Summer at the Lake with my Mom

by Danny (OR)

It all started that summer when I went to the cabin at the lake with my mom and dad.

This was what we usually did. My dad loved to fish and my mom and I would spend our time doing other things, mostly just enjoying being away from everything and in the country.

One morning, not knowing that my mom was in the bathroom, I walked in on her when she was naked. Of course, I was surprised and I quickly apologized, saying how I hadn’t realized that she was in the bathroom, and was just planning on talking a shower.

My mom wasn’t at all embarrassed and told me to go ahead and take a shower while she finished up, mentioning how my dad wasn’t there and acting very casual about that fact, as if so long as it was the two of us it was okay.

I shyly got undressed and took my shower. When I got out my mom was still doing her hair and naked. Asas toweling off I started to get an erection, which was no surprise. I just couldn’t help it. My mom noticed of course, and she smiled a little and said how that looked nice.

Because it seemed like the thing to do, we shared a naked embrace. Our bare skin touching felt nice and we both cuddled a little bit and my erection pushed up against her and she had no problem with that. I wondered if she would let me do a little more.

So as we stood there, I moved my hips a little so my erection slid between her legs. My mom offered no objection to this, leaning back against the sink and moved her legs a little apart. Encouraged I moved my hips some more and I felt the head of my penis actually going into her vaginal opening. With a little more effort I slid my penis into her vagina.

My mom moaned a little. I couldn’t believe that I actually had my penis in her. It felt warm and wet and really good. I tried sliding in and out a little bit and she just softly moaned some more. I kept doing this and she said nothing as I did. Then, very quickly I was ejaculating and it was happening inside of her. My knees practically buckled as this happened.

My mom had her eyes closed. "Oh … that feels good," she breathed.

Then after a moment we disengaged.

My mom didn’t look upset or anything. I was actually worried about my her getting pregnant, but apparently that wasn’t a concern, because she didn’t say anything about that.

Just in a very calm and straightforward way she said, “Don’t tell your father that we did this.”

I assured her that I wouldn’t. There was no way that I was going to tell my dad that I had just had sex with my mom, although I could still hardly believe that I had. And I was surprised that my mom was so calm about. Apparently, she had liked it, and I thought that it was kind of neat that my mom and I had shared this intimate mom and son moment.

It was the next morning, after my dad headed out on the lake in the boat that my mom appeared naked in the doorway of her room. She asked me if I wanted to do it with her again. I went into the room and got out of my clothes and we laid on the bed, with me on top of her, and we had sex.

This time I made my erection last much longer and my mom had an orgasm. Every morning for that entire week we had sex like this, and started to become very comfortable about our morning liaisons, and we became more loving and we even kissed.

Then we went back home. My dad of course had no idea that while he had been out enjoying fishing, that my mom and I were having sex. After we were home, my mom and I would have sex after dad left for work, and we had much more time to enjoy ourselves.

We started having oral sex and several times I even had anal sex with her, because my mom said that she liked that sometimes, but that my dad didn’t. I was surprised by how sexual my mom was, because I had no idea. To me she was just my mom, nice, and just rather ordinary in that sense.

Now my mom and I have been doing this for five years, and that is the story of how my mom and I became lovers.

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