Sue and Her Son

by Anonymous

I met a woman through an app. She was not attractive, but had these huge tits and seemed to like to have some fun. Fortunately for me, we lived fourteen hours apart. Sue was her name and she had three kids. The two daughters both lived on their own. Actually each became pregnant by sixteen and had multiple kids with different dads. Her son, Jerry, was early twenties and mentally handicapped. He had a job that he went to each day but he returned to her house where he lived.

Sue and I talked on the phone, texted and when I was feeling horny, we would FaceTime to have a little fun. Normally if we were just talking, I didn’t want FaceTime as she was not something I wanted to look at. This particular day we were talking late in the afternoon. Jerry came home and went to take a shower. I guess when he walked out, he was nude.

All I heard on the phone from Sue was, “oh my god, put some damn clothes on and put away the monster.” Puzzled I asked what was going on. That is when Sue told me her son was nude, which apparently was commonplace and that is also when I heard that Jerry was extremely well endowed. Sue tried describing it, but I couldn’t believe it could be that big. By this time Jerry was dressed.

A few days later I called Sue when I knew Jerry would be arriving home. He took his shower then came out with shorts on. I made a comment, Sue knew what I meant. She said, “hey, why are you wearing clothes.” Jerry dropped his shorts to the floor, but he was wearing a long t-shirt. Sue told me to wait as she called me back on FaceTime. When she turned the camera, you could only see a portion of his cock. Sue told Jerry to remove his shirt. He was now nude and she was right. His cock was ridiculously large.

Not only was it very long, but it was thick. It had a slight curve to one side and as he walked toward Sue, his cock bounced all over. The next thing I could see was Jerry pushing his cock against the camera on the phone. As she pulled back the camera, Jerry fell into her. Sue knew one thing, her tits were her calling card, so she always wore a shirt that displayed her massive tits. This day was no different.

As Jerry fell into Sue, his cock was pressing against her bare tits. I couldn’t see a thing, but I heard her say, “damn Jerry are you going to fuck those titties?” Jerry got excited and was kind of dry jumping her. When things calmed down and I asked for a recap, Sue confirmed that when Jerry fell into her, his big cock slid partially between her tits. When she commented, he started pushing his cock further down and was truly basically titty fucking her. When I pointed that out, she didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. This is when I started my mission to let her have Jerry fuck her tits.

Each time we talked over the next week, she would FaceTime and show Jerry walking around nude. If he knew he was on camera, he would show off. After days of encouraging her, one day as Jerry was showing off, she moved the phone to the side and leaned forward as she sat on the couch. Sue thrust her chest out and was wearing a top that her tits were about to fall out. Jerry took the hint and was trying to slide his cock between her tits.

She couldn’t get the right camera angle, so she handed it to Jerry who pointed it down and did show his cock was between her tits. When he scanned over and it showed Sue, she was looking up at Jerry with a huge smile. This time she didn’t stop him until he began to become erect. Sue stopped him and said, “you need to go jack off.” Jerry walked away, but not before she turned the camera to show his now unbelievably huge hard cock.

With Jerry out of the room, I asked Sue, “why didn’t you let him go?” To my amazement, she replied, “well, he can’t fuck my titties with a hard cock as it was pointing the wrong way.” She wasn’t saying she wouldn’t do it or that it was disgusting, instead her only issue was the position. I told her she could have made it work, but she said Jerry’s ass would have been in her face. After more discussion over the next few days, Sue came up with a compromise.

One day after Jerry got off work, Sue was wearing a sweatshirt. She was using FaceTime to talk with me, so he knew to come out with his meat swinging. While Jerry was in the shower, Sue took off her sweatshirt. Underneath the shirt was a blue thin sheer type of top. It is meant for the bedroom. It basically is sewn together in one small spot between her tits. It leaves the top of her tits exposed and covers the bottom somewhat, but the material is like a v on top and bottom where it exposes her stomach below.

When Jerry returned, he saw her top and was trying to stick his cock between her tits, which he did. This time when he got hard, Sue pulled back then kneeled down on the couch. Jerry was just the right height to slide his cock up between her tits. I couldn’t see very well so Jerry held the camera as he was sliding his hard cock between his mom’s tits. The problem became that Jerry was becoming so forceful that he broke the top where it was sewn together. Her top flew open and her tits dropped down.

Without me saying a word, Sue pulled the shirt back, pushed her tits together and Jerry continued. It wasn’t the best camera work but I could see he was fucking his mom’s huge tits. Jerry blew his load which covered Sue from the neck down between her boobs. Jerry stepped away then Sue held the camera to show me the load shot all over her.

She smiled a lot and asked how I liked it, but I was more concerned with how she liked it. Sue admitted that it was fun. Immediately I begged her to fuck her son. Sue began begging me to come visit her. I asked, “if I come out, will you fuck Jerry?” Sue replied, “if you want, we can have a threesome.” I haven’t figured out how I will be able to get out of my house without my wife asking any questions for a long weekend, but it sure sounds fun.

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