Summer Days And Dreams

by Anonymous

Kara and I were lying there naked on the bed. She was stretched out on her stomach, supporting her head with one hand, her dark hair loosely hanging down. I was laying up against her, with one leg over the calf of hers. I had just lit a cigarette. The package and the ashtray was right there on the bed next to us.

The summer morning sun was streaming in through the open window of my room and it was a nice day. Just the two of us, Kara and me, relaxing and being naked together. My mom had left for work and hour and half before, leaving Kara and me free to be indulgent. We had just finished having sex.

I suppose that’s what you could call it. We had made out and masturbated one another to a very pleasing and satisfying orgasm. I suppose that it was sex, because we had just done something sexual, but it was also making love together as friends.

I don’t know. Neither of us felt like lesbians for doing this. That wasn’t our intent, really. We were just friends. I know that my mom suspected that Kara and I were doing things like this together, but she was hardly alarmed. If anything she seemed quite accepting our having this kind of friendship. Probably she was glad that we were enjoying this with each other rather than with boys. Much safer that way, to be sure.

It was difficult to say how Kara and I got started. I think that one day when she was over at my house we were just feeling silly and we tried kissing. Well, that had proven to be quite nice and it had been easy to let one thing lead to another. I remember at first not being at all sure if I could stick my hand between another girl’s legs. I thought that might be weird feeling another’s girl’s vagina. With Kara, though, I had not minded and I felt enthralled to be able to explore her sexual organ.

It was exciting to slide my fingers into her wet vagina and to stimulate her clitoris and to make her climax. I supposed she had probably felt the same as me when we had started. But now we were quite relaxed about that. I looked forward to feeling his bristly dark pubic hair and the softness of her private parts. We had advanced to performing oral sex on each other and that was quite spectacular.

But it remained that the nicest moment came from just the two of being naked together, happily after we had satisfied each other’s needs, and lying there on the bed smoking cigarettes and talking.

“I’d like to go to Paris,” I remarked. My mind was filled with romantic images of Paris from all of the photographs I had seen, and enhanced by the romantic mood that I was in with Kara.

“I’d like to go to the Mediterranean,” she said. “Maybe Italy … or Greece.”

That was a nice thought, too. I considered this and weighed it with Paris. No, I still wanted Paris, although I told myself that the Mediterranean was not all that far away from Paris. Just a train trip down. That sounded marvelous … just a train trip down.

“I could lie out on the beach naked,” she said.

I smiled and teased, “You’re naked enough here.”

Kara gave me a playful smirk. “I like going naked.”

“So do I,” I said with a small shrug of my bare shoulders. I drew on my cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke. My mom was undoubtedly accepting of my having sex with Kara, but I knew that she would not approve of me smoking. Now that she would hardly go for. So in that sense, it felt delicious to puff away on a cigarette.

The fact that we both had this yearning to be naked was hardly a secret. It felt good. It was sensual. It felt both good and sensual to be that way with each other. To us it was wonderful to share that type of openness and honesty as friends.

Kara got up and climbed off the bed to look through the open window. My room was upstairs and here there were no neighbors to worry about. She positioned her lithe and already fairly tanned form in a casual repose, balancing the big toe of her right foot on top of her left as her hands held the sill.

"Oh,” she sighed. “It’s all out there, isn’t? The rest of the world.”

"Yes,” I said.

“Do you think we will ever get to see it?”

“If we want to,” I said with an easy confidence. ‘Maybe in another few years.”

Kara did something of an amused smile. “That would be wonderful. Take a year off before college … go traveling all around Europe …” She paused. “We could do it together.”

I laughed. “Well, that would sleeping accommodations easier.”

She turned her head and gave me a grin.

We kissed fully on the lips.

I liked how Kara’s lips felt against mine. I like the fact that I was feeling another girl’s lips against my own. Somehow that was very special in that it seemed more deliberate than doing it with a boy. There was a soft femininity that was so appealing. Horrors! Was I turning into a bonafide lesbian? One could only wonder, although I certainly doubted it. I really did like boys and did not feel very attracted to other girls. Not at all, really. But with Kara it was different, and it was as if we were allowed to appreciate one another as females without worrying about ridiculous labels and all of that.

As we stood there I let my hand slide down over the soft smoothness of her right nicely shaped buttock, and I teasingly let the tip of my index finger touch her anal pucker. She opened her mouth in surprise and I giggled. We had been intimate in every other way so that there were no real boundaries, including me tickling her sensitive butt hole like that.

We then both laughed and slid an arm around one another waist as we gazed out of the window, looking into the green tree tops.

“Yes,” I said dreamily. “It is all out there. And we will be out there.”

“I hope so,” Kara said, leaning against me.

“We will be,” I assured.

I heard the sound of a car pulling up out in front of the house. It was only eleven o’clock. Much, much too early fro my mom to be coming home. I looked at Kara and we exchanged something of a bemused look. I heard someone get out of the car and then I heard the side door open downstairs.

“Helloooo …” I heard my mom’s voice call out.

I gave a pained look at Kara.

I went over and crept the door to my room open a cautious inch. “Uh … Kara and I are up here,” I called back, thinking how we would have to leap into our clothes and rush downstairs, if just to prevent my mom from smelling the cigarette odor.

“Oh. Well, come on down. I have some good news,” she said.

“Um … okay,” I said hesitantly.

“The two of you can come down now. I don’t care if you’re dressed,” she said. “That’s fine.”

I exchanged another look with Kara. It was a surprised one. In a way it was and in a way it wasn’t. I already knew that my mom suspected what Kara and I got up to.

“Um … okay, mom,” I managed to say.

Giving each other a very questioning look Kara and I slipped from my room and went to the top of the stairs head-to-toe naked. My mom was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for us. She gave us a kind of knowing smirk.

“It’s okay. I’m all by myself. No one else is here,” she assured.

Kara and I padded lightly down the stairs, two naked girls suddenly feeling quite naked.

My mom ignored this, however. “Well, my good news is that I just got a promotion at work …hence my taking the rest of the day off.”

“Oh, mom! That’s terrific!” I gushed. And it was – terrific.

“That’s really good news, Mrs. Williams,” Kara congratulated. Although my mom was divorced she still went by that title.

“I do wish that you would just call me Barb,” my mom told her. She regarded the two us standing there in the all-together. “I think that if you’re at home enough to be naked around my house, you can call me by my first name.”

“Okay … Barb,” Kara half giggled.

My mom continued to look at us. “And just what have to the two of you been up to?” she questioned, although knowing full well.

“Um … just being friends,” I answered innocently.

My mom smiled. “Well, it’s nice seeing two friends feeling so comfortable with each other. Very nice.”

“Yes. It is,” I agreed, and Kara and I smiled back.

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