Surprise at Grandmas

by Steve (Ohio)

My grandma called me and asked if I could spare some time and help clear her rear garden so it is more usable as I was on vacation from college. I said yes gladly that would also be nice to see her as I had not for 2 years because of my college commitments. She lives about 80 miles away so I made a very early start and she was very welcoming with a huge hug and kisses. We sat for a while and chatted over coffee and biscuits then I went out back to see what needed to be done, which appeared to be quite a lot, so I selected the tools needed from grandpas shed as he had passed away 2 years ago. A couple trees need to come down but not too big and branches lopped off other.

They were all a bit algae covered and green . I trimmed all the bushes and generally tidied it up. We sopped for lunch and a cool beer and chatted some more it was obvious this would take a few days, more than was suggested but not a problem. I worked until grandma said you need to stop have a sit awhile have another beer then get showered ready to eat, so I did. When I got out of the shower I looked for my clothes and could not find them , grandma had put them in the wash which gave me a problem as I thought I was only going to be there until the evening.

Grandma said what is up I said my clothes , she said they were green and a bit smelly so I washed them so they are clean to tomorrow, I said only one problem I did not bring any spare clothes for overnight stays. Oh she said that is a problem there are no male clothes as I gave all grandpas away as they were quite large and old fashioned. She said all I have got is a big fluffy dressing gown or a nylon house coat, would you wear that until they are dry in the morning. but you will have to wear a pair of my big knickers also, My face went red she said don't be embarrassed Stevie, nobody will see you and none will come so reluctantly I agreed and slipped the big silky powder blue pantie on.

I have always loved staying with grandma when I was very young up until I was fourteen and we never had any secrets so bathing and washing parading about in our nothings was normal. Grandma said my you have grown into a lovely young man do you look after that beautiful long black wavy hair properly I said I only wash it and dry it and brush it. Grandma was a very good hairdresser and had her own salon until she retired so she knew what she was talking about.

She said why don't you let me do it for you so I agreed she led me to her bedroom and in her large ensuite was a proper hairdressing chair and basin she led me to the seat now she said you will get very warm in that big fluffy gown so why don't you slip into one of my long nighties it would be so much cooler for you I frowned a bit then she sad go on, she said raise your arms and she slid this multi layered long full nightie down over me then she said I will also so we are the same.

I shuddered as it slipped down over my hairless body and grandma noticed and winked at me. MM she said feels nice doesn't it I nodded a bit embarrassed, she said don't be embarrassed its only me will know then she set about washing my hair. then she washed it out then applied some special treatment and rinsed that through as she was doing it her big soft breast kept rushing my face now and then as she moved around and I was enjoying it and with the feel of her big panties and that lovely nightie my cock was twitching and within a minute I had a full blown erection like a great tentpole gran saw it and said my what has happened here and smiled I went red she said I have seen that erect many times when you were young staying here when I bathed you and helped you as a teen.

So nothing is a shock only that your cock appears to be very big then she move down a bit lifted the top layers of the nightie back and she could see it properly in her sheer panties and nightie she said my that is beautiful. Granma pulled the panties down and let it spring right up she said wow it must be about 10/11 inches and so thick and took hold of it. I moaned as she stroked it she said sorry I could not help myself and what a fabulous great mushroom headed cock you have then she pulled the foreskin right up and squeezed it until it created a big pool of precum then she dipped her little finger in it and slipped her finger in her mouth and sucked it mmm she moaned.

She then did it again and put it to my lips and slipped it in my mouth I bet you love your own taste don't you. She was becoming very aroused and open then she put her big luscious lips over the head of my cock and slowly slid it in her mouth putting it in and out making her lips open and close around it. Oh grandma I can't believe you're doing that then she started to take in as much as she could back and forth then started to bob her head up and down on it moaning and slurping and wanking my huge cock until she nearly had it all in.

She is 67 yrs old but still in very good shape voluptuous and attractive, she said come with me we got on her bed she climbed on top of me facing me lifted her nightie then rubbed my huge cock around her lovely big oozing fanny then put it to her cunt and slowly sank on it letting out a very loud moan s she started to ride up and down on it as I raised up to meet her thrusting into her very wet cunt the nises were incredible then she shuddered and sank as he orgasmed.

She got off turned around placed her huge silky wet fanny over my lips and said Stevie suck my clit and lick my fanny clean then she sank my cock right in her mouth gob bled it for all she was worth and I bucked as I came spurt after big spurt was spewing out of her mouth. She turned around and kissed me passionately sharing our juices it was the most amazing fuck of my life then we fell into each other's arms and slept until morning. When we were awake she said sorry I did noy finish your hair last night as we were interrupted by your lovely cock so I will do it again later after you have finished in the garden. She said what turned you on so last night now be truthful as we always are to each other , I said the whole femininity of it wearing those lovely big silky panties your lovely slippery soft nightie and you washing my hair it was like a dream.

I used to love to watch you when I was young washing those ladies hair laying back with their heads back in the sink in frilly gowns then putting the curlers and in then the big dome hair dryers while they read, sometimes you would put their hair up in beautiful big silky scarves then having their hair brushed out it all looked so soft and gentle and feminine, I was always envious and wished it could happen to me then you started to until my cock got the better of me.

We both laughed out loud that settles it then no garden today we are going to complete your dream. We got up showered she came in with another big pair of pink sheer big panties a matching bra suspenders and stockings and a lovely slippery soft slip and she dressed me in the items carefully rolling the stockings up my legs and attaching the suspenders. She put me back in the chair just washed my hair through then on another stool she brushed my long hair through then started to put curlers in my hair loads of them, are you liking this I nodded beaming then she put me under the hair dryer and gave me a feminine magazine to read about lingerie and made me a coffee . I stayed like that for about an hour as we chatted.

When that was done she pulled out a beautiful silky scarf and tied my hair up in a turban she said that huge cock has been standing like that for a while now and I want to suck it again so she got between my legs and sucked my cock beautifully, she said have you ever sucked your own cock as it is surely big enough I said yes would you like to help me so she pulled my head down until it was in my lips then she said go on suck it and slipped it into my mouth as she licked my balls, she said it would be easier if you were on the bed so we did then she said lift your legs over your head and guided it into my mouth wanking it as I sucked it taking it in turn.

Then she licked my bud and put her finger in my bud that nice I nodded she put some lube on her fingers and worked them in as I sucked my cock then she stopped and I felt something big at my bud it was a big dildo Grandma asked me if I wanted her to fuck me with it I nodded and she slowly worked it in bit by bit pausing to allow me to get used to it then worked it in faster and faster then she put my cock back in her mouth and sucked me until I spewed my cum into her mouth again then she kissed me as we shared it. She said that was wonderful to be completed.

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