Surprised With Mom

by K (WA)

“Oh!” Jeri said, surprised to see her son standing in the doorway of the laundry room, and being head to-toe naked.

Jason was just as surprised. He had stopped by his mom’s house that afternoon and let himself in through the back door. It was obvious that she had not been expecting him.

Not that she looked upset. She just grinned and laughed.

“Oh, my!” she said.

Jason grinned back modestly. “Sorry … I didn’t know.”

“That’s okay,” she assured, not in the least upset. “I just happened not to be dressed,” she said simply.

“Uh … yeah,” Jason acknowledged, seeing that for himself.

Jeri gave her son a playful smirk. “Now that you’ve caught me naked, are you going to take off your clothes and take advantage of me?” she teased.

“Jason blinked. “You mean … be naked, too?”

“Well … just so long as nobody knows,” she said mindfully. “It could be fun.”

“Geez, mom!” Jason responded, not sure if she was being serious.

“You might not get another chance to have me naked,” she pointed out. “So if you want to enjoy it and take off your clothes …”

“Like … right here?”

“Sure,” Jeri said happily.

It was summer and Jason was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts and flip-flops. He tugged his shirt over his head, slipping off his flip-flops and then slid his shorts down and off, leaving himself as naked as his mother. He felt modest about doing this with his mom, and almost immediately his penis began to stiffen with a handsome erection.

“Ooo … that looks nice,” she said.

She stepped forward and reached down to feel her son’s stiff organ. As she did this, they shared a small kiss on the lips.

“You could just slip that in me,” she suggested.

Jeri leaned back against the washing machine and spread her legs apart. Jason stepped up and took a hold of his erection. Gently and easily he pushed it into his mom’s wet vagina, going smoothly all the way in.

“Ooo … that feels so good,” Jeri breathed.

Jason could hardly believe that he was standing here naked with his mom, and with his erection in her vagina. Slowly he pulled back a little and pushed inward again and began doing this with a steady rhythm.

“Oh, yeah …” his mom moaned, squeezing her eyes shut, savoring the stimulation. “It feels so good having you fuck me.”

Jason was surprised. He had never heard his mom talk like this before. “It feels good fucking you, mom,” he said back.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Jeri panted. Then suddenly she gasped as she was climaxing “Ahhhhhh!!!”

This excited Jason and in another moment his enormous stiff boner was ejaculating deep in his mom’s vagina.

‘Ohhh … yeah …” he grunted as he felt it happening.

Then when they had both finished and were standing there catching their breath, they looked one another and smiled.

Jason could not believe how satisfying it was to have just put his sperm-filled semen into his own mom. It was so special.

His softening penis slipped wetly from her vagina and she took his face into her hands and kissed him fully on the mouth.

“Oh, honey … that was so nice.”

“Yeah, mom … it was.”

Jeri grinned. “Well, now that we’ve done it together … maybe you won’t be so shy in the future.”

“No, mom. I won’t,” Jason said, already thinking how wonderful it was going to be getting to fuck his mom.”

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