by Carol (Florida)

It’s Saturday and hubby and I just had a great sex session. I love it when he takes me to the back of our property and has sex with me in our giant hammock. I love him dearly and do everything he asks of me, and I do mean everything . He says let’s go inside and take a shower. Our shower can hold ten people and it’s a great place to have group sex. We get out the shower and Rocky says Carol put in a sundress but be naked underneath. Oh boy here we go. I ask him why and he says it’s a surprise.

I’m completely tan so I put on my yellow sundress to highlight my tan. Rocky has on shorts and a tee shirt and off we go. We’re driving for about a half an hour and nothing looks familiar to me. I mean I know where most of the adult entertainment places are located. We driving down Lois in Tampa and I see the sign, FANTASYLAND. I’m wet already. Rocky puts his hand under my dress and says I knew you would be wet now let’s go inside and have some fun.

Fantasyland has private booths with glory holes. I’m in for a treat tonight. We park our SUV and go inside. I came here once by myself and had such a fucking good time. Some men hang around and when they see a couple go into a booth, they go to the booth next door. That’s what happened to me. Rocky buys some tokens and we go in the booth. We start to watch a movie and Rocky pulls my sundress over my head. I pull his shorts down and put his ten inch cock in my mouth.

I love to suck a cock, always have. Rocky is nice and hard and he picks me up and lowers me down on his cock. Oh yes Rocky fuck me make me cum. I’ve turned into a real cock crazy slut. Rocky is sucking on my big tits and I cum all over his big cock. Rocky is slamming me down on his cock and it’s not long before two cocks are in the holes of the booth. Rocky pulls out of me and cums all over in the corner on the floor. I suck the rest of the cum out his big magnificent cock.

I hear a voice say to me I saw you walk in there pretty lady and I’ll bet you’ve got a pretty pussy. Ricky isn’t the jealous type, because if he was he’d pull the man out of the booth and make him cry. Rocky looks at me and says Carol what are you going to do. I get down grab both cocks and suck both of them. Ricky says you’ve turned into a real slut haven’t you. I laugh and tell him yes your slut. Both cocks are hard now and I back my butt up to the bigger of the two and guide him into my pussy.

The other cock I keep sucking. Rocky takes his phone out and says I need to film this. I say to him film what, you being a slut. Rocky knew when he met me I love all cocks. He’s just bought out the perv side of me. Oh that strangers cock feels so good inside me. The man whose cock is in my mouth cums down my throat. I swallow I never spit. The man inside is about to cum so I get down and let him cum in my mouth also. Rocky is playing with my big tits and he says I’m so glad I married you.

I tell him I loved you since the first day I met you. Rocky has fingers inside me and I look and there’s two more cocks in the holes. Oh boy looks like I’m getting used and abused tonight. I do the same thing again, suck one fuck one. Rocky is enjoying watching his slut in action. I just wish there would be a woman where he could have som fun. I cum again and so do both men. Again in my mouth. Rocky definitely won’t kiss me so I hug him. All of a sudden there’s a knock on the door.

Rocky says leave you dress off and open the door. I open the door and it’s the older gentleman who had sex with me the last time. He says Hi Carol do you mind if I join you guys. Rocky remembers him and he gave this guy a look and he shut the door. I said to Rocky he’s harmless. Rocky says he’s a disrespectful prick, but if you want him it’s ok with me. Last time we were here I enjoyed his cock the best. I open the door and pull him inside. He looks at Rocky and says absolutely nothing.

I tell him take your clothes off and give me your old big hard cock. He’s undressed in a flash and he pushes my head down to suck his cock. He says that’s right Carol suck my cock like you did last time. I grab his cock and start to suck it. He says to me by the way my name is Carlos. I’m to busy sucking his cock to answer him. Carlos is ready to fuck me, but he asks if we can go to another booth. I ask him why and he says Rocky is making him uncomfortable.

I say ok and we both get out the booth naked and go to the one next door. Carlos lays me down and I spread my legs. I ask him are you going to fuck me now. Carlos laughs and says now that I have you alone I’m going to abuse your pussy and your ass. He slams his cock into me and I wrap my legs around him telling him to fuck me. Carlos is fucking me so hard and he’s grabbing my nipples and pulling on them. I tell him please stop you’re hurting me.

He puts a nipple in his mouth and starts to chew on it. OMG he’s really trying to hurt me but it feels so fucking good. I look down and there’s Rocky’s big cock coming through the hole. Carlos says to me don’t you touch it, so I don’t. Carlos says your pussy is mine tonight, all mine. OMG yes Carlos my pussy is yours to do whatever you want. Rocky says Carol what about me. I tell Rocky I’m busy right now. Carlos says good girl. Oh yes Carlos I want you cock and no one else’s, fuck me Carlos, fuck me.

I cum and Carlos cums deep inside me. He takes his cock out of me and says Carol be a good slut and suck the rest of the cum out of my cock. I grab his cock and say my pleasure. Carlos is still hard and he rolls me over on my stomach. Carlos says now Carol I’m going to fuck your ass. I open my butt cheeks and tell him to fuck my ass. I feel the head of his cock go inside my ass. Carlos pushes the rest inside and he starts to fuck my ass. I turn my head and says fuck my ass Carlos cum in my ass.

I love it when a man fucks my ass. Carlos says I’m going to cum in your ass. I tell him yes cum in my ass. Carlos cums in my ass and I cum so hard I feel faint. Carlos puts his cock in my mouth and says taste your ass and my cum. I tell him I love the taste. Carlos says I bought some friends of mine so maybe they can also enjoy your body and your pussy. There’s a knock on the door and two black men come inside. They strip naked and both have huge cocks.

I grab them and say black is my favorite and I start to suck both of them. Their cocks are rock hard now so I suck on one and guide the other inside me. Oh yes fuck me with your big black cock. Both men take turns fucking me and I cum a couple of more times. Carlos grabs me and kisses me and says I want you cell number. I ask him why and he says when Rocky is out of town I want to come to your house and fuck you for as long as I like.

Carlos hands me a piece of paper and a pen and says I’ll be calling you when he leaves. I write my number down and he says now go my little slut. He opens the door slaps me on the ass and I’m naked standing there for all the men to see. Rocky opens the door bends me over and says now it’s my turn to fuck you my slut.

He slams his ten-inch cock inside me and again there are two cocks in the holes. I ignore them and pay attention to making my hubby happy. Yes Rocky fuck me fuck your slut. I can’t cum anymore but Rocky cums deep inside me. We get dressed and as we are leaving the men are saying hey not fair, we also wanted to fuck you. I look at them and say next time fellas.

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