shared, “and have that special man . . . or couple . . . join you and let things happen. Once Rick feels that real man cock fucking his asshole . . . trust me . . . he will beg for more and more! Also have the man slip his cock into Rick’s mouth and dump his cum down his throat . . . even after he has fucked his asshole! Rick will taste his own shit along with the hot cum being pushed down his throat!”

During this entire conversation Katy continued to fuck my asshole like a pro! I finished off by licking and sucking the strap on clean. I know my job is always to keep Susan’s strap on nice and clean after my ass fucks!

Katy stayed with us almost a week and during that time her and Susan continued making love to each other every evening. Katy was so taken with Susan’s hairy body . . . loving on her wet hairy pits enjoying the smell for sure. And eating her hairy pussy drinking down Susan’s flowing cum! I enjoyed watching them as Katy would spread Susan’s ass cheeks and examine her hairy asshole . . . kissing and licking forever and then fucking it with her tongue!

Susan also asked Katy to join her in our water sports games as they both would stand over me in the shower and let their piss flow directly into my face! I would try to drink all that I could but feeling that warm pee flowing over my body always gave me a tiny erection which both Susan and Katy enjoying seeing!

The last step that Susan shared with Katy was the gurly panties she had me wear! Susan purchased me everything from thongs to granny panties in every color and print you can imagine! Katy even took some pictures of me on her phone thinking that she just might be able to get her Ricky into panties too!

“Susan,” Katy said, “This is amazing! I’ve never heard of a man . . . let alone a husband . . . wearing panties! He looks so sweet with his little clit pushing out just enough in front! I also like seeing the tiny wet spots that he leaks out from his pee and little boy juices. “

“Katy,” Susan responded, “As you can see Bob’s breasts are really beginning to grow and he will soon need to begin wearing a bra too! I can let you take a bottle of our Estrogen Hormone Cream with you to start using on Ricky! I get mine from my OBGYN telling her that my pussy is dry sometimes. I use it to masturbate Bob’s tiny penis and also push it into his asshole as lube when I fuck him with my strap on cock!”

“Susan,” Katy shared, “Again I have never heard of using Estrogen cream on a man BUT I can see the effect it is having on Bobbie girl! His gurly breasts look like that are about a B Cup right now . . . this is so cool girl!”

“Bob is a real hit at the nude beach we travel to!” Susan shared. “So many women stare at his tiny penis along with his nice breasts as we walk down the beach! Some women have even stopped me to talk about how I got his breasts to grow!”

“It’s all part of being that strong WOMAN in control of her man!” Susan spoke. “This Estrogen cream has worked wonders and Bob enjoys how I play with and even suck on her breasts when I have her on her back being fucked! Hell even the men that come to fuck him are enjoying her breasts too!”

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