Super Stupendous

by Erin (Texas)

Super Stupendous

Eighteen and graduating high school and like most guys I was still virgin, the girl asked to the prom was a goody too shoes so I didn’t get laid coming home from prom night, you hear all the stories of. The den lights on pulling in the driveway, Mom still up, probably wanting to take more pictures, I was correct.

“Mom, you are still up,” like I didn’t know.

“I had to have the after pictures you know. I took a couple of sleeping pills a while ago, I’m getting really sleepy, so I’m going to take my shower and go to bed. I love you and you look so handsome, Mike.”

With that Mom off to shower, I put the tux I brought in from changing for the after party and showered myself. Coming out of my shower, actually serves as the guest bathroom too, I saw Mom’s bedroom door ajar and peeked in.

Mom was laid cross ways, naked of her bed, not a thing on, not a t-shirt or even panties. Mom’s dark hairy pussy showing of her wide open legs. Mom’s big tits, I’m sure are at least 34 double D’s just didn’t run off her chest, like huge tits I’d seen of porn, huge aureoles the size of baseballs and nipples, large as my fingertips.

Mom’s legs, from her knees down were hanging off the bed with her dark lovely hair all flung about above her beautiful head, I could only stand and stare for the longest time. Mom didn’t stir and I felt my cock getting hard, I mean really hard, like it was trying to get into my navel wanting to fuck something.

“Mom,” I called and Mom didn’t stir.

“Mom,” I called again but much louder and Mom didn’t stir, I deduce the sleeping pills had her really knocked out.

Up to Mom’s I approached taking my cock from my PJ’s to stroke, called for Mom again with no answer. A good look at her hairy pussy I wanted and my Mom is like the most beautiful woman I ever, all the guys I have played sports have praised my Mom, for being the best looking MILF of any of theirs.

Telling me how lucky I am and teasing me wit, “I bet you peek at her all the time.” Kneeling down my thoughts were just how beautiful, Mom’s pussy so beautiful it looked as if, it craved to be kissed, not to mention her gorgeous long legs and tits.

Coming closer I could see her pussy lips were glistening wet, this I wonder but having no experience. Smelling Mom’s pussy wouldn’t be going too far with me taking advantage of her condition of the sleeping pills but I was wrong, for I reached the point of no return. Odor from Mom’s pussy so enticing I had to taste, tip of my tongue between her wet pussy lips and sky rockets burst of my brain. Tangy sweet taste was better than any I’d ever known, nothing more tantalizing had ever touched my taste buds.

Head swimming of ecstasy I probed deeper and the sky rockets kept bursting of my brain, all the way up through Mom’s pussy I licked up to her colitis, nibbling gently with my teeth. Never have I done this before but who doesn’t have excess to porn these days, if you are eighteen, such a joke. Couldn’t control myself and burying my face.

Mom’s pussy was all I heard, moans escaped from Mom like she was enjoying my eating of her pussy. Yet not waking to open her eyes, Mom wiggling and moaning her hands went to her tits, I was keenly watching from below.

By the second time Mom orgasm in my face, I knew how to give a woman an orgasm and continue eating to give Mom through a third orgasm. The sky rockets bursting in my mind, each time Mom orgasm, never in my life had I tasted anything more wonderful.

Other than moans Mom hadn’t made a noise or made a move and I began to wonder, how it would feel to have my cock inside a hot pussy. I could feel with my tongue and mouth how hot Mom’s pussy had become, how soft and warm, I have no words to express.

No longer could I stand it, up I went rubbing the head of my cock in Mom’s wet juices, Mom’s pussy felt so soft and inviting Mom’s legs seemed to open farther from the touch of my cock’s head. I felt Mom’s heels to the back of my butt and her arms reaching to me, pulling me into her, driving my cock deep.

“No wonder all those little virgin girls keep running from you, Mike. You are a man, my Baby. I didn’t think you were ever going to put your cock in me, before I had to scream out loud, giving me such wonderful orgasms.

Mommy wants you to fuck with her now, Mommy has been waiting so long, why Mommy has never let another man into her life, not permanently. Mommy didn’t take any pills, Mommy just wanted to fuck her Baby Boy. How did you learn to eat Mommy’s pussy so well?”

“Watching porn, I never actually done it before,” Mom laid all my fears aside with her comments, urging me to fuck by pushing with hands and pulling with heels, I got the message to start long stroking Mom’s soft wet pussy.

Delight of Mom’s beautiful face encouraged me, doing the things I seen of porn, out I pulled with nine inch cock of hand. Rubbed the helmet huge head in through Mom’s wet pussy and plunged back in, Mom calling out from the pleasure I was giving her.

“Fuck Baby, fuck, you have such a beautiful, huge long fat cock. I knew you would take after your dad. Mommy wants to fuck with you until we can’t fuck any more, Mommy wants to suck your cock and eat your cum. Make you hers, forever more, Mommy wants you to love her pussy so much, you never want another. Mommy promises to use her pussy to make you happy, no man will ever get this pussy, ever again but you, Baby.”

“Mom, I don’t know if I’ll ever want another pussy, your pussy is so beautiful, making me wants to kiss, love and fuck you forever, Mom.”

“That’s the news Mommy wants to hear, after you cum deep in Mommy’s pussy, I’m going to roll you over on your back and show you what Mommy can do with her mouth. Mommy will eat the cum right off your cock, Sweet Baby. Mommy is going to let you have her tits, all you want and we’ll shower, suck cock, eat pussy and fuck. Mommy will be your love slave as you will be hers. Cum for Mommy, my sweet Baby.”

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