Surprise For Hubby

by Sher (South Africa)

A week before our wedding, I decided to give Adam one last surprise. He loves watching animals fuck me, so I thought I'd get a few to fuck me while he records it. A dog, horse, a donkey and a goat. With the help of his best friend, Dallas, I got this surprise set up.

I was laying naked on a bench high and low enough for these three animals to fuck me. Before this could start though, I also planned a medium sized SS with at least 15 of D's friends. D brought Adam into the barn, having him blindfolded and guiding him inside.

Moving my eyes to him, they lit up with excitement and anticipation knowing, his slut, myself, was going to give him satisfactions and pleasure. D removes his blindfold, his eyes adjust to the light in the barn and he focuses on me sucking a black cock, the first out of 15. Sizes ranged from 9"-16".

For the next 1 hour 30 minutes I sucked all 15 black guys' cocks from smallest to biggest! Licking, sucking on them hard and slow to hard and deep. Fast, deep throating, licking their balls..mmmm eventually each one exploded in my mouth, over my face and some even dripped down to cover my tits because I couldn't swallow every drop they fed me.

Once done, I was greeted by Drago. Now moved to all fours with my arse in the air. I wiggled it at him. He moved towards me, jumped over with his fore legs around my waist and he darted his cock inside my wet and waiting cunt.

Drago fucked me for 45 minutes when he ended up with his huge knot inside my cunt, stretching me as much as he possibly could and came hard and deep. Giving me his puppy seeds. By the time Drago was done, I came 7 times.

Second, I was greeted by Thunder, my awesome stallion! My hands were placed around him and then tied and so were my legs. Adam pushed the head of his cock in me. I was stretched a ton by Drago but it wasn't enough. So it still hurt a little when babe pushed his cock deeper in my fucked cunt.

Greedy little slut I was couldn't wait. I came instantly as Adam pushed his head into my whore cunt. Thunder fucked my cunt so good, he took me to heaven. My cum count from him was 5. He blew his load in me by my forth time.

Next was the donkey, Abib. It was only the second time I was going to have my cunt fucked by him. I knew I was in for an amazing fuck though was the last time he blew my mind. I thought a donkey couldn't fuck but he proved me wrong. The donkey fucked me for a good 50 minutes.

Next was the goat. This was going to be my first time to be fucked by a goat. Boy was I nervous. D helped me to get started with fucking him. Another 4 orgasms from him.

By now I was weak all over. My knees and hands felt like jelly. D moved the goat away from me and hubby laid me on the hay covered floor.

He kissed me then turned me on all fours holding me up. Dallas shoved his hard cock into my mouth and I sucked with what little energy I had left. Adam coated his cock with the mixture of mine and the animals' cum and then slid his cock into my arse.

The only tight hole left on my body. I was tired but it felt great being fucked by the two most important guys in my life. Having them shoot their load in me from both ends made me feel even better. Ending the day with these two guys having to fuck me last, brought me more pleasure and placed a huge smile on my face.

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